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Nam Da-Reum : The Boy With Dreamy Eyes and Killer Acting Skills

Nam Da-Reum : The Boy With Dreamy Eyes and Killer Acting Skills


So recently, I have just started getting back into the Korean Drama groove again after being in hiatus for over 6 months. 

Yes, I know, I know. I have committed an unforgivable sin. But what can you say? The Dramas in the past few months have been tolerable at best. And your girl don’t do tolerable. Being a high maintenance princess that I am – this is sarcasm, if you don’t already know – I only want the best, or nothing at all.


Nam Da-Reum : The Boy With Dreamy Eyes and Killer Acting Skills  

So while I was wading through the sea of average fishies, out came “Come and Hug Me“. And you already know, with how much I have been raving about this show lately, it was love at first sight. 

As soon as I set my eyes on that drama poster, I know I am done for. I have found my one true love, and nothing – I mean nothing ; not even cute hamsters and the deliciousness of chocolate chip ice cream – can come in between our love. 

Then your girl took a tentative step forward, fueled by curiosity, and broke her number one rule. Which is to never start an on-going show. It is a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it. So there I was, sitting in front of my computer, wringing my fingers as I click on the pilot episode. And as soon as I saw Nam Da-Reum and his acting skill.

It was hook, line, and sinker.

I was caught. 



Here is the trailer for “Come and Hug Me” : 




So apparently, after putting my totally awesome stalking skill to use, I found out that Nam Da-Reum actually is kind of a big deal.

I did not want to admit to this but… I might have been living with Patrick under the rock all these time because I had no idea. In my head, I imagine him to start his career acting in small tv shows as cameo and such. But no. This boy shoots for the stars. 

He is only 16, but boy oh boy, he has accomplished more in his 16 years of life than I probably ever will in my lifetime. Nam Da-Reum appears in so many popular tv shows that  I ran out of fingers when I tried to count it earlier.  Not to mention, you will be dead wrong if you think he only acts in tv series because this boy apparently also dabbles in movies. 

For someone with his level of character portrayal and acting skill though, I am definitely not surprised that Nam Da-Reum is where is he today. Good genes aside – because honestly though, those eyes of his can melt steel – Da-Reum truly doesn’t play around when it comes to acting, and I am not saying this lightly. Because usually, when I watch a show or a movie that consists of flashbacks, I can never truly connect with the child actors. Most of the time, I even consider it as a nuisance when a tv show or a movie kept on going back and forth with the present and the past. 

But that was totally not the case with Come and Hug Me. Nam Da-Reum was so good with his portrayal of his character in this show. So much so that sometimes, I find myself more interested in the child actors’ storyline than the main leads’. And that is truly saying something, since both the main leads are also really amazing actors and actresses themselves. 

For now and many years to come, I definitely hope that his career continues to grow and sky rocket. Rather than acting as child actors, I truly hope I will be able to see the day where he finally stars as the main lead of a drama. 


Simple Biography of Da-Reum : 


Nam Da-Reum : The Boy With Dreamy Eyes and Killer Acting Skills


Nam Da-Reum was born in June 13, 2002. Who began his career as a child actor. Da-Reum played a younger version of the leading characters in a lot of popular Korean Dramas, such as Boys Over Flowers, Pinocchio, While You Were Sleeping, and Radio Romance

Not only that, Da-Reum also stars in movies like : No Breathing and Chronicle of a Blood Merchant.

With all of the movies and tv shows Da-Reum has starred in over the years, he has also managed to bring home the Best Young Actor award in 2015 and Best Child Actor Award in 2017.






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