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Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’

Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’
Cha Tae-Woong (Lee Seung-Ki) is a spoiled young man who wanted to be an actor. Despite what his grandfather wanted, which is for him to go to college, Tae-Woong stubbornly continued to pursue his dream career. Tae-Woong would always cause all sorts of trouble for his grandfather, such as using his next semester’s tuition fee to go buy a motorcycle.

When his grandfather found out about it, Tae-Woong chose to run away rather than to face this grandfather’s anger. He arrived at a remote Buddhist Temple, and asked for shelter as it was raining and the sun was starting to set. There, when he was trying to find signal for his cellphone, he heard a women’s voice, telling him to draw nine tails onto a painting of a fox. Unknowingly, he did as he was told and unintentionally freed the legendary fox called “Gumiho” (Shin Min-A).

Shin Min-A is the epitome of adorable. In this drama, her character was a legendary nine tailed fox (Gumiho) who has always wanted to come to Earth and live as a human. She would try to marry herself off to humans, as that was one of the ways for her to be able to stay on Earth and to turn into human. However, when she tried to do so, she ended up getting hated by women. Because of her beauty which compelled the heart of every single men, married or not. When the gods realized the havoc that Gumiho created, they decided to get her locked up in a beautiful drawing, that way she would never be able to escape.


Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'




A Sneak Peek Into The Story :


When Tae-Woong drew nine tails on the drawing of Gumiho, he freed her and made it possible for her to come to Earth. And since then, she would always stuck to Tae-Woong and followed him everywhere he went. All her life, she has lived a life that was very different from that of humans. At first Tae-Woong was just upset that she was trailing behind him and he tried to get rid of her. When he realized that he was not able to do so, it resulted in him starting to teach Gumiho how to behave like a human. He would buy her the essentials; such as toothpaste, moisturizer, shampoo. It was very entertaining to see the two interact with each other. Gumiho, being herself, didn’t know what all of that was and would always try to eat everything that was presented to her.


Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
Not only that, Gumiho also has the love for meat. She would eat any meat, but given the choice, she would always choose beef over anything. And when she eats, she eats a lot, causing Tae-Woong to always complain whenever she said she wanted to eat beef.

Review : 

When I first saw the two of them, I already know it would be a great show. The two of them just clicked. The chemistry between the two is there, and their interactions always looked very natural. I first saw Shin Min-A, I too was instantly attracted to her. She was not only beautiful, she has that innocence to her that made you just want to protect her and keep her from harm, which made her perfect for the role. 
Obviously, where there was a Gumiho running freely around the world she didn’t belong in, there would always be someone who was supposed put things back into order.
Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
Park Dong-Joo (No Min-Woo) was a half-human, half-supernatural being who disguised himself as an ordinary veterinarian. His job was to kill creatures like Gumiho. When he found out that Gumiho had escaped from the drawing, he made it his mission to capture her and put her back into the painting.
I wasn’t exactly sure how I feel about his character, I didn’t exactly hate him, nor was I rooting for him. Granted, he was a good actor, and he portrayed his role well. This has nothing to do with the drama itself, but, his hair bothered me to no end. I don’t know why I was so bothered by it, it was true that this Kdrama was produced a while back, so maybe at the time this hairstyle was a trend, but ugh.

The Verdict : 


I would recommend this drama if you are feeling like watching something cutesy and adorable. This drama is very lighthearted and funny, it is the kind of show that would make flowers and bunnies thrive in your heart. If you are looking for a heavier and more serious show, then this one might not be for you.
Korean Drama Review : Cuteness Overload in 'My Girlfriend is a Gumiho'
Gumiho’s flirting 101
Rating : 8.5/10


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