Quotes Galore : Cut & Run ( Cut & Run #1) by Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux

Quotes Galore : Cut & Run ( Cut & Run #1) by Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux


Lately, I have been really really really into M/M genre. It’s like an addiction by now, and I love every single second of it. The whole thing started about a few months ago when I picked up a book called Special Forces – Soldiers as it came highly recommended by a friend, and since then, I have been sucked into this hole of awesomeness that is M/M books and have been going through M/M books like a madwoman. 

That is also around the time when I found out about this book, Cut & Run. As soon as I start reading it, I know this book is going to easily be one of my favorite M/M reads of all time. Therefore, I have decided to make a post dedicated to all the quotes I love from the first installation of the Cut & Run series. Enjoy! 


Ps. Did you know that I also wrote a detailed review on Cut & Run? Click here to check it out! 




“Respectfully, sir, I understand you need someone riding herd on this… agent,” Zane gritted out. “But what am I supposed to learn from him?” he asked, slanting a disbelieving look Grady’s way.


“You can learn to kiss my ass,” Ty shot back as he fumbled with the file his boss had chucked at him. “Just like you do everyone else’s,” he muttered.


“How did you become such a total ass?” he asked, morbidly curious.


Ty cocked his head and watched the woman until she took her seat, then turned to look at Zane. “I didn’t mean to,” he insisted innocently. “C cups can get in the way.”


“You drive me absolutely insane. And I’m almost sure you do it on purpose.”


“Kiss my ass,” Ty shot back as he sat in the seat and huffed.


“Maybe after breakfast,” Zane answered.


“See? I can be nice,” Ty pointed out as they sat there.


Zane’s eyes shifted to Ty, and he nodded. “Yeah. I’m only a little suspicious of what you’re going to want, but nice is good. For a change. Occasionally.”


“You know, at first I was insulted by the way you treat me. Then I realized it’s not personal; you treat everyone like shit. I find it doesn’t bother me all too much anymore,” he said.


“Usually I only don’t bother people I want to see naked,” Ty told him seriously as the elevator rose. “So stop it. You’re freaking me out.”


“You want to come?”


Ty groaned slightly. “Not really,” he answered honestly as he looked back up at the board.


“I think you’re taking this inept and lazy objective a little too far,” Zane complained.


“I hate EMTs. ‘Breathe evenly, Special Agent Garrett.’ ‘Don’t move, Special Agent Garrett.’ ‘Don’t worry, Special Agent Garrett, it only feels like we’re removing your arm with a dull hacksaw.’”


Zane sniffed and pried at a piece of glass in the heel of his hand. “My lucky streak is about played out.”


“Want a little cheese with that whine, maestro?” Ty drawled.


“I’m not a real pansy-ass,” Zane objected. “I just act like one sometimes.”


That caused Ty to laugh. Hard. 


Zane thwapped his knuckles back against Ty’s ribs. Hard. “Asshole,”he said, in a vaguely fond fashion.


“I’m not an asshole,” Ty objected officiously. “I just act like one sometimes,” he added slyly.


“Hey, give me my gun, would you?” Zane asked as he shifted, only to wince as the skin pulled.


“Why, you planning on shooting me in the ass when I turn around?” Ty asked sarcastically as he reached for the holster.


“Tempting, but you’d probably get off on it,” Zane said, holding out his hand.


He moved closer and knelt beside the bed, resting his chin on the mattress and looking into Zane’s face.


Dimly, Zane sensed his partner close. “What?” he murmured softly.


“Nothin’,” Ty answered in the same soft tone. “Just making sure you weren’t dead.”


The corner of Zane’s mouth curled up. “Would you miss me?” he asked sleepily.


“Suddenly, he felt awkward, standing there with Ty still touching his back, especially because Zane didn’t want to move. Not at all. He found that a bit frightening.”


“Chuckling, Zane shifted the pillow back under his chest and lay against it, settling where he could gaze at Ty’s figure under the sheets. As he watched, Ty lifted his head up again and reached for his pillow, then burrowed his head under it. Zane couldn’t help but smile at how innocent and almost childish the action seemed.”


