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Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin
Is it just me, or any kind of Korean drama that has Gong Hyo Jin in it just seems more mature and more elevated somehow? With dramas that she star in, it always has an intriguing storyline, and you will never know just what you will get.

All her characters are very relatable to our daily-life somehow, and the most important part, she has great chemistry with everyone that she’s paired with. I honestly don’t know how one could be so talented and lovable. Hyo Jin is really good at what she does, although I do wish to see her play an antagonist or a more devious character, can you just imagine how hot that would be?

She is also really close with my beloved oppa, Gong Yoo. It is said that they have been friends for 10 years! No wonder they are so close and comfortable around each other. They are just too cute together!


Short Biography 

Gong Hyo Jin is born in April 4, 1980. She stars in a lot of very popular romantic comedy drama such as, Pasta (2010), Master’s Sun (2013), Jealousy Incarnate (2016), and The Producers (2015). Prior to her career as an actress, she was a model for a year and a half before making her acting debut in Momento Mori (1999) as a supporting role, however in 2004-2005 she hit a career slump in which she felt like the most of the scripts for the roles she was offered was to act as a “damsel in distress”, where the roles that Hyo Jin wanted to play is more towards independent and strong woman. In 2006, the actress was offered a role in Family Ties, which she agreed to and from there on she rebound from her acting slump and slowly but surely, her career also grow bigger with her passion for acting. 

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  • I didn't know who she is before reading your post. I do not have much knowledge of Korean TV & film industry, except a few. Thanks for sharing this information, definitely adds to my knowledge. 🙂

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