I Re-read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and This is What Happened

I Re-read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and This is What Happened


So. I re-read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

And not going to lie, I was surprised by how it turned out.

Now, before you decided to take a pickaxe and come my way, because we all know what the public think about that series –– they hate it –– let me give you a little bit of a back story so we can all get on the same wavelength.



The Bad Boy Phase : 


The story of how my love for reading came to be, was actually really cringe-y and cheesy. Which is why, I am going to leave that for another time as I don’t want to choke you to death with all my cringy-ness. With that said, when I picked up the Hush, Hush series 7 years ago, it was safe to say that you girl –– with all her raging teenage hormones and Justin Bieber bangs –– was going through a phase. 

What phase, you might wonder? 

I call it : The Bad Boy Phase

Admit it. If you were ever a teenage girl once, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the “I love me some bad boy because I will love him for who he is but at the same time, I will also want him to change for me. I will show him a whole new world and prove that no girl will ever live up to me. He will be an emo, dark and trapped soul, but with my love, we will fight off his demons together and ride off into the sunset.” 


hush hush review


I’m sorry you guys. That was how it was.

Okay, okay. Laugh all you want. I couldn’t help my raging teenager hormones that I had thoughts like that. And since I could not snag a boyfriend in my dorky teenage years, guess what I did? I turned to books instead. 

Which was when I found Hush, Hush. 



The Fall : 


I honestly didn’t know what got into my brain back when I was a wee child. All I could remember when it comes to this book was the fact that I loved it. I remembered reading it day and night. And when I had to stop and participate in real life, I would find myself constantly thinking about it and wondering what was going to happen next. 

Since it was already such a long time ago, it was only believable that I have already forgotten most of what the story is about. I was only able to remember vaguely that the book was about a fallen angel who fell in love with a human girl named Nora ( if I remember correctly). And I also recalled being madly in love with the main male character –– Patch. Up until recently, when I think back to this series, it still gave me that warm and fuzzy butterfly feelings in my stomach.

It was as if this series could do no wrong to the young me. I recalled that I was so obsessed with this series, so much so that after I finished reading the Hush, Hush series, I went on a paranormal romance read-a-thon. 

It was basically just months and months of me look for books like Hush, Hush, to be honest.

That was the extent of how much I adored this series. 



Rude Awakening : 


Which was why, not too long ago, I decided that I was finally going to give this series another whirl, seeing how many good and lovely memories I had of it. 

So there I went. Getting the book on my e-reader with high hopes and excitement. 

I cracked open the book and started to read. 

I read, and read, and read. And I read some more. 

Only to find out that : I could not make it past chapter 2. 


hush hush review



And it wasn’t for the lack of trying too. I mean, if anything, I tried so hard to push myself to continue reading and not give up sooner. 

To tell you the truth, the book –– as far as I read it at least  –– read like a very bad fan fiction written by a 13 year old teenager, no offense. I mean, look at these conversations that happened in the book :


“It may not have occurred to you kids that sex is more than a fifteen-minute trip to the backseat of a car. It’s science. And what is science?”

“Boring,” some kid in the back of the room called out.

“The only class I’m failing,” said another.

Coach’s eyes tracked down the front row, stopping at me. “Nora?”

“The study of something,” I said.


Or this :


“Your name?” I repeated, hoping it was my imagination that my voice faltered.

“Call me Patch. I mean it. Call me.


Or this : 


“All I could think now was that I didn’t want to fail. Biology was my toughest subject. My grade tottered problematically between A and B.”


No offense, but it’s really hard to continue reading down the page when you have to roll your eyes every few paragraphs. I honestly didn’t know what had gotten into younger me, as I seemed to be willing to go through all the hoops and jumped through all the highs and lows for this series. 

Despite my disappointment with this re-read, I wasn’t going to say that I’m surprised. I guess the not so good reviews also helped cushion the blow from how bad this book actually was. I am not going to go around and talk smack about it. Since I really did enjoyed and loved it once upon a time. I guess from this shows how tastes in reading change throughout the years as you grow and mature. For some books, even when it was a favorite years ago, were best left in the past and to be cherished from a good distance.




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