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Ji Chang-Wook

Ji Chang-Wook

My honest first thought when I see him was literally, “Holy Fuck”

You have got to admit, Ji Chang-Wook is hot, as in, really really really hot. I know him from the drama Healer–yes, I know I am late into the healer game. The Healer, has a really good story plot however if I were to be honest, half of the reason I watched it till the end is because I cannot get enough of this guy. Honestly, look at him!

Stare at me like one of your French Girls
I am obsessed. He is not only good-looking, he can also be really dorky and cute.
doesn’t it just makes you want to wrap him up into a burrito?

Simple Biography 


Ji Chang-Wook was born on July 5th, 1987. He started debuting since 2006 in the film Days and had a mini role in the television drama You Stole My Heart. He started gaining more popularity when he stars in Korean Drama Empress Ki–which you should give it a try if you like historical drama, if you think Scarlet Heart : Ryeo is sad, you’ve got a whole roller-coaster ride waiting for you. A few of his must-watch dramas are, HealerEmpress Ki, and The K2
His current drama, Suspicious Partner, seems promising from the trailer that they released and I am eagerly waiting for more. Ji Chang-Wook seems to be favoring dramas that involves action, so if you like action drama, please do give it a try.
Them Abs though 😍😍😍





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