Short Stories : Impromptu Writing, A Continuation

Short Stories : Impromptu Writing, A Continuation


“And eventually, 
everything will fall, and crumble to dust.”


Short Stories : Impromptu Writing, A Continuation


A resounding crack filled my ears, snapping my head back with the force of its blow. My head reeled sickeningly as it slammed into the wall behind me. Heat. Sharp. Fast. Across my cheek.

Wrenching my eyes open, I blinked. One, two, three, four times and still, the black spots lingered as it swam around my vision. I moved to put my hand on my cheek, wanting to lessen the sting, only to realize that my arms and legs were bound behind my back.

I must have nodded off sometime after he left because try as hard as I did, I was unable to recall the time while I was being bound to the chair. I let my eyes travel around the room, found him standing a few feet in front of me, half of his body hidden in the shadows. The suit he had on earlier was gone, now he was left wearing only a white shirt which he had rolled the sleeves up his forearms.

He had one of his hands shoved into the pocket of his slacks, and the other holding some kind of a stick. I frowned and squinted my eyes, wondering why would he be holding a stick before realization dawned on me and I started to struggle in earnest.

“W-what is that? What are you doing?” I rasped out. He stood and said nothing, but I saw it before I heard it. A white electric arc, followed by a zap coming from one end of the stick. Gone as soon as it appeared.


“Have you ever heard of a cattle prod?” he asked. His face blank, void of any emotions as he stalked towards me. My eyes went wide. A cattle prod? What is he doing with a cattle prod?

Wait, why –

Again, another flash of white followed by the hum of electricity. I whimpered and recoiled from the sound. Tears threatened to spill as I trashed in the chair.

“Hmm?” he pressed.

“Wait, please no. I– ” Another zap.

He looked down at me, swinging the prod ever so slightly. “This is how it’s going to go,” he started. “I am going to ask you a series of questions, and you will answer them. Of course, I don’t expect, for you to tell me the truth so early on in the interrogation. Therefore I brought this,” he gestured to the cattle prod and I flinched. “ A little…incentive, if you will. Think carefully before answering because as saddened as I would be to mar those perfect skin, I will not hesitate to use it on you.”

I shook my head. Panic seized my body and I bit down on my lip, willed myself to stop shaking. “But I don’t know anything! I don’t have the answers that you are looking for! I swear!”

He shrugged, “Play dumb for all you want, Ellyse. I am a patient man, and at the end of the day, will have my answers.” He cocked his head to the side, a sliver of a smile on this lips before he said, “Now, let’s get started shall we?”







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