I’m Not Exactly Fond of the Korean Drama – Uncontrollably Fond

I’m Not Exactly Fond of the Korean Drama – Uncontrollably Fond
This is not going to be much more of a review, this is more likely me, ranting. That is basically what this post is going to be because I am pissed at this show. Because honestly, this is one of the most generic story plot ever, guy meets girl from 10 years ago, guy likes girl, guy is mean to girl, guy keeps pushing girl away but secretly hoping that girl keeps crawling back. 
At first I wasn’t even going to watch this show, but because I am human, and humans got swayed by yummy abs.
I decided to give this drama a shot.
And just like I predicted, I was unable to finish the show, I got until episode 12 and I decided that I cannot go any further because every single episode it is mostly the same plot over and over and over again just different variations. The male lead keeps pushing the female lead away, fully knowing the fact that they are both attracted to each other and the fact that he is dying is just plain stupid to me. Like, you are dying, what good does your ego do when you are dead and filled with regret? 
Did I mention there is a lot of crying in this show? I mean that is to be expected in a drama where the lead is dying but honestly, there are so much crying that eventually I just got sick of it and I just decided that I can’t continue watching it any longer. 
Anyways, that is my thought on this show. If you like sappy romance, well angsty romance, maybe you should give this show a shot because I did see a lot of people who enjoyed this show. because of the hot lead or the plot, we never know. 
Here are some snippets from the show, which I pretty much spoiled but enjoy: 
Rating: 5/10

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