6 Words Stories : This is For The Could Have Beens and What Ifs

6 Words Stories : This is For The Could Have Beens and What Ifs


A short story because I’m feeling creative today. Enjoy!


A single tear slid down from his warm, butterscotch eyes, followed by another one, and another one, until soon, a steady stream of salty tears flowed it’s way down his cheek, releasing the sadness and sorrow that has been held inside of him for all this time but still he did not make a sound. The tears made wet tracks down his face and dripped from his stubbled, wobbling chin. Clear watery snot streaked from his flaring nostrils down his red mottled skin to his open quivering lips. His hands open and closed, rhythmically clenching as if there could be some violent solution to his pain if only he could find it.

With a trembling hand and a broken heart, he slowly and gently pushed some of her hair away from her face before giving her a soft peck on the lips.

“It’s going to be okay baby girl, everything is going to be okay,” he whispered, wishing more than anything else that it was the truth. Pulling her listless body closer to his chest, and kissing her pale face over and over again, he knew nothing will ever be okay again after this. Nothing will ever be alright again, not after losing her.


6 word stories


She coughed, her bloodstained hands weakly grabbed at his shirt for an attempt to get his attention. His hands immediately went to hers and held it tight. He wanted to give her everything, he wanted to give her the world, but he knew that this time around, he was too late.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” she rasped. Her eyes too slowly filled with tears and her face contorted with pain. Her blue grey eyes that were so like his wife’s stared back at him, “I tried, I tried to hold it in for so long. But seeing you with her, having to see you kiss her, hug her, hear you fuck her, when it should have –– could have –– been me, it kills me inside. All I ever wanted was you, that was all I ever asked for. I was good. You told me to listen to her, to not act up, to play nice. I did everything you asked for, and what do I get in return?” She sobbed, eyes staring at him accusingly as she fisted his shirt.

He shook his head hard, wanting to deny, to tell her that she was wrong. But he couldn’t. He should have stopped it when he could, but he didn’t. He tried to resist her the best that he could, but in the end, he failed that, too. The desolation he felt was all consuming as he stared down at his daughter. There was blood everywhere, his hands, her face, her body, the carpet. He could not begin to make sense of what happened. That his daughter, his beautiful 17 year old daughter that he had loved all his life would resort to this. Because of him. For him.

“This –– this between us, whatever it is, it’s never meant to happen. Me and you, we can’t. You’re my daughter for god’s sake. This isn’t right. No matter what you––”

Her fragile laughter cut him short as she closed her eyes. It was as if she was mocking him. As if she knew that deep down, he wanted this too. “You don’t have to worry about that now,” she said. Before he could reply and ask her what she meant by that, she tugged on his blood soaked shirt and said with an intensity he had never seen before, “Kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it. Just this once.”

“No, no, no. We really shouldn’t––”

“Please,” she whispered softly as a single tear streak down her face.


6 word stories


One second he was staring at her, battling between what was right and his own desires. Before he could even process what he was doing however, he was slamming his lips to hers, kissing her as if she was air and he was a drowning man trying to stay afloat. The world melted away as he pour his very soul into the kiss. She tasted of blood, tears and desperation and all he wanted to do was to lose himself in her.

When they broke off, tears were streaming down her face as she cupped his cheeks gently and said, “You’ll always be my favorite almost.”




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