Kim Tae Ri : An Actress That Captivates From The Very First Sight

Kim Tae Ri : An Actress That Captivates From The Very First Sight


I think it is obvious by now.

By this point, I think y’all already know when I whip up a new post solely to talk about an actress or an actor, it means your girl is currently watching a new tv drama series, and she’s freaking addicted to it.

Really, though. I literally just started a Korean drama called Mr. Sunshine – click here for the trailer  – and I have been obsessed

At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not this show was worth it. However, as soon as your girl saw the trailer to this drama, and the fact that it was signed by Netflix, you know that I tripped over my big ass to start the show immediately. Yes, your girl is gullible like that.


kim tae ri


I don’t exactly have a high expectation when I first started this show. I mean, sure, I wanted it to be good. But I didn’t expect it to be able to blow my socks off.

As soon as I saw the lead actress, Kim Tae-Ri, I knew that I have already seen her somewhere before. I couldn’t for the life of me pinpoint exactly in what movie I saw her in until much, much later. And even without really knowing who she is though, I must say, her acting blew me away.

There is just something about her. I guess it is a kind of regality, mysteriousness, and innocence that surrounds her that makes her able to continuously sucks you in, every single time.


kim tae ri


Tae-Ri is a relatively new actress, who only started debuting in 2014. While she may be fairly new to the entertainment field, she came in with a bang, starring in a well-praised Korean movie : The Handmaiden. And indeed, that was the movie where I first saw Tae-Ri.


kim tae ri


Needless to say, her acting in The Handmaiden was amazing. And adding to the equally mind-bending plot of the movie, it manages to blow my mind off. Not to mention, after I did more research on Tae-Ri, I found out that Kim Tae-Ri was actually the chosen one from among 1,500 candidates that auditioned for the role. With the director of The Handmaiden saying that his first impression of Tae-Ri reminded him strongly of his first meeting with actress Kang Hye Jung, who had her career breakthrough in the director’s infamous film Oldboy.

While Tae-Ri is still fairly new in this industry, I can surely say that I am definitely excited to see more of her works in the future. With her exceptional acting skills, her ability to portray and bring her characters to life, I am crossing all the fingers I have in my hands that her career continues to grow and bloom like that of a flower. 





kim tae ri



Simple Biography of Tae-Ri : 



Kim Tae-Ri was born on April 24, 1990. She first made her featured film debut in Park Chan Wook’s 2016 movie called The Handmaiden. Making her not only nationally famous, but also internationally as well.

In 2017, Tae-Ri appeared in the political thriller movie called 1987 : When the Day Comes. And in 2018, Tae-Ri stars in a movie called : Little Forestand also at the same year, she made a debut in a what might be one of the most expensive Korean drama called Mr. Sunshine





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