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Book Review : Captive Prince (Volume II) by C. S. Pacat

Book Review : Captive Prince (Volume II) by C. S. Pacat

With their countries on the brink of war, Damen and his new master, Prince Laurent, must exchange the intrigues of the palace for the sweeping might of the battlefield as they travel to the border to avert a lethal plot.

Forced to hide his identity, Damen finds himself increasingly drawn to the dangerous, charismatic Laurent. But as the fledgling trust between the two men deepens, the truth of secrets from both their pasts is poised to deal them the crowning death blow…


A Sneak Peek Into The Story : 


Let me just first say, I have a hard time reviewing this book and trying to put into words how marvelously wonderful this book is. 


Captive Prince is a trilogy and Prince’s Gambit is the second installation to this series. I devoured this book. The first book, Captive Prince, was good. It wasn’t crazy amazing, but the first series was good enough that it made me curious and wanted to keep reading. The second book is insane. It made me feel so many things. This book is downright unputdownable. Every time I told myself I will stop reading and continue tomorrow, I somehow find my e-book back in my hands. 
captive prince 2 review


As we all know by now, Laurent, prince of Vere, is a very guarded and cautious character. Everything he does is meticulously planned, leaving nothing to chance. He is cunning, vicious, his words alone can start war. And Damen is a warrior. While Laurent likes to use his brain and think of strategies and use people to further his own means, Damen prefer a straightforward and fair fight.



The Review :



In this book, C.S. Pacat show the readers the side of Laurent that I know existed somewhere deep down inside him. I expected it. And I got my my mind blown. When in the previous book, Laurent is depicted as a heartless and cold bastard, in this book we get to see and experience his change in character, and demeanor towards Damen. In this book the readers were shown to the vulnerable side of Laurent, that he is not always a prince with a vapid tongue.

Through hardships and hours upon hours of strategizing together, Damen was also starting to realize things that he hadn’t realized before, or the things that he hadn’t want to admit to himself before. It was subtle between the two. A shared stare here, a long cool look there, and slowly their relationship continues to build bit by painstaking bit. I find myself always looking forward to when they are together just so I get to read their interactions, it was always so interesting.

 I do admit that I at first, have a hard time trying to get used to the writing style – I needed a dictionary by my side always because there are too many words that I do not understand( I still do). But now that I have come to the second book, that I realize it was the way that C.S. Pacat writes that draw the readers in and bring the story to life. Pacat has found the allusive balance of simple and complex. While writing, she keeps the phrasing simple. No overindulgent, superfluous descriptions with ostentatiously flowery wording, her sentences are formed of easy elegance.


The Verdict :


Honestly, the more I read this series, the more I realize that Captive Prince is not a work of erotica. It is a work of adventure, of danger, of the posturing of court politics, of power plays on the battlefield, of nail biting traps and great escapes. And circulating in the midst of it all is a work of intimacy. 


“To get what you want, you have to know exactly how much you are willing to give up.” 

Never had he wanted something this badly, and held it in his hands knowing that tomorrow it would be gone, traded for the high cliffs of Ios and the uncertain future across the border, the chance to stand before his brother, to ask him all the answers that no longer seemed so important. A kingdom, or this.  




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