You Know, I Think I Might be in Love With Seo Hyun Jin

You Know, I Think I Might be in Love With Seo Hyun Jin


Anyone still remembers that Korean Drama Another Oh Hae Young? If I was not mistaken, it was one of the most talked about KDrama in 2016. Not only for the plot and chemistry between the leads, but also for the kissing scene. Yes, you read it right. But, in respect to those of you whose interest are now piqued to give Another Miss Oh a try I am not going to get any deeper into discussing the plot of this drama as I don’t want to spoil your fun. 


seo hyun jin




How It Happened : 


With that said, Another Oh Hae Young was the first drama that introduced me to Seo Hyun Jin. I have no idea who she was before that show. While the drama itself didn’t exactly blow my wig off and shook my ass off the ground, there was something about Seo Hyun-Jin that just stuck out to me.

It could be because of her acting skills –– which was honestly amazing –– or the way she carried herself and breathe live into the character that she portrayed. Or because of how beautiful she is. Honestly, even up until this day, I have no idea why and how she made such an impression on me. All I knew was she did. 

It was as if, all it took was for me to see her face once, and it would somehow be immediately embedded in my brain for eternity. 

Which is why, when I found out another of her new Korean Drama that has been the talk of the town as of late –– The Beauty Inside –– I was very skeptical to watch it. Despite me not disliking Another Oh Hae Young, I wasn’t exactly impressed with it either. However, being a nosey bean your girl is as with most things, I got curious. Eventually, I clicked on the pilot episode and I kid you not, my perception of boring and plain Seo Hyun-Jin that I have held dear and close to me for the past year evaporated into thin air as if it never existed.


seo hyun jin




A Whole New Perspective : 


I fell in love at the sight of her in The Beauty Inside. 

It was in this drama that it showed just how versatile Hyun Jin was at acting. It just seemed as if she immediately turned into this sexy, and all cable person in The Beauty Inside. Which is so different from her character in Another Oh Hae Young.

And you already know that as soon as I saw her in The Beauty Inside, it was already a sealed deal. I was already crushing on her before I even realized it. I didn’t even know it was possible to want to worship, hug, and kiss the ground she walks on all at the same time. 


seo hyun jin


Not to mention, did anyone even notice just how. freaking. beautiful she is? It was absolutely bollocks. I didn’t see this in Another Miss Oh Hae Young, but while I was watching The Beauty Inside, I could not take my eyes off of her. I know we shouldn’t be superficial as humans, but man, I can’t even try to deny it. This woman is simply gorgeous

And to add icing on top of that already stunning cake is the fact that that this woman also sings. If you think what I meant by singing here is some hobby that she likes doing in her pastime, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. No, this woman is legit in a girlband for 3 years.

I mean, needless to say, but I think I have found my woman crush. And now that my mind and eyes have been opened to a whole new world, you better bet that I will be running to check out all her dramas now.





seo hyun jin


Simple Biography of Hyun Jin :


Hyun Jin was born in February 27, 1985. She first debuted as a main vocalist of a girl group named M.I.L.K in 2001 and continued until the group disbanded in 2003. Not long after the group disbanded Hyun Jin tried to debut as a solo artist before she eventually transitioned into acting in 2006.

She made her debut in acting in the musical called The Sound of Music in 2006. And after a few appearance in several tv series and movies, Hyun Jin eventually skyrockets to fame after starring in the romantic comedy TV series Another Miss Oh Hae Young, which gained her praises for her ability to portray an ordinary character in such a relatable way and wider recognition. 

From then on, Hyun Jin continues to star in more drama series such as Dr. Romantic, Temperature of Love, and her latest drama show, The Beauty Inside alongside actor Lee Min Ki. 



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  • don’t forget her in let’s eat 2!!!! that’s where i originally fell in love with her TT_TT i just started the beauty inside and so far im not suuuper into the main guy but im probably going to continue watching just for her, SHE REALLY IS SO TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL AND A VERSATILE ACTRESS???? like her characters in let’s eat 2/another miss oh vs. beauty inside vs. black dog are sooo different but all so good???? an incredible woman indeed…

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