“Why Special Agent Grady, I didn’t realize you had the ability to be reasonable and gracious,” Serena observed sarcastically.


“I don’t,” Ty grunted. “Call it self-preservation,” he offered.


“The groan from Zane had sent an odd jolt through his body, and he wasn’t sure he liked it. He needed … to shoot something, maybe.”


Zane rolled his eyes. “At least I think with my head and not my ass,” he muttered as he buttoned his jeans and zipped up.


“Your ass is more fun to look at,” Ty shot back from under the pillow.


“I think you do it deliberately,” he grumbled. “Say whatever you can think of to drive me up the fucking wall.”


“God, why are all the hot ones gay?” one asked her friend plaintively.


“I’ve got you,” Zane said as he pulled Ty against him, one arm encircling his waist and holding tight, easily supporting the other man’s weight until Ty could find his feet.

Ty’s only response was stunned silence. He looked up and met Zane’s eyes as they stayed locked in the clumsy embrace. “Shit,” he finally muttered.


“Anything you need to say to me?”

Zane kept his eyes on his hands, his fingers clenching. What he would do to Ty, given the chance. And he wasn’t thinking about kicks to the ribs.

The visual of Ty’s nude body flashed behind Zane’s eyelids, and he spoke before he thought better of it. “Nothing you want to hear,” he murmured.


“Zane slowly turned around to face the other man, eyes dark and serious. Ignoring the warning bells going off in his head, he leaned back against the counter and reached out to slide the ends of his fingers into the front of the waistband of Ty’s jeans and tug him forward.

The color drained from Ty’s face as Zane pulled him closer, and his stomach turned again in a pleasant somersault of nervous butterflies. 

Zane loosened his fingers and almost let go, but Ty didn’t pull away. It was now or never. Zane took a slow, deep breath and ducked his chin, tilted his head sideways, and slid his lips firmly against Ty’s.”


Zane groaned and his eyes rolled back as his hands moved without thought to clutch at Ty’s hips. “You make me absolutely fucking crazy,” he said thickly.


“Hate to break it to you, but I think you were there long before I came along,” Ty murmured before he raised his head and kissed Zane slowly.


“With Ty, all bets were off.”


He sat beside him as he turned his shoulders and ducked his head to try to catch Ty’s eyes. “Don’t you go to sleep on me. I mean it. I’ll do evil and dastardly things to your body if you do.”

Ty opened his eyes wide and blinked the sleep away, giving his head one little shake as he cleared his throat. “You’ve already done that,” he reminded Zane seriously.


“Tease,” Ty accused softly.


“Do I have your attention now?” Zane drawled.


“You never lost it,” Ty responded before thinking better of it.


“Ty, are you getting up or not?”


“Go fuck yourself,” came the muffled, groggy reply.


“I’m not that flexible,” Zane muttered.


“I’ve never had a concussion before,” he added in a distant voice.


“Never?” Zane said in disbelief as he helped Ty into the elevator.


“You were Recon in the Marines and undercover for the FBI, and you’ve never had a concussion? How the hell did you manage that?”


“I ducked,” Ty answered in a childishly honest voice.


“Are we doing the right thing?” Ty asked breathlessly as he looked up at Zane.

Zane looked down at the hand that still grasped his wrist, then up at Ty, the desire written all over him. “I don’t know,” he admitted in a rasp, facing the quandary of the two of them together head-on. “But it sure as hell feels right.”


“I can’t,” Ty finally told him with an uncharacteristic show of emotion. “I can’t concentrate on anything, not when all I can think about is you.”


Ty tilted his head up, and his expression softened as he looked up at Zane. “You won’t miss me,” he murmured to him softly.”

Ty watched him for a moment, a sinking feeling in his chest as he realized that Zane didn’t even intend to fucking turn around and say goodbye.

