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I Will Never be Able to Get Enough of ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’

I Will Never be Able to Get Enough of ‘Scarlet Heart Ryeo’

This drama is initially from a Chinese drama show, Bu Bu Jing Xin that got remade into a Korean version. This show started with a total solar eclipse where Go Ha-Jin(Lee ji-eun) is transported from the 21st century back to the Goryeo Dynasty where she wakes up in the body of Hae Soo and encounters many royal princes of the ruling family. This show is not solely about romance, there is rivalry and politics, the princes fighting for the throne and Hae Soo finds herself caught between all of it.


I bet most of you already know of, or already watched this drama. I love this drama, even though it is possibly one of the most painful drama I have ever watched till date. 

 The storyline of this drama is very intricate because it covers not only romance but politics and fighting for throne, betrayal and war that I feel like 20 episodes are unable to cover. Usually in historical dramas, there are around 50 episodes or more, that way they can let the story flourish and develop, however in the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, i feel like they are rushed to pack everything in the span of so little time into 20 episodes.

When I was watching this show, it has a really nice plot and a really nice flow to it until the 12th episode and from there I feel like everything just went downhill because the producers were trying to set the show up for an ending yet usually in Korean dramas, from episode 12 onwards iswhen the storyline started to get intense. So I feel like there was a problem with them trying tobalance all that out.


The character of Hae Soo could probably develop better, because usually in a show when we see a character develop for the better. For instance you can see her becoming more brave, or outspoken, etc. However in this show, Hae Soo started out very bright like sunshine, wherever she goes she could bright up the room with her energy and she is very cheerful, but as the show proceeds she started to become dull. I don’t know if that is just me, but I felt like she becomes quiet and she just endures, I feel she is starting to become more like the real Hae Son and not Go Ha-Jin that got sucked into the 21st century.
All in all, with all the things that was going in this show, which is a hell of a lot, I think the producer and the actor and actresses did a very good job despite everything. Granted there are places where I hoped that they paid more attention to –for example, more romantic scenes between Hae Son and 4th prince, but it was a really great show and I personally really enjoyed it.


Rating 8/10

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