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Korean Artist : The Lovely and Adorable –  IU

Korean Artist : The Lovely and Adorable –  IU
I have been obsessed about IU lately. I have known her for awhile, even before watching Scarlet Heart: Goryeo and totally fall in love for her and her personality.

Not only adorable, this girl can sing. I mean, she can really sing. I believe she is one of the best singer   in South Korea. I am currently obsessed with her album Palette, which was published on April 21, 2017. Usually in an album, I would only like a song or two, but I find myself loving all the songs in this album. Each song is really unique and each and every one of them have a totally different feel to it. I’ll list some of the songs down below, give it a listen.


When she sings, it always sounds like she is telling a story. Even if you don’t understand Korean language, you can somehow get what she is trying to convey in the song just through her voice. Not only is she a singer, she is also a song-writer. It is said that she wrote most of her songs herself, which is mind-blowing seeing how busy she is and yet she is able to write songs in her free time and most of it managed to be a hit song.


Simple Biography : 


Lee Ji-eun (IU) was born in May 16, 1993. She first debuted while she was 15 with her album Lost and Found. Her follow up albums, Growing Up and IU…IM, is what got her really popular and well-known in Korea. She has since released a few more albums such as, Real+ and Last Fantasy. As one of the best-selling solo artists in the K-pop industry, which the music charts is usually dominated by boy and girl groups, she has been included on Forbes magazines annual Korea Power Celebrity since 2012.

Not only singing and song-writing, IU also stars in Dramas as well such as, Dream High , Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, and The Producer.

Korean Artist : The Lovely and Adorable –  IU
Korean Artist : The Lovely and Adorable –  IU

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