Up Close and Personal : How Do I Get Through Reading Slumps?

Up Close and Personal : How Do I Get Through Reading Slumps?


If Harry Potter has he-who-shall-not-be-named, in book community, we have what we call : reading slump.

It is the evilest of all evils. The doom for us who goes through books on a daily basis like it’s nobody’s business.

And you know what? As I am writing this right now, I am actually in quite a book funk. So, if you are also in one right now, rest be assured, you are not alone.


Up Close and Personal : How Do I Get Through Reading Slumps?


We, as readers, have been advised this so many times by now we already have it memorized. Do you know which advice it is? This one : pick up old favorites. Re-read your favorite books in the hopes that it will pull you out of the reading funk you have sunken into. Although, if you are anything like me, you hate the thought of having to re-read a book. Even when it is a book (or a series) that you adore more than anything in the world.

So if I don’t pick up and old favorites, then what should I do to get out of this book funk, you ask.

Therefore comes another piece of advice. Read books from your favorite author! Someone doesn’t become your favorite author for nothing, clearly. And while that might work for some – or most – readers out there, what happens when it doesn’t work for you? What happens when you have tried to get into all the books your favorite author has written, yet nothing seems to be able to catch your attention? Worse yet, what happens when you have already read all the books your favorite author published?

Then what should I do now? You half shouted, while anxiously holding an armful of books that you have not been able to finish.

With that, it brings us to my next point.

When nothing else works to get you out of your reading slump, you know what is the most terrifying yet most liberating thing to do?

Step outside your comfort zone.

Your most treasured books. Your favorite genres. Your go-to authors.

Those are vices. We get used to it, therefore we feel comfortable inside the bubble that we have created around ourselves. With that, we are also limiting ourselves from discovering something new.

When all else fails, and you tried every single advices that you can scrounge up from the Internet and still find yourself stuck in a book funk, maybe it’s time for a change.

Perhaps it is time for something new.

It could be that, as much as we hold our dearest books and authors close to heart, it is time that we start to peek out of our bubble and discover what else is out there.


Up Close and Personal : How Do I Get Through Reading Slumps?


It might be nerve-wrecking at first, but when you have truly stepped out of the bubble of limitations that you have set for yourself, you will realize that there are so many amazing new books books and authors out there to be explored and discovered.

And with that, you might also worry, what happens when you stepped outside your comfort zone and found out that it is better out there than being inside your bubble of safety? What happens of your beloved book series and authors then? What happens when you grow out of them?

Here is my answer : Reading, for most of us, is a form of escape from the real world. And while that is good, why not also make reading a place for growth? Stepping outside our comfort-zone does not mean leaving behind our safety bubble forever. It just means that we are going out of our safety-zone to explore and experience new and unique things. The options to come back if you don’t like what you have found, is and always will be there.

These books and these authors are still going to be where you left them. They are not going anywhere. Although, you, dear reader, might come back a changed person.



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