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Up Close and Personal : When Life is Too Hectic, What Do You Do?

Up Close and Personal : When Life is Too Hectic, What Do You Do?


This is going to be one weird ass post because your girl is feeling funky. You have been warned.



This is me, showcasing the beauty of having a blog. Because sometimes, there will be days where you feel like you need to have a good rant. Or, if you are weird like me, write down some nonsense because you are one cute peanut who thinks about odd stuff. And yes, I just called myself a cute peanut.


busy life


And guess what? You can.

I mean, you don’t have to have a blog to be able to do all that. A diary works just fine.

But you know, if you are a narcissist like me who likes to hog all the attention and be an attention grinch, blogging is definitely an amazing way to let off steam.


busy life



Ice cream is sweet. Summer is over. And I still love rolling around in bed and be a part time caterpillar.

So all in all, life is good and your girl is loving life.


Not trying to brag or nothing, buy your girl has been – still is – freaking busy. I mean, chicken with it’s head cut off, running around trying to save it’s life type of busy.

Yes I know. You’re probably scrunching up your face trying to figure out what madness have I dragged you into this time. Honestly, I don’t even know. All I know is, this is what I feel like writing today, thus, that is what I will write.


Now, to keep you up to speed, I shall give you a simple and quick recap of how my life has been the past few weeks.


First things first, I have been dragged – not literally, your girl is fine – into joining a school “internship” in a far away countryside. With 10 strangers that I have never met before. To live with them for 10 days, in a share house type of way. Where in 10 days’ time, we will have to do everything together. From breakfast, to daily activities, to dinner, to shower.

No, no. You didn’t read nothing wrong. We shower together. As in, we get naked, and get into the showers together.

Why, you might wonder? Beats me. I am no more enlightened now than I was before as to why we can’t get a private room to shower, but I suppose since we were there to supposedly “learn about their cultures” and “bond”, showering together is also a part of it?

Or maybe they are just trying to create drama over whose boobs are bigger?

Wait, I am getting off track.

But, does this not sound like the beginning of a reality show to you, though? Because it definitely did to me.

You have the 10 strangers, you have the communal showers, you have the share house. You even have a coordinator who is around most of the time to take pictures. Who’s to say they are not secretly putting up cameras and recording us and then make money off of us by selling the clip online?


busy life



Long story short, I learned nothing.

I mean, I am pretty sure throughout that 10 days, there should be some trickle of local culture that went into my brain. But overall, I can positively and happily said that : it was a waste of my time. 

Despite the shitty ass trip though, I did made a lot of new friends there. Me, being the cute and bite sized human that I am, managed to charm them off their feet and made them all fall head over heels for me.

Just kidding.

But yes, all in all, to summarize it in a sentence would be : The trip sucks donkey’s ass, but the people made it bearable. 


So after being beaten and dragged through dirt in said “internship”, we went home. Mind you, it was a 3 hours bullet train trip, plus another additional hour on the regular train.

So there I was, ragged and tired, dragging my suitcase through throngs of people. Squeezing in with hundreds of people in a high speed moving tin can we call, train. But all of that doesn’t matter when I finally see my one and only. My beloved. The apple of my pie – I mean, eye.

My bed. Sitting there. Crisp and clean, patiently and loyally waiting for me.

I’m telling you right now, ladies and gents, being able to sleep in your own bed after so long feels like you have been given a tiny sliver of heaven. There is just something about sleeping in my own bed after a long ass day –or in this case, after a long dreary ass trip — that makes it feels as if everything in the world is right.


However, my hectic journey does not end there. Because I have just came back from my trip last Friday. I am writing this post on a Wednesday, and your girl hasn’t had one day where she was able to spend it at home. I am serious. Ever since I came back from the “internship”, I have been on the go everyday. Be it for work, or meeting friends, or interviews, or going to school to take care of documents.


busy life


Not going to lie, as much as I am grateful and happy for being a busy ass girl, sometimes, all I really need is a few days to stay at home and laze around.

However, a girl is not complaining as she loves running around hustling. It’s just that sometimes, it’s nice to have a few days to myself, doing nothing and being a lazy potato, ya know? 



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