Quotes Galore : Love is a Stranger (More Heat Than The Sun #1)

Quotes Galore : Love is a Stranger (More Heat Than The Sun #1)


I have recently just become obsessed with the M/M genre books. Having spent years not knowing M/M books exists, now it’s as if I am making up for all the lost times because I cannot – for the life of me –stop reading M/M books.

And out of my ever growing M/M book pile, I found “Love is a Stranger” by John Wiltshire. This book was totally found by accident one day while scrolling on Goodreads. And from the very moment I started reading the first page, I knew this series is going to go down as one of my favorite M/M series of all time. 

And since I did not know what to expect from this book, after finishing it, I can positively say that “Love is a Stranger” totally took me by surprise. With the amazing storyline, plot twists and most importantly, the chemistry between Nik and Ben, the combos makes me fall head over heels for this book and keep me coming back for more.




“How are you really, Benjamin?”
“How did I just seem?”
“Just because you can still fuck me into a mattress for two hours doesn’t mean your psychological health is good. In fact, many would argue it proves the opposite.”
“What does it say about you then, sir, that you want me to fuck you senseless for two hours?”


“The frisson of anticipation surged back, but for the first time ever it wasn’t for rough sex. He wanted Nikolas to kiss him again. He wanted Nikolas to initiate another kiss, to admit his need—to admit finally that this, what they had, was more than sex.”


“Then call me Ben.”
Nikolas laughed. “You would have to put a gun to my head first, I abhor nicknames. Besides, I like Benjamin. It is very you.”
“No, it’s not. It’s some poncy public school boy my mother wanted me to be.”
“But not the hard tearaway who joined the army at sixteen and passed Selection the first time he tried it?”
“No, not him. He’s Ben.”
“Maybe I like public school boys.” He unbuttoned Ben’s shirt.


“You make me mad this day.”
Nikolas flushed slightly, high on his cheekbones, an even more uncharacteristic gesture than the helpfulness. “My English has failed me.”
“I’ve made you mad today? How? Why?”
Nikolas pouted. “You do not say mad then. Let me think.” He laughed at himself. “Insane was right all along, Benjamin. Today, I am a little insane for you. I—” He caught Ben’s chin in a tight grip. “Because I want to do this.” He leant in and kissed him.


“You think my life is camouflage?”
Ben held the stare. “Sir, I think everything you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you let yourself sleep is nothing more than a shadow dance.”


“Benjamin, we may be murderers, liars, and fornicators. These are British politicians. We cannot possibly compete.”


Nikolas smiled. Ben could see it in the reflection in the window. “You argue like the very devil himself.”
Ben slid his arms around Nikolas’s waist and propped his chin on the other man’s shoulder. “If I’m the devil, do you see yourself as Jesus tempted in the wilderness?”
“I believe he was offered power, not sex.”
“Who said anything about sex? I reckon Jesus would have capitulated for love.”


“If this is love for you, then you are in love with a ghost, with the illusion of a man. Is that enough for you?”
“Would you let me have that? If you do, then I will find the man. I’ll breathe life back into the ghost.”


“For the first time, the emotion he’d been unable and unwilling to examine became very clear to Ben…he was in love. It was as simple and as complicated as that—irrevocably, impossibly in love with a man who barely counted as human, whose whole existence was based on lies built upon lies shored up by falsehood and betrayal.”


Ben closed his eyes. His legs opened slightly, and Nikolas stood between them, cradling Ben’s broken face in the palm of one hand while he gently worked over the cuts. “Tip your head back.”
“This part of your job description, sir?”
“I wrote my own job description.”


“Their faces were pressed close, the terrorists only feet away behind a layer of stone, but Ben couldn’t have resisted if Satan and all his minions had been there. He caught Nikolas’s face and pressed him to the wall in a searing kiss.”


“We only live one life. Don’t waste an opportunity to be loved.”


“Life is interesting, Benjamin. I came to England many years ago and was offered a strange opportunity. I took it, and it worked well. Until it didn’t.”
“Until I met you.”
Nik smiled ruefully. “Then all the worldly things I had been offered were not so satisfactory.”


Ben brought his lips to Nikolas’s cheek. “Do you know how much I sometimes hate you?”
“Well, I love you more than that. Sometimes.”


