Book Review : Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1) by J.M. Darhower

Book Review : Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1) by J.M. Darhower


Ignazio Vitale is not a good man.

I suspect it, the first time I see him, I sense the air of danger that surrounds the man. He has a way of commanding attention, of taking control, of knowing what I’m thinking before I even do.

It’s alarming and alluring. It’s dark and deadly. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted but the last thing I truly need.


It doesn’t take him long to draw me into his web, charming me into his bed and trapping me in his life, a life I know nothing until it’s too late. He has secrets, secrets I can’t fathom, secrets that make it so I can’t walk away, no matter how much I beg him to let me go. I see it sometimes in his eyes, a darkness that’s both terrifying and thrilling. He’s a monster, wrapped in a pretty package, and what find when I unmask him changes everything.

I want to hate him.

Sometimes, I do.

But it doesn’t stop me from loving him, too.





A Sneak Peek Into The Story : 


First, I would like to apologize beforehand because this might turn into a long rant.

See, I should have known to not like a book just by it’s amount of 5 stars reviews. It’s a lesson I should have learned a long, long time ago, yet the shiny 5 stars ratings always has a way of luring me in.

The heroine, Karissa Reed is an 18 years old college student. She has always worked hard for everything she has, which is why she always studies hard to make sure she gets good grades so she can retain her scholarship at NYU. Her only family is her mother. Being that her father left them when she was still young, her mother is now very paranoid when it comes to her. After an unorthodox upbringing with her paranoid mother, now, all she wants is to get through college, make a life for herself and be settled.

She is on her way to philosophy class to retrieve her cellphone when she sees Ignazio Vitale. Tall, handsome and mysterious, he catches her attention immediately. She is intrigued by him and is surprised when he makes it clear that he is also just as interested in her as she is him.

Ignazio Vitale or Naz, is charming, confident, successful and twice her age. It is clear that he is not a good man, and that is exactly what he tries to tell Karissa at first. He warns her, giving her chances – again and again – to leave, but alas, Karissa takes his warning all too lightly and finds herself slowly get caught up and stuck in the web that he created.


Book Review : Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1) by J.M. Darhower



Review :



This book is just, no.

I DNF-ed (Did Not Finish) this book at 49% mark and skimmed through the rest. I tried, I really did.

For someone who gets a full scholarship to study in NYU, Karissa is either really dumb or really naive. She meets this mysterious, handsome stranger one day at her school who is twice her age. She knows nothing about him other than he is extremely good looking and that he might be interested in her – might being the keyword. Even then, she allows him to take her to dinner. Where he brings her to the fanciest restaurant that she has ever been to. And tries to get her drunk so that she can go home with him. When he tells her about that, she is not only unfazed, but she tells him that she would have agreed even without him trying to get her drunk. I get that she is only 18, but still, you would have thought that she would at least have some common sense in her to not follow a man who she barely know anything about home.

They eventually gets to his house, and guess what they did? Yes, exactly, they have sex. Not only that, she thinks that by having sex with him, she is paying him back for all that he did for her. And she says that as if it’s nothing. A supposedly smart young lady, thinks that it is perfectly okay to pay a handsome stranger back using her body. Just take a second and let that sink in.


Book Review : Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1) by J.M. Darhower
And of course, after that night, Naz comes back and asks for another date. They continue to spend more time together, having dinner together, sex, watching tv. When they are not spending time together, she is at school, struggling with her philosophy class. While he is busy “working”. Throughout their relationship, she doesn’t feel the need to ask him what he does for a living. She isn’t even mildly curious. It is as if, as long as he is filthy rich, and buys her expensive gifts and take her to high-end restaurants, she could care less what he does for a living. This girl is acting as if her entire being is controlled by her vagina and her brain is constantly off when it comes to Naz.

Another thing with Karissa that I don’t get is the frequency of her swearing. She doesn’t swear when I first start reading, but as the story progresses, for some unknown reason, she just starts swearing like a pirate. Not that I am a saint and I can’t read books with swear words in it, but it gets annoying when you see her swearing in almost every single page.


“He sucks at math, fucking up basic multiplication when he tries to help.”

“It’s the typical word problem bullshit, two trains going too damn fast and eventually intersecting, but nobody gives a shit where.”


And Naz is no different. I get that it is important to maintain a level of mysteriousness to keep the reader guessing and interested, but this is too much. He barely talks, and when he does, it is filed with a lot of one syllable words or his favorite word, “Huh.” And for those rare moments where Karissa is able to gather the courage to ask him questions, he seems to always answer in the most evasive way possible. Moreover, Naz barely ever show any kind of emotions. Other than the fact that he wants Karissa, even then, it somehow come out kind of off. His character doesn’t have any kind of depth to it, not much of anything really other than the fact that he gives expensive gifts and is really hot.


“We could play this game all night long, Karissa, but those things mean nothing. My favorite color’s black, my favorite food’s steak, and if I had to pick a movie, it would be Twelve Angry Men, but that doesn’t tell you who I am.”

“Who are you then?”

He takes another step forward, so close that I can see the blue in his eyes now.

He stares down at me on the bed, his expression serious. “Someone you should stay far away from.”


Book Review : Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1) by J.M. Darhower


They hangout and have sex, when they talk, it is about useless things. Such as Karissa having a hard time with her philosophy class and how much she hates professor Santino. For how much Karissa says she likes Naz, I can barely feel their connection. There is no character development whatsoever, to be honest, these characters are not even memorable. And that is basically 75% of the book. Throughout the story, I continuously try to look for signs where he is said to be a “monster” but I can find none other than a few hints here and there, which really isn’t saying a lot.

But then, once I got past 75% of the book, shit start to hit the fan. Things start to get interesting towards the end of the book. Where the readers finally get to see this “monster” in Naz, but by that time, I was already too bored to care.

I honestly have no idea how so many people liked this book. I picked this book up solely because of all these glowing reviews about this book, sadly it turned out Meh for me. And while this is listed as “dark erotica”, I don’t find anything dark, or even erotic about this story at all. This book is just thoroughly boring. It is safe to say that I won’t be reading the second book to this series.



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