KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama

KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama

Ae Ra (Kim Ji-Won), Dong Man (Park Seo-joon) and Seol-Hee (Song Ha-yoon) has been friends since there were little, and each of them has their own dreams and aspirations.

Ae Ra was nicknamed the “mic girl” because of her love for being behind the mic and her dream to become an anchor. While Dong-Man was the taekwondo fighter, who has been training ever since he was little and would always win fights. Seol-Hee has always known that she wanted to be a housewife. She was the innocent and quirky caretaker of the group. When Seol-Hee gets older, she would eventually work in a cafe, which cause her to meet her boyfriend, Kim Joo-Man.

This drama tells the story of 4 young adults, Choi Ae Ra, Ko Dong-Man, Baek Seol-Hee, and Kim Joo-man (Ahn Jae-hong). How they struggled with their dissatisfaction of their third-rate current lives, and how they chase after those childhood dreams and try their hardest to realize them.





A Sneak Peek Into The Story : 


I just want to say that, I think I have found my new favorite show. 

I wasn’t exactly planning on watching this tv show at first because of it’s trailer. In the trailer, it gave me a tomboy girl and a guy who was into martial arts kind of feel and I wasn’t into it. But because at the time, I was just finishing a meh kind of drama and was on a look out to start a new one, the cover of “Fight for My Way” caught my eye, and I realized, she was the girl from Descendants of the Sun. That was when I made up my mind to watch Fight for My Way. 

I literally finished Fight for My Way in the span of 3 days (and yes, I have lost sleep over it). To me, the main appeal of this show is how very relatable it is. Not only that in most Korean dramas, we are either just shown either really rich and successful or dirt-poor characters. Having that the characters of this show is in middle class, I find it easier to relate to them. Moreover, this show actually has moral value to it, after watching this drama, you don’t just go, “okay, next drama” but you actually take something from it.


KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama
KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama


Review : 


Fight for My Way, showed the viewers the life of most adults, the life where we wake up, go to work and come home, only to do it all over again the next day. Those jobs might even be the jobs that we don’t even like doing, but we do it for years just so that we can pay the bills, or send our children to good schools in hoping for them to have a better future.

Life isn’t as easy as how it is glamorized in tv, where you go to university and you graduate you got admitted into a good company and get good amount of money to be able to live happily doing a job that you like. That was just a lucky few out of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people who got their dream crushed, who lost hope in pursuing their dream.

When I was a child, I thought that if you study well, and if you study hard enough, you will get into a good university and once you graduated you will get a good job and have a good life. Or, if you have passion, you go and follow your passion no matter what. While that might all be true to some people, to most people that was not the case. I like the fact that this drama shows us that side of life, the side where, despite all those successful people that we see on media, living their life doing what they love doing, that might not be the case for most people.

Fight for My Way’s potent charm lies in it’s realism that resonates well with the public and that it is not depressing and pessimistic. The characters are ordinary people that are refreshing and vivid. One can readily identify with their plights and individual journeys to self-realization. In this drama, I especially love that these ordinary people are the star of the show. What sets this show apart from other shows, beside it’s excellent narrative, convincing characterizations, and masterful modulation of mood, is it’s message of hope and encouragement admits the increasing tempo of modern life and competitive pressure.


KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama

I love the chemistry between the first lead, Ko Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra. They just hit it off right away and despite the fact that they fight a lot since they were kids, when one of them was hurt, the other will drop everything to protect him/her. And the fact that Ae-Ra always goes to Dong-Man whenever she has problems and vice-versa. He is the first thing that went through her mind as someone she could count on on everything.


KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama

The second lead, Seol-hee and Joo-man was also incredibly cute and they complement the group so well. At first, I find Seol-hee hard to understand because her friends are all so ambitious and have such big goals but she seemed just fine with where she is in life as long as she has Joo-Man. How could all she want out of life was a simple happy life and to be a home mom?  

But, as the show progressed, I start to understand Seol-hee and her point of view better. Seol-hee to me, is the characterization of a child when asked what they wanted to be when the grow up and they answered, happy. And the child was told that that wasn’t a real answer. Just because her dreams aren’t big or don’t seemingly to require some struggle to obtain it, doesn’t mean they are not valid. At the end of this show, I realize that just because some people, like Seol-hee doesn’t want material things or have huge career goals, doesn’t mean her dreams aren’t real, her dreams are just the same as everyone else’s.


KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama
KDrama Review : Fight for My Way – A Wonderful Coming of Age Drama

The Verdict : 


I loved every single supporting characters in this show–yes, even the villains–they helped shape the show into an even more realistic and intriguing show. Fight for my Way was the first show that I have no problem at all with the plot and pace of the show. Some Korean dramas that I have watched rushed through the ending because they ran out of problems, but this show was engaging and interesting from start to finish, and it made me look forward to every single episode.

This drama really did shine because despite it’s simple and lighthearted plot, it captured various hearts with it’s amazing characters which are realistic and which many people can relate to. I find this show to be well orchestrated with the appropriate degree of subtlety. The wonderful ensemble of actors, skillful storytelling, and cool camera work completes the cause of this drama’s allure, successfully fighting it’s way to the top of my favorites list.



“Isn’t where you are right now the major leagues for you? What I am saying is, isn’t where you are happy the majors for you? Just go with the thing that makes your heart beats faster.”



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