Korean Drama Review : Oh My Ghost!

Korean Drama Review : Oh My Ghost!
This drama starts with a girl named Na Bong Soon (Park Bo-Young) who has a low self-esteem and has always been able to see ghosts since she was little. She works as a chef’s assistant in a restaurant owned by an arrogant star chef, Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) in which she would often nod off at work and get scolded.
One day she was possessed by a virgin ghost named Shin Soon-Ae (Kim Seul-Gi), who has been roaming around for two and a half years is determined to seduce as many men as possible by possessing various women and she finds the perfect vessel in Bong-Sun. When suddenly timid Bong-Sun seemingly gets rid of her shyness and suddenly changes into a confident, cheerful woman, it catches Kang-Sun Woo’s eyes.

 I just finished watching Kdrama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (SWDBS) not long ago, which has the same female lead as this drama, Park Bo-Young. Honestly one of the reasons why I chose to watch this drama after SWDBS is because I still cannot get enough of her cuteness and I need to cure my drama hangover from SWDBS – cause I still cannot move on 😝
I think we should just pause for a second and give Park Bo-Young a round of applause because in Oh My Ghost she constantly has to switch between timid and shy, to confident and dynamic character which I am sure is not an easy thing to do and she makes it seems so effortless.
Compared to SWDBS, this drama is slow paced at first however it did pick up it’s pace towards the end.  For me the cutest thing about this drama was seeing how Bong-Soon slowly get out of her shell and get a little bit more confident and being able to speak out her mind more as the show proceeds. However, at the start of the show where the ghost would possess Bong-Soon and flirt with Kang Sun-Woo, I feel like there are way too many airtime for the ghost yet not enough for Bong-Soon herself. That could be one of the reasons as to why viewers are not able to root hard for the romance between Bong-Soo and the chef. I am sure some people would agree with me, but I feel like this drama is just good. Not more, not less. It would be nice if they would have spend more time in building up other characters as well and not just the ghost because I do feel like they put way too much spotlight on the ghost.
Although this drama might seem fluffy and cute, it does feel like it has a way deeper meaning to it.
There is actually a very good lesson that we can learn from this show. Do you remember how Soon-Ae would always tell Bong-Soon to just go for it, fall in love, don’t hold back, to do whatever she wanted to do? because life is short and do whatever you want to do, do not give up in the pursue of the things that you are passionate in, be kind and help people in need, being when you die all you can do is regret the things you didn’t do while you were alive, that is what I feel like is one of the things that this drama is trying to convey through their storyline.
Altogether, it has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride of feels and laughter and cuteness 😄
Ratings : 8/10

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