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About Me

About Me


Hi! Call me Wynne! 

I am an avid reader, a binge-watcher and a part-time fangirl. I spend my free time either reading or binge watch Tv Shows then writing reviews about them. My other hobbies other than what I listed above includes writing as well. So I get to do all the things I want and enjoy doing them at the same time, pretty sweet huh?

A little bit about me; I am currently doing my major for Nutrition, so when my time is not consumed by school and studying, I cram in as much leisure time as I possibly can. I am also a wanderer. I love going to new places without having a set destination in mind, because why not? And I love food, but then again, who doesn’t right? 

I think that will be all about me for now. If you have any inquiries or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me through my social media handles, or feel free to use the contact form that is provided. Have a nice day! xx