Seven First Kisses – Short Korean Drama Filled with Cute Oppas

Seven First Kisses – Short Korean Drama Filled with Cute Oppas
This is a web series that is 10 minutes long each and it consists of 8 episodes. Main lead, who is working as a customer service is 25 years old and has never had a boyfriend or been kissed before. On her 25th birthday, a female came to the counter and ask her how to get to jewelry section of Lotte Duty Free, and ended up forgetting her belongings.

When she came back to the counter to find that the main lead has her belongings she was so grateful that she decided to grant her wishes, which is to be kissed and have a boyfriend.

I get that this is a promotion for Lotte Duty Free, but because they made it into a web series I would have expected that there would be more substance in it rather than just cramming all those hot male leads into 8 episodes. The character are obviously great, but I think if they could just tweak with the plot just a little bit more and give it more depth, I think it would turned out better.

Ji Chang Wook. He is why I picked this drama up to begin with, that and I wanted something simple , short and fluffy to watch. And when I got to the Ji Chang Wook episode, I need oxygen tank to help be breathe. It reminds me so much of Healer, and he just looks really good and bad-ass as a secret agent. His episode is my favorite out of all the 8 episodes.


I admit Ji Chang Wook episode is my favorite but Lee Jong Suk come to a close second. Just look at that, how could anyone refuse? He just gave me all the W–Two Worlds vibes.

I think as long as you can manage your expectation for this web series, this could be really enjoyable because look at all these men candies, don’t they just make you swoon and sigh at the sight of them?


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