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Why Fans Go Crazy for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Why Fans Go Crazy for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
 This drama is about a woman named Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young) who was born with superhuman strength. Her strength is passed along only to the women in her family. She has a crush on her childhood friend In Gook-Du (Ji Soo) who is a police officer. However, there is a rich heir named Ahn Min-Hyuk who is the CEO of a gaming company and decided to hire her as his bodyguard seeing as how he has been receiving death threats from unknown caller. 

Honestly though, this drama got me like

They are seriously so cute that I literally cannot. I seriously ship them so hard.

The plot is easy to follow and fast-paced. It is refreshing for once to see a drama where the female lead is stronger and braver than the male lead, not only that, the fact that they did not drag their romance is a plus for me. It is annoying when in a K-drama you already know that both the female and male lead is in love with each other yet nobody is doing anything about it. All the characters in this drama are all very memorable, they all have their own unique style that just sticks with the viewers, but the one that stick with me the most is this guy right here.

I do admit that sometimes I feel like his acting gets a little over the top, but his portrayal of character is still really funny and spot on. 

I am sucker for this show since episode one, I honestly am unable to find a time where I wanted to take a break from the show, yes, it is that addicting. Even after finishing the show, I find myself still unable to get over this drama, I usually never got so into a drama like this. Usually Korean drama for me started to get boring in the middle towards the end no matter how amazing the storyline is, but I seriously devoured this drama in three days time, I cannot stop myself from watching. Even after finishing the drama, I still find myself obsessing over Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young’s chemistry, they worked so well together I am seriously hoping that they date in real life.


Overall, this is just such an upbeat and playful drama plus all the very funny and lovable main characters, it’s a joy to watch and I am sad to see it end. If you haven’t watched it, and are looking for a romcom (romance, comedy) drama, I very highly recommend this drama. The plot, soundtrack, acting, it is all spot on for me. I love it all, I hope I can see these two work on more projects together in the future because their chemistry is just.. wow. These show will have a special place in my heart always.

Rating : 9/10


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