8 Most Popular Korean Dramas So Far in 2018 –– What We Have Watched

8 Most Popular Korean Dramas So Far in 2018 –– What We Have Watched


When you think of Korean Drama, what is the first thing that popped into your mind?

For me, it is the hot oppas – read : good looking men that can kill you and make your soul fly to high heavens with a just look. 

Your girl can’t deny it. Them Korean men are hella fine and hella hot. That is a fact. I will fight anyone who says otherwise – just kidding, please don’t fight me. I have cookies for muscles and I can’t fight for shit *laughs*

And as much as I love American tv shows, I always find myself coming back to Korean Drama from time to time. For no other reason than to be able to fangirl and squeal about the romantic scenes and panty-melting men. 


popular korean drama 2018


And since this is still the summer holiday where I am, I can already guarantee you already know what your girl has been up to in her time off.

Become a hermit and binge tv shows and movies. *nods proudly*

Literally, that is all I have been doing. Well, that, plus reading a shit ton of books as well. 

So in this post today, I will be listing down the 8 most popular Korean Dramas that has fangirls – and fanboys – swooning and melting into a puddle of hot mess. Because these Korean Dramas mess with our wellbeing and our sanity. But it’s all cool, as long as I get to squeal and scream on top of my lungs every now and then when I see a cute scene. *wink*





popular korean drama 2018


1. Mr. Sunshine 


Genre : Action, Military, Historical, Romance, War 

Starring : Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Min-Jung

Aired : Jul 7, 2018 – Sept 23, 2018

Episodes : 24 Episodes 





Mr. Sunshine centers on a young boy born into a house servant’s family and travels to the United States during the 1871 Shinmiyangyo (U.S. expedition to Korea). He returns to his homeland later as a U.S. marine officer. He meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s daughter. At the same time, he discovers a plot by foreign forces to colonize Korea.




popular korean drama 2018


2. Are You Human, Too? 


Genre : Romance, Sci-fi, Fantasy 

Starring : Seo Kang Joon, Gong Seung Yeon, Lee Joon Hyuk

Aired : Jun 4, 2017 – Aug 7, 2018 

Episodes : 36 Episodes 





The drama tells of an android called Nam Shin III who must pretend to be the son of a rich family when the real Nam Shin falls into a coma. Nam Shin’s mother, Oh Ro Ra is a genius on brain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) so when her son, the real Nam Shin, is taken away from her at a young age, in her grief she creates an android that looks exactly like her son and has it grow up in the place of Nam Shin. But when Nam Shin, who is a third generation heir to PK group, gets in an accident and is comatose, the android Nam Shin III must learn how to take his place.




popular korean drama 2018


3. My Mister 


Genre : Life, Melodrama, Friendship, Drama, Family

Starring : Lee Sun Kyun, IU, Lee Ji Ah

Aired : Mar 21, 2018 – May 17, 2018

Episodes : 16 Episodes 





Park Dong Hoon is a middle-aged engineer who is married to attorney Kang Yoon Hee. However, his life is not that happy. He has 2 unemployed brothers, Sang Hoon and Gi Hoon, who rely on him. Moreover, his wife is secretly having an affair with CEO Do Joon Yeong, Dong Hoon’s college junior but current boss. One day, Dong Hoon receives an unexpected bribe and notices that his co-worker Lee Ji An saw him. Ji An is a young part-time worker at Dong Hoon’s company who is drowning in debt and left alone to take care of her ill grandmother. Dong Hoon then gets entangled into his brothers’ struggle to get back on their feet and the company’s internal rivalry between the company’s CEO and the people opposing him, all the while not knowing that CEO Joon Yeong wants to get rid of him and Ji An is working for the CEO.




popular korean drama 2018


4. Prison Playbook


Genre : Friendship, Comedy, Life, Drama

Starring : Park Hae Sook, Jung Kyung Ho, Krystal

Aired : Nov 22, 2017 – Jan 18, 2018

Episodes : 16 Episodes 


Ps. I know this tv series started airing in 2017 and finished airing in 2018. So technically, maybe this doesn’t count as 2018 KDrama, but it’s just so good I couldn’t leave it out. 




