Shameless Promo But… I Finally Made A Youtube Channel!

Shameless Promo But… I Finally Made A Youtube Channel!


I know, I know.

As written on the title, I know you know this is a shameless plug.

But thank you for clicking on this post anyway.

This post will be pretty short, unlike all my usual post, since this will be just a post to inform you that I have – finally – decided to make a youtube channel after months and months of doubting whether or not this will be a good idea.

For now, I am still experimenting on the videos I enjoy making, editing, and all that jumble of mess. But for what I first thought would be a chore, I found out that I quite enjoy making videos. Although talking to and in front of a camera still unnerve me sometimes, I am making progress in warming up to it.

As of now, my posting schedule will be on Thursday and Saturday. Whereas my posting schedule on my blog is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am not quite sure yet whether or not I will be increasing my posting frequency on Youtube, but for now, that will be the schedule I am sticking with.


My Youtube Channel : 



Obviously, I still have a lot to learn whether it is content wise or editing wise, so your input and advices are always welcome – if you have any.

Other than that, I would like to thank you for clicking on this blog post anyway, even though you know it would be a shameless promotion on my end.

You’re the real MVP.


Shameless Promo But... I Finally Made A Youtube Channel!




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