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Healer – A Definite Must Watch

Healer – A Definite Must Watch
There were five friends who ran an illegal broadcasting station in the 1980s which brings together three different people– a night “courier” with the codename Healer (Ji Chang-Wook) who works alone and happens to be the best in what he does, an online newspaper reporter (Park Min-Young) and a famous reporter at a major broadcasting company, Kim Moon Ho(Yoo Ji Tae). When the three people meet, the truths from the past started leaking out, and in trying to uncover the truth, they grow into a real, honest, reporter. 


My first thought while watching this drama is “I don’t know who you are, where you’re from, but you got my heart now, Healer. “

You have to admit, this drama is good, like really really good. It has good story plot, and great character development, not to mention that this could be one of the most unpredictable Korean drama I have ever watched. This drama kept me on the edge of my seat with all the action and all the nerve-wrecking possibilities that something could go wrong at any second and my baby Healer would be caught by the bad guys.

I am sure you guys have heard this too many times to count, but yes, the chemistry between the male and female lead is just amazing. At first I did worry that I will find the female lead annoying, however as the show proceeds I am more than happy to realize that I am proven wrong.

I volunteer as a tribute, let me wake up with handsome oppas staring at me

Don’t you just melt every time you see him staring at her
In the first few episodes of this drama, it did start off a little bit heavy and slow, they introduced viewers to way too many characters and way too many problems from all those characters that it was very hard to follow, it took me 10 episodes to know who is who, and even then I still get confused. The producers of this drama deserves a good pat on the shoulder, they really did way and beyond any of my expectations, the characters they created were to intricate and the acting was top-notch, it was very real and not over-exaxegerated. 
And not to mention all the under covers that Healer went through
and what’s most important is that he’s so hot in all of them


I love all the characters in this drama, the characters are all so well created. However, the one that makes me the most conflicted is Secretary Oh. Do you just not wonder how can someone so tiny be so evil and don’t mention his OCD and his silent giggle. That gets me every single time, I know I am supposed to hate him because he is the bad guy, but honestly though, when he did his silent giggle I can’t help but laugh.

There is something about his face that when I see him, I just want to slap him to Mars. 

Before I leave let me just put my babies here 



Rating: 10/10


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