Book Review : Wanderlust by Skye Warren

Book Review :  Wanderlust by Skye Warren


Can love come from pain? 

Evie always dreamed of seeing the world, but her first night at a motel turns into a nightmare. Hunter is a rugged trucker willing to do anything to keep her – including kidnapping. As they cross the country in this rig, Evie plots her escape, but she may find what she’s been looking for right beside her.


Wanderlust is a dark erotic novel that explores dubious consent, captivity, and power play. Please do not read this if you are uncomfortable with the subject matter. Reader discretion is advised. 





A Sneak Peek Into The Story : 


Evie’s mother had always been way too over-protective of her. Her mother was so paranoid about her safety to the point that Evie was not allowed to go out and have to do homeschooling. In all her 20 years of living, Evie had always wanted to be “normal”. She wanted to go out and explore the world, meet new people and make new friends. Evie has tried again and again to bring up the subject with her mother, but they always ended up fighting. And now, in her 20th birthday, she finally decides that she will leave the house and explore the world despite her mother’s warning.


Book Review : Wanderlust by Skye Warren

Setting out for the first time after being imprisoned by her mother’s fears of the outside world, Evie is excited to explore and see the world. At the end of day one of her big adventure, she decides to stop nearby a motel and rest for the night. That is when she caught the eye of Hunter. At first, he wanted to have a meal with her, at which she rejects. But that did not deter him as the next time he showed up, it is in Evie’s room. She is in shock when she realizes that a man has broke into her room. The man is no other than Hunter. Hunter reveals that he know the owner of the motel. That is how he gets access to her room key. While on the other side, Evie is contemplating her chances of escaping in one piece.


Book Review : Wanderlust by Skye Warren


“Oh God,” I sobbed against the peeling paint of the door. “I didn’t bother you. You’re a good-looking guy. You could get a regular date. Why are you doing this?” 

“Thank you for the compliment. You’re a pretty girl too. We’ll be good together. This is a date, you and I. You wanted to skip the dinner part, and I allowed it. I’m not going to miss the dessert.”


Review :


I must admit, it is kind of hot to see how Hunter handles the situation, he doesn’t use force on Evie nor does he use vile language to scare her. From his dialogue alone I am already reeled in, wanting to know more about his character. Top that with how the author, Skye Warren, describes Hunter, she has my whole attention.


He was as still as a deep pool, a limitless source of patience,

allowing me to work myself up into panic while he watched in amusement. 


But alas, “Wanderlust” turned out to be one of those books that started off wonderful and strong and fall flat after a few chapters. The first telltale of that is after Hunter break into her room, demanding that they – in Hunter’s words – have casual sex. And yet, Evie isn’t running or screaming for her life. She stands in the room and wonders to herself if she should fight him.

Another thing going on with Evie that I don’t understand is her reluctance to make him angry. She is literally seconds away from having a non-consensual sex with a man she barely knows and she is standing there wondering if she should put up a fight and worrying whether or not her putting up a fight will make him angry. I mean, if a stranger break into your room and ask for “casual sex”, do you really stand there and contemplate whether or not to attack him and scream with all that you are? No you don’t.

I find her overall reaction to the situation way too calm and just unbelievable. Maybe we can chalk it up to her innocence of being locked up inside the house with her mom for way too long that she doesn’t realize the danger that she is in. But even after I imagine myself in her shoes, I still can’t find myself agreeing with her actions. It is as if she was never really afraid of Hunter and what he might do to her. She was actually more stressed out that what her mother said about the outside world was proven to be right.

And when Hunter eventually decides that he is going to kidnap her, and when Evie realizes what is going on, there is no reaction at all. She doesn’t freak out, doesn’t even beg for him to let her go. She doesn’t even try to get away. Throughout the book, there are a lot of chances where she could have tried to run away if she really wanted to, but no. Guess what does she worry about? Yes, whether or nor her action will anger Hunter.


Book Review : Wanderlust by Skye Warren


I honestly cannot even start understand her train of thought. And that is saying a lot since the story is already written in her POV. I don’t get her at all. And every once in a while she thinks about wanting to escape. However other than those few moments when she remembers that she is in captivity, she will just roll with it and talk to Hunter as if they were friends. It is as if escaping is not the main and forefront thing that she wants. Even though she keeps saying over and over again how inhumane the whole thing is and blaming Hunter and her mother for this situation.
Hunter isn’t that much better as a character either. I do admit, he is interesting enough that I keep wanting to read more about him. Not to mention, I find his dialogue amusing as I always wonder what he is going to say next. But other than that, there is really nothing interesting going on about him as a character. The story about his “dark past” and traumas that made him into the man that he is now is kind of weak and half baked.
A lot of readers said the ending helped atone the boringness of the story, but for me, that is not the case. His story altogether is just very weak in general when you link it to why he does what he did to Evie in this book. It is as if the writer wanted to make him into a villain, but then felt bad for him and tried to find a loophole to turn things around.
Minus the lack of logic that is happening in this book, I actually quite like the dynamic between the two. The first few chapters were great, but it just fell flat from there. I feel disappointed because I see a lot of wonderful reviews about this book, but yet I couldn’t enjoy this book at all.  While I enjoyed their dynamics, this book doesn’t really do a lot for me. I end up skimming half of the book. 

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