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Book Review : Beautiful Liar (Dark Desire #1) by Zara Cox

Book Review : Beautiful Liar (Dark Desire #1) by Zara Cox
Previously published as I, Pornstar

People call me many things: CEO, billionaire, bastard. Q.

I love women. I love sex. I love money. I love hot, wild nights with no promise of a future, because a future is one thing I don’t have. I’m twenty-eight years old. I won’t live to see thirty, and I don’t care. Or I didn’t, until her.

Nobody plans for a life like this. Some of us just end up here. 

They call me Lucky, though luck has never been on my side. Before I met Q, my life was a big, twisted mess. Never enough money, never anyone to trust. No way out. With Q, the shame and the fear disappear. Instead I feel pure pleasure, and that’s something I’ve never had before. But if what I’ve just learned is true, we’d better enjoy every second together while we can…before our time runs out.




A Sneak Peek Into The Story :


First off let me just say, I am so glad the author decides to change the book title and the book cover because the title and cover before this one did not do this book justice. Not only that, the title “I, Pornstar” is also a tad bit misleading as this book is most definitely not about porn stars. “Beautiful Liar” is way much more than that. There is so much more to the story than just it’s erotic touch. If you are looking for something different, a different kind of story that will make you feel all sorts of emotions, then this might just be the book for you.

Lucky is running away from something. No, not something, someone. Her fear and desperation is so much so that she hitchhikes all the way to New York from the small town she has lived in her entire life. She knows he is going to find her eventually, he always does. Her first and foremost mission is to buy enough time for herself to be able to pay her way to freedom. That means, she needs money. A lot of it.


beautiful liar review zara cox
Which is why she ends up in a room with a camera pointing at her, having an interview for a job she deems too good to be true. The man interviewing her warns her that he doesn’t take liars lightly, and yet when he asks for her name, that is the first thing she does. She lies. And he knows.
She might be desperate, but Lucky is not naive enough give out her real name for a job that she isn’t even sure is real. With the voice distorter the man is using, he could be the exact man she is running away from for all she knows. Just when she is sure that she is going to escorted out just like the girls who have failed the interview before her, the man asking her questions regarding the job. With that, Lucky grows hopeful. One million dollars. For sex. For her freedom. Maybe – just maybe – for once, luck is on her side.



“You’ve found me, Lucky, the guy who wants to fuck you more than he wants his next breath. 
Show me what I want to see. Convince me that you’re worth fucking.

Convince me you’re worth dying for.



Quinn Blackwood is as filthy rich as one can be. Whatever he wants, he gets. With a twenty six billion dollars of net worth, he can literally have anything with just a snap of his fingers. And yet, he is not happy. Of course, he can’t deny he likes the comfort and security that money can provide, but all of that are just a means to an end. He is – has been – fighting a decade long battle. A battle with which he plans to bring down the Blackwood name. He will to make them pay for what they have done to the only woman he has ever loved, the only woman he will ever love.

His meticulous planning has gotten him this far. A plan that has already been set in motion nearly a decade ago is finally near it’s completion. All he needs is one more puzzle piece, one more person to fit the role that he has set up. And when all of this is done, he plans to drown in his sins. He is Quinn Blackwood. Rich. Entitled. This year, he is twenty eight years-old. He won’t live to see thirty.


beautiful liar review zara cox



Review :


I must say, at first, I have no qualms of reading this book, especially with it donning it’s former title – I, Pornstar. I admit, I might have judged the book from it’s title and thought that this is a book about porn stars. At the time, I instantly think that this book’s main character will be a porn star with multiple sexual partners, and I, for one, am not into stories like that. I was already thinking of giving this book a pass, but a dear friend of mine convinced me to give it a try, and I did. And boy was I glad that I did, because if I had decided to pass on this book, I would have missed a very wonderfully written gem of a story.


“I want to see you.”

“No, you don’t. You want me to run.”
I let my eyes drift shut. “I want both.”

It surprises me how easily I come to like Lucky’s character. If you follow my reviews and the books I read, I’m pretty sure you already know that I like my main female character to be stubborn and strong-willed. While Lucky is as determined as they come, she is far from stubborn. She might have a temper, but she knows how to play her cards well. She knows when and how she should do something, and when she should stop. Her ability to see beneath the layer is also something that truly impress me. I presume her past might have something to do with that, but it is interesting nonetheless to see her alter and conform herself under the pressure, yet never seem to snap from it.


beautiful liar review zara cox

Quinn on the other hand. He is definitely something else. He can be a sweetheart at one moment, and a total asshole the next. With him, you can never guess where he is going to go next, what he is going do. While he wears the mask of a very self-assured, powerful and confident man well, sometimes, when he lets the mask slips, underneath it you see a broken man.

He craves something, something that he might not even know he needs until after he has a taste of it. Quinn Blackwood is a flawed man, and he has done his share of unforgivable mistakes. He thinks of himself as unredeemable, but maybe, he is wrong.



“Love comes with responsibility. Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re responsible for him. It’s your name he toasts to every time he gulps down a mouthful of whiskey, and trust me, he does that very often. It’s your name he screams out for in his sleep. ”



While the story plot is interesting, with hidden motives and all that, what captivates me is the chemistry between the two of them. The way these two are when they are together is just electric. When I read their interactions, I always feel conflicted because I feel like I can’t read fast enough, yet at the same time, I want to slow myself down to enjoy and savor their banter.



“You’re not in control here.”

“You think I don’t know that?”

“You need to accept it.”


“Because I don’t want to spend valuable time breaking you in.”

My mouth drops open for a fistful of heartbeats before I clench my teeth. “I’m not a fucking dog.”

“No. You’re not. What you are, is wet.”



The Verdict : 


While the story is a long one, I think it is wonderfully paced. It is not too fast, nor is it boringly slow. It is paced just right, with enough to entice you, yet not too much that you feel dizzy with too much information. The writing in this story could use a little bit of improvement in my opinion. 

Even though the book is very well written, there are times when I feel like Ms. Cox seems to over describe things, as a result, rather than making a scene appear sexy, it just make it seems weird. But overall, I really enjoyed the writing style. Especially the way Ms. Cox writes about her characters, they are so well developed that you can practically feel their energy and life through the pages.

“Beautiful Liar” is a captivating and sensual tale about two very intricate and complicated people. Both running from their pasts and ends up colliding into each other. If you are looking for a unique storyline that will intrigue and captivate you from start to finish, then this book is for you.

And I murmur into his ear, “Am I worth dying for?”




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