9 Korean Dramas To Obsess Over –– KDrama Recommendation

9 Korean Dramas To Obsess Over –– KDrama Recommendation


To be honest with you, your girl might need help.

Someone really need to help keep me in check with my KDrama obsession because with all of the good Korean Dramas that are coming up, I think I might just forgo sleep and watch KDramas all day and night. And you want to know what’s the worst part? It’s that I don’t think I might even regret it. 

 Not going to lie, while the first half of the 2018’s Drama list hadn’t been all that astounding or mind boggling, they really did balance it out in the second half of this year as they constantly put out bangin’ KDramas back to back to back. While there has been some great Dramas before Mr.Sunshine, I must admit, it was because of that show that my love for Korean Dramas flared back with a vengeance.

Now, while I don’t mind my recent obsession with KDramas, I must admit that I am a tad bit worried about my well being because now that your girl has taken the ride on this hype train, she kind of doesn’t want to get off of it. *laughs*



new korean drama to watch


1. The Beauty Inside


Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural 

Starring : Seo Hyun-Jin, Lee Min-Ki, Ahn Jae-Hyeon

Aired : October 1 – November 20, 2018

Episodes : 16





Han Se Kye is a top actress, also known as a troublemaker, with many rumors around her. To others, her life appears as a mystery, when in fact she is faced with a strange occurrence where she must change into a different body and new identity for one week a month. She encounters Seo Do Jae, a brilliant man who is an executive at an airline company.

He seems to have it all: a perfect appearance, knowledge, and a good job; but he has a secret too. He suffers from Prosopagnosia, the inability to recognize faces. However, he manages to hide this from the world, every day he makes an effort to remember people by their personalities.

Seo Do Jae’s life begins to change when he meets Han Se Kye. She is the only person whose face he can recognize. But with Han Se Kye’s constant disappearance and change how long can she keep her secret?




new korean drama to watch


2. When Time Stopped


Genre : Romance, Drama, Fantasy 

Starring : Kim Hyun-Joong, Ahn Ji-Hyun, In Gyo-Jin

Aired : October 24 – November 29, 2018

Episodes : 12





A man who can stop time meets a woman unaffected by time.

Moon Joon Woo is a seemingly-ordinary person, except for the fact that he can stop time. His special ability makes him lonely and he finds no meaning in life. When he needs somewhere to live, he moves into a basement owned by the building owner, Kim Sun Ah.

Kim Sun Ah is a hard-working, financially struggling girl who appears tohave much joy in her life, but in fact struggles to pay off her father’s debt. Joon Woo finds that when he stops time, Sun Ah is not affected and continues to walk amongst a time-stopped world.

With bubbly Sun Ah by his side, can the lonely Joon Woo begin to find the meaning of his existence?




new korean drama to watch


3. Memories of the Alhambra


Genre : Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction

Starring : Park Shin-Hye, Hyun Bin, Kim Eui Sung

Aired : December 1 – January 20, 2019

Episodes : 16





Yoo Jin Woo is the CEO of an investment company. While he is great at his work due to his strong desire for winning and his strong adventurous spirit, he is going through a hard time emotionally. One day, he has the chance to visit Granada, Spain on business and stays at an old hostel run by Jung Hee Joo. It was there where Yoo Jin Woo gets involved in a strange affair.




new korean drama to watch


4. Priest


Genre : Thriller, Horror, Medical, Supernatural

Starring : Yeon Woo-Jin, Jung Yoo-Mi, Park Yong-Woo

Aired : November 24 – January 13, 2019

Episodes : 16





Oh Soo-Min is a dutiful young Catholic priest, filled with energy. He is a member 643 Regia. The group performs exorcisms unofficially. In the past, his own mother was possessed by a devil. She could not receive an exorcism and she consequently died. After that, Oh Soo-Min was taught by Priest Moon Ki-Sun on how to perform exorcisms. Moon Ki-Sun is the person who formed 643 Regia.

Meanwhile, Ham Eun-Ho became a doctor after her family went through an unfortunate accident. She wants to save the lives of people. Now, Ham Eun-Ho works in the emergency room of a hospital. Ham Eun-Ho does not believe in God, but she witnesses a supernatural phenomenon and meets Priest Oh Soo-Min. She faces a big change in her life.




new korean drama to watch


5. Feel Good To Die


Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Starring : Kang Ji Hwan, Baek Jin Hee, Gong Myung

Aired : November 7 – December 27, 2018

Episodes : 32





Baek Jin Sang is Lee Roo Da’s boss and he works as a team leader of a company. The team members, including Lee Roo Da, do not like him at all. He is mean and arrogant to the employees. He always believes he is right. On the night of November 7th, Lee Roo Da has a dream of her boss being hit by a truck.

The next morning she wakes up, only to find that it is still November 7th.




new korean drama to watch


6. Eun Joo’s Room


Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama

Starring : Ryu Hye Young, Kim Jae Young, Park Ji Hyun

Aired : November 6 – January 8, 2018

Episodes : 32





The tale of Shim Eun Joo, a self-employed woman who is trying to redefine her life after winning a big project as an editorial designer and subsequently struggling on her own.




new korean drama to watch


7. It’s My Life


Genre : Romance, Drama, Family

Starring : Park Yoon Jae, Seo Hyo-Rim, Kang Tae-Sung

Aired : November 5 2018 – 2019

Episodes : 120





This is the story of a man from the countryside who is unhappy and decides to take matters into his own hands and single-handedly change his future.




new korean drama to watch


8. Fluttering Warning


Genre : Romance, Drama

Starring : Chun Jung-Myung, Yoon Eun-Hye, Han Go-Eun

Aired : October 31 – December 20, 2018

Episodes : 16





A dermatologist, Cha Woo Hyun is extremely popular with women, but he doesn’t have much interest in dating. Yoon Yo Jung is a famous actress, who hasn’t been able to date another man since rumors started to spread 15 years ago. By mere coincidence, they decide to establish a contract in which they decide to “pretend” to others that they are dating and in love with each other.




new korean drama to watch


9. Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter


Genre : Romance, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy 

Starring : Moon Chae-Won, Ko Du-Shim, Yoon Hyun-Min

Aired : November 5 – December 25, 2018

Episodes : 16





In the Goryeo period, Sun Ok-Nam was a fairy. She came down to this world and took a bath at a waterfall on Gyeryong Mountain. While she took the bath, a woodcutter took her fairy clothes and hid them. Because of this, Sun Ok-Nam could not go back to Heaven. She then married the woodcutter and they had two children together, but her husband died from falling off of a cliff. Sun Ok-Nam tried to find her fairy clothes, but she still could not locate it. Needing her fairy clothes, she decides to wait for husband to be reincarnated.

Now in the present day, she makes coffee at a cafe on Gyeryong Mountain and waits for her reincarnated husband. Finally, after 699 years, she gets a feeling that one of the two men visiting her cafe from Seoul is her reincarnated husband. Sun Ok-Nam is not sure which one of the two men is her husband. She decides to follow them to Seoul to find out.





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