Movie Review : Your Lie In April (Live Action)

Movie Review : Your Lie In April (Live Action)
 The show introduced us to the Kosei Arima (Kento Yamazaki), who once dominated various music competitions and was famous among child musicians.

He trained day and night, with his mother continuing to drill him nonstop about his piano skills, always demanding him to play better and better. After his mother died, Kosei had a breakdown in one of his piano recital at age eleven and decided he no longer wants to touch or go near a piano ever again.

Years later, despite how his best friends – Tsubaki Sawabe (Anna Ishii) and Ryota Watari (Taishi Nakagawa) – persuaded him time and time again to start playing piano, Kosei stuck to his decision. Until one day, Tsubaki decided to set up a blind date for Ryota with a girl named Kaori Miyazono (Suzu Hirose) because Kaori admitted to have had a crush on Ryota but too shy to tell him right away. Tsubaki decided to invite Kosei as well, so that she didn’t feel like a third wheel with Ryota and Kaori, which Kosei reluctantly agreed to.

It was when Kosei saw her standing in the park–losing herself in her violin play– that his world, which has been monochrome and colorless all these time, started to change. Kaori and her audacious, free spirited self changed everything. She showed him how music should be, it should be free and mold-breaking unlike the structured style that Kosei was used to. And as she continued to uplift him, she also slowly but also surely pulled him back into the music world.



This movie was actually the live action from the animation Your Lie In April which was first aired in October 2014 to March 2015 and it received a very high rating and created a buzz around itself. Which is why they also decided to make a live action of the animation, named after the same title, that they released in September 2016.

I have been wanting to watch the show and see what it is about for sometime, but for some reason has never gotten to finishing it until recently. And after finishing the live action of the movie, now I am thinking maybe I should also watch the anime as well.

I actually started watching the animation of Your Lie In April first, and decided that it was actually way too slow for my taste and then started watching the live action. The first impression I have of Kaori was that she was a really intense and forward person as she did what she wanted to do without thinking or caring what other people around her thought about her. Which was a very refreshing character, especially that of Japanese movies because you don’t usually see girls with her kind of personality and attitude in most Japanese movies.

Kosei Arima was more to the timid side, he was introverted and would rather keep things to himself than to talk to people about it. Despite him being such a great pianist when he was a child, he stopped playing piano when his mother died. After his mother died, he did try to start playing piano again however usually midway through his play, he would lost his hearing altogether, making it almost impossible to hear what notes he way playing or if it was too fast or too slow. In the back of his head, he would always see his mother sitting on the edge of the stage, criticizing that he didn’t do it fast enough or good enough. And that was the reason why he eventually decided to stop playing piano altogether.




However, when he met Kaori –thanks to the blind date that one of his friends set up– his world was changed for good. Kaori swoop into his world and dragged him out of his shell and got him to start playing the piano again, although with a lot of convincing. Their first competition together, Kaori asked him to play with her, and she did not only play the tunes to her heart’s desire, she didn’t even care about the judges that was giving them scores. That shocked Kosei because in all his life, all he knew was structure and playing a piano piece by it’s notes and not just play it to his heart’s desire.


With Kaori and her refreshing personality, he slowly realized that he has feelings for her. Yet, he was unable to act on it because he knew the reason they knew each other in the first place was because of the blind date that his close friend Tsubaki set up for Ryota and Kaori. And before he was able to do anything about it, he realized that something was wrong with Kaori and she might have been keeping some things a secret from him.

At first, I was not quite sure if I were to enjoy this movie the way I did because of the genre of this movie. Despite me being a a big fan of a good romance movie, I am not into movies about music at all and that was one of the reasons why I put this movie off for so long. However, after I watched Your Lie In April, I can positively say that even if you are not into music, you will still be able to enjoy it all the same as this movie will pull you into it’s world of hardship, laughter and sorrow.

Your Lie In April is not your typical love story where the guy falls in love with the girls and the live happily ever after. Before I watched this movie, I know something big is going to happen towards the end of the movie, but the ending was totally unexpected. I have thought it was because of it’s sweet and cutesy romance that this movie was so well received but the ending was very different than what I expected in the end, making this story very bittersweet.



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