“I am still here, by the way.”
Ben, so alert and tense he actually missed this, replied idiotically, “Wha—? Huh?”
Nikolas smirked. “I am here when we wake up next to each other. I am still here when we shower together. Amazingly, I am still here every time you watch me have my breakfast. I am not going anywhere, Ben. ”


“I believe I am very much what I once was.” He looked across the table. “Totally obsessed with you.”


“You know what the biggest perk of being self-employed is?”
“The tax status?”
Ben shook his head despairingly. “No. The best perk is that you can take your boss to bed and fuck him for the whole afternoon.”


“There were no masks between them, no lies.”


“What are you thinking about?”
Nikolas looked down into Ben’s green eyes and replied without any hesitation, “You.”


“If anything ever happened to you, I would bring the whole lot of them down like a pack of cards. I’d go through them one by one and destroy them all.”


He slid up so his mouth was to Nikolas’s ear and said in a choked voice, “I had no idea how much I could miss you. One month together, and now I am entirely lost without you.”


“You ask me what I want? I want to own you, Benjamin.”


“I think perhaps we will practise your Danish together.”
“What’s happy birthday?”
“Happy birthdays don’t exist, Ben, only in stories for children.”


“I love him. I can’t stop thinking about him. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, he’s like an obsession, an addiction I can’t cure. The more I get of him, the more I want. I think I know him, but he just ups and changes again. He’s my slippery slope. I think he’ll be the death of me”


“Being in love was a total bitch.”


“Nik, I don’t need to come home. I am home—wherever you are. And I am yours.  That won’t ever change.”


“So, what will you do with the stepfather? Nothing must come back to us.”
“No. I was thinking he was going to kill himself.”
“No. Make him disappear.”
“But then there’s no closure for Felicity or Alice.”
“An accidental death then.”
“He doesn’t deserve that.”
“A very painful accidental death?”


“Stop trying to be annoying, Ben. You are annoying enough without any effort on your part.”


Ben put his hand over Nikolas’s. “Tell me you love me first.”


Nik turned to him. “I would have thought all this would say it for me. Would I bother with all this for anyone else?”
“Why can’t you just say it?”


“Everyone I have said that to has left me. Do not make me lose you, too.”


Ben took Nikolas’s face in a painful hold. “I will never leave you.”
Nikolas eased his hands off with a sad expression. “Sometimes we have no choice in this world. We are left alone by those who would so very much prefer to stay with us.”


“So, this is it for us? This is as far as we go and as much as we can ever have?”
He felt Nikolas’s arms tighten around him and heard him swallow. Unexpectedly, Nikolas leant to Ben’s ear and said in a choked voice, “No. Don’t give up on me, Benjamin. I said I was afraid of nothing; well I lied as usual. You are right. I am terrified of losing you.”


“What are you doing this weekend?”
Ben raised an eyebrow, “You?” He suddenly grinned.  “What are you doing ‘til early Friday?”
Nik responded to the grin. “You.”


“It was fate, Nik, you know that. You can rationalise things as much as you like, but everything has led us to this place and to each other.”
Nikolas turned his gaze to the house and the moors and then the rooks circling the enormous fir trees by the stream. “I do not believe in fate. We make our own destinies through sacrifice and pain.”


 “Hey, I’m okay. I wouldn’t have fallen. Freaky skills, remember?”
Nikolas nodded, but he hardly seemed to be with Ben anymore. “My reactions seemed to have got quicker. Or maybe I wanted to catch you more.”


He held up the cigarette one more time then stubbed it out in the wet sand, grinding it to nothing. “There, I have now given up for good.”
Ben gaped at him in confusion. Nikolas shrugged negligently and stood. He walked to Ben and held out his hand. “Foolish child. I only enjoyed smoking…you, on the other hand,” he looked down at Ben, naked in the surf, his dark hair sticking up every which way from salt and wind and water, and huffed ruefully, “you, I adore.”


“After all, they are only men, and men only want one thing.”


“Yes. A good English word: fuck.”


“Close your eyes.” He helped by pressing them gently closed with his fingers. “What can you hear?”
“Sure you can—listen. Hear the rooks? They’ve been here with us all day. Hear the stream? There—a skylark. Now, open your eyes. What can you see?”


“We should name the house. Is there a good word in English for strange, parallel universe house that exists outside real life?”
Ben looked across at him. “You feel it, too?”
“Ben, I always felt it. It drew me here when I needed somewhere safe. Spirit of you drew me here.”
“Wow.” He shook his head. “We are so gay.”




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