Book Review : Green but for a Season (Captive Prince 2.5) by C. S. Pacat

Book Review : Green but for a Season (Captive Prince 2.5) by C. S. Pacat

Green but for a Season is the first of a series of four Captive Prince short stories. It follows the relationship between Jord and Aimeric and is set during the events of Prince’s Gambit.



Review : 



This book was told from the perspective of Jord, who was the captain of Laurent’s guard team. This is a short story, only 24 pages long. The purpose of this book is said to be so that the readers understand more about the nature of Jord and Aimeric’s relationship.

But honestly, I would say that I understand nothing about them at all, especially when you mix Laurent and Damen into the story, it made the whole story somehow focuses on the both of them and after I finished the book, I could say that I didn’t understand Jord nor Aimeric any better.

Moreover, for having the ability to bore me with such short pages is really outstanding. I was always enraptured by C.S.Pacat’s writing style and it always made it hard for me to put her book down. But seeing things from Jord’s point of view dull things down for me, he is simply not engaging enough. His dynamic with Aimeric is also not as entertaining as Damen and Laurent’s.



The Verdict :


This story somehow feels kind of pointless because 24 pages is not enough to write about a love story about two people and let it develop. The more I think about it, I think by writing this short story, Pacat is just trying to let the viewers see Laurent and Damen’s relationship from a different character’s point of view, and when I can get more of Laurent and Damen, I ain’t going to complain.

This is not an essential read for the Captive Prince series and you are not missing anything if you decided to skip this short story.



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