The drama series will be set at a prison where a baseball player called Kim Je Hyuk who turns into a convict overnight and an elite prison guard called Lee Joon Ho and a variety of people experience prison life. The drama will share the lives and stories behind these prisoners as well as events that take place there.




popular korean drama 2018


5. Life on Mars 


Genre : Action, Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Psychological, Comedy, Drama

Starring : Jung Kyung Ho, Park Sung Woong, Go Ah Sung

Aired : Jun 9, 2018 – Aug 5, 2018

Episodes : 16 Episodes 





As leader of a crime investigation team, Han Tae Joo has propelled his career and risen through the ranks by trusting data over all else. One day, while investigating a serial murder case, he has an accident. When he wakes up, he suddenly finds himself in the winter of 1988. He doesn’t know why, but he’s now a detective appointed to work at a police station in a small city. To get back to the present day, Han Tae Joo tries to solve the case.




popular korean drama 2018


6. Suits 


Genre : Law, Romance, Drama 

Starring : Jang Dong Gun, Park Hyung Shik, Jin Hee Kyung

Aired : Apr 25, 2018 – Jun 14, 2018

Episodes : 16 Episodes 





Hotshot lawyer Choi Kang Seok is known as the most talented closer at the prestigious Kang & Ham Law Firm. Go Yeon Woo has a photographic memory and a high IQ. Having dreamed of becoming a lawyer since losing his parents as a young boy, he studied for and aced the bar under a false name, but never found a way to pay for law school. Due to his poor background, he works odd jobs to make a living and attempt to keep up with his grandmother’s hospital bills.

When Attorney Choi is promoted to senior partner, he’s told it’s time for him to hire a junior, which he’s never wanted to do. But in a chance meeting, he interviews Go Yeon Woo, who’s merely hiding from police by posing as an applicant from a top law school. Choi Kang Seok learns the truth but is so impressed with his extraordinary brilliance and personality, he decides to temporarily hire him in spite of having no legitimate license to practice law. Choi Kang Seok’s reckless gamble could place his own career in jeopardy, but he quickly grows attached to the young man, who continuously shows his mettle and creativity case by case.




popular korean drama 2018


7. Something in the Rain


Genre : Life, Melodrama, Business, Drama

Starring : Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In, Jang So Yeon

Aired : Mar 30, 2018 – May 19, 2018

Episodes : 16 Episodes 





Yoon Jin Ah is a woman in her mid-30s who doesn’t know yet what it’s like to date a man. She’s been dumped by a man many times because of her clumsy, reckless, and foolish behavior. And again, a man she wanted to marry dumps her for the worst reason ever: that she’s like bland, tasteless devil’s-tongue jelly, which means she’s not attractive at all as a woman.
Just then, Joon Hee appears before her with a broad smile on his face. He’s as refreshing as a soft drink. Joon Hee is Jin Ah’s childhood best friend’s younger brother, who used to live next door. Jin Ah has always remembered him as a little kid, but one day, he comes back as a really masculine man. When she is surprised by his change, her gut feeling tells her that she would truly fall in love this time.




popular korean drama 2018


8. Come and Hug Me 


Genre : Romance, Crime, Mystery, Melodrama

Starring : Jang Ki Yong, Jin Ki Joo, Heo Joon Ho

Aired : May 16, 2018 – July 19, 2018

Episodes : 32 Episodes 





This is the story of a tragic love that spans 12 years. When they were children, Yoon Na Moo and Gil Nak Won were each others first love. They are forced to break apart when Na Moo’s father Yoon Hee Jae, a psychopath serial killer, murders Nak Won’s parents. 9 years later Yoon Na Moo is known as Chae Do Jin, a passionate and kind rookie detective wishing to atone for his father’s sins. And Gil Nak Won is now Han Jae Yi, an aspiring actress following in the footsteps of her mother. She suffers from a panic disorder but still has a good outlook on life. However, the sadness of their past comes to light again and their short-lived encounter is over before it began. Another three years on, Jae Yi has become a popular actress and Do Jin is now an experienced detective. When their fate becomes connected once more, will their love prove to be stronger than their past?




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