He moved silently toward the door, worn boots soundless on the industrial carpet.


Ty stopped with his hand on the doorknob, turning to look back at Zane.

He had turned around to look at him, and some of the cold was out of his demeanor, revealing a hint of unusual vulnerability. “You said I wouldn’t miss you.” He drew in a long breath, and his voice was even quieter when he spoke again. “You were wrong.”


Ty gave a little whuff of surprise when Zane clung to him, but he slowly slid his arms around him and hugged him, resting his chin against Zane’s cheek. “You okay?” he asked in a whisper.

Zane slowly nodded, waiting a few heartbeats before admitting, “I am now,” in a matching whisper.


“He had known, given the chance, that Zane could mean quite a lot to him.”


Zane swallowed hard as he slid his hand to take Ty’s and lace their fingers together. “Are you feeling this, too?” he asked, echoing what they’d asked each other months ago, only to have it pushed aside. But not forgotten.

Ty watched their fingers intertwine, fighting back the fluttering in his stomach when Zane spoke. He jerked his head up sharply and met Zane’s eyes. That one he did remember, although he had regretted that conversation for months, blushing furiously whenever he thought of it even when he was alone. He shook his head and swallowed. “No,” he answered hoarsely, echoing the answer he had given before.

Slowly, Zane raised his other hand to cup Ty’s reddening cheek. “Me, either,” he breathed before leaning forward to kiss Ty gently.


“Fuck,” Zane murmured, pulling Ty closer. “You’re worse than heroin.”


He sighed, the sound muffled against Ty’s shoulder. “What is it about you that makes me want to chuck everything and just fuck you again?” he asked seriously.


“We could just cut and run,” he suggested softly, watching Zane closely.

Forcibly keeping his eyes on the road, Zane pressed his lips together hard, and his hands curled tightly around the steering wheel. “It’s a nice dream,” he finally answered, his voice as unsteady as the rest of him.


“Do I look like an artsy type to you?” Ty asked, bristling on principle.


It didn’t even faze Zane. “You look like sex on legs to me.”


“Why do you want to know? What does it matter what I’m afraid of?” he asked, obviously unable to let the conversation go.

Zane blinked in surprise. “It matters to me,” he said quietly. “I want to know. So I…,” His voice trailed off and he swallowed. “So I can protect you.”

Ty sniffed. “Protect me from being afraid?”

“Protect you when you’re afraid,” Zane corrected.


“You’re easily distracted, aren’t you?” Ty deadpanned.


“Not really,” Zane said smoothly, dragging one hand down Ty’s chest. “I’m still focused on you.


“Do you have any idea,” he said in a low voice, “how far you’ve gotten under my skin?”


Zane stilled completely. “No,” he said honestly, voice low.


Ty moved closer and stood at the side of bed in front of Zane. “You should,” he murmured.


“What if something happens to you?”


“I can’t promise that nothing will,” he finally answered with a shrug.


Zane nodded. “I know,” he said in a pained voice. “But I still want you.”


“So what’s the problem?” Ty asked gently.


Zane raised one shoulder in a confused shrug. “You said it: we get along best when we’re fucking. How do we make that work?”


“Not everything needs to be planned, Zane,” Ty answered with a tinge of frustration. “Not everything needs a why or how.”


All the pain and fear and upset and desire balled up in Zane’s gut, and his breath stopped as he gripped his lover’s shoulder. “Come back to me.”

“I will,” Ty assured him softly. 


“I need you, Ty, more than anything. ”


“You’re a brave man,” Zane rasped. “I hope that the next time I’m with you and it’s dark, you’ll let me hold you,” Zane said.

“You’re gonna have to,” Ty responded in a broken laugh, “ ’cause all the current evidence points to the fact that I’ll cry like a little girl.”

“That’s okay,” Zane murmured without humor, raising his left arm so he could stroke Ty’s cheek gently with shaking fingers. “Still want you.”


“Never a dull moment,” he muttered. They’d been flash and bang from the first moment they’d met.




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