Winter is Coming : 8 New Korean Dramas to Binge Watch This Winter

Winter is Coming : 8 New Korean Dramas to Binge Watch This Winter


When it comes to winter, plenty of people associate it with Santa, spending time with friends and families and celebrating the New Years. However, we all know that it is not all there is to winter. For a couch potato like your girl right here, winter is the perfect season to catch up on all the shows that I have been saving. I honestly look forward to winter seasons specifically so that I can binge watch all day and night on my winter break, wearing comfy PJs and hide away from all the joyful people crowding the public places with their loved ones and happy faces. 


korean drama winter binge watch


Just kidding. I love people. I love spending time with them, interacting with them, having fun with them –– all those fun activities and more. Just not for an extended period of time. Why, you might ask? Because your girl needs a ton of “me time”.

Honestly, I get excited over winters but not for the reasons that one would expect. I patiently and quietly wait for Christmas. Anticipating for it to arrive, sitting silently in my corner while the seasons changes, all for one reason. Because when winter come, everything will be much more quieter. Which would make it the prime time where I can have my break from having to deal with people and college as a whole and lock myself in my apartment with a bunch of snacks and good shows. Plus, who wants to go outside in this weather when you can be perfectly warm, cozy and entertained, all within your own apartment?



korean drama winter binge watch


1. Sky Castle


Genre : Family, Dark Comedy, Drama

Starring : Yum Jung-Ah, Lee Tae-Ran, Yoon Se-Ah

Aired : November 23, 2018 – January 12, 2019

Episodes : 16





The satirical comedy takes place in a four-story apartment building in the suburbs of Seoul inhabited by a number of professionals: doctors, judges, prosecutors, professors, and their wives. The wives are from prestigious and highly educated backgrounds, and part of the plot will feature their efforts to get their children admitted into universities. Some grew up in families with multiple generations of doctors or lawyers, and their ambitions will be depicted with realism and comedy.




korean drama winter binge watch


2. A Promise With God


Genre : Family, Melodrama

Starring : Han Chae Young, Bae Soo Bin, Oh Yoon Ah

Aired : November 24, 2018 – February 16, 2019

Episodes : 48





This drama is about how two married couples will do whatever it takes to save their children. That’s without taking into account that they’ll leave ethics and morals to one side in order to do it.

Seo Ji Young (Han Chae Young) is an anchorwoman and talk show host who is also fiercely devoted to her children. Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook (Bae Soo Bin) is the heir to a large architecture firm who is willing to lay everything on the line and stand up against his family in order to protect his children.




korean drama winter binge watch


3. Children of Nobody


Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Psychological 

Starring : Kim Sun-A, Lee Yi-Kung, Nam Gyu-Ri

Aired : November 21, 2018 – January 10, 2019

Episodes : 32





Cha Woo Kyung is a child counselor who works at a children’s center. Her life seems perfect since she is married to a great husband and is pregnant. However, her perfect life doesn’t last long, when an accident changes her life. She then meets Kang Ji Hun, a detective who is hurt for hiding his troubling past but is strict toward criminals and believes they should be punished to the full extent.




korean drama winter binge watch


4. The Last Empress


Genre : Suspense, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Melodrama

Starring : Jang Na-Ra, Choi Jin-Hyuk, Shin Sung-Rok

Aired : November 21, 2018 – February 7, 2019

Episodes : 48





Set in an alternate universe, in which Korea is a constitutional monarchy in 2018, Oh Sunny is a bright and vivacious musical actress who marries the emperor. She becomes involved in the palace power struggle and a mysterious murder that sets off events that threaten the monarchy itself, while searching for true love and happiness. But, she ends up falling in love with Na Wang Sik who works as a bodyguard forthe imperial family. He started working in the palace to take revenge on the person responsible for his mother’s death.




korean drama winter binge watch


5. Clean With Passion For Now


Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama

Starring : Yoon Gyun-Sang, Kim You-Jung, Song Jae-Rim

Aired : November 26, 2018 – January 15, 2019

Episodes : 16





Clean With Passion For Now tells of a love that develops between a man with mysophobia (the fear of germs) and woman who doesn’t care about cleanliness.

Jang Sun Gyul owns a cleaning company. He hates germs and has an obsession with keeping things sparkly clean. He meets Gil Oh Sol, a woman with a bright personality, who is the complete opposite of the uptight Sun Gyul. She meets him and begins to help him face his mysophobia. In the process of receiving her help he falls in love with Gil Oh Sol.




korean drama winter binge watch


6. Fates & Furies 


Genre : Romance, Family, Melodrama

Starring : Lee Min-Jung, Joo Sang-Wook, So E-Hyun

Aired : December 1, 2018 – February 9, 2019

Episodes : 40





Even though Goo Hae Ra is smart and beautiful, she is in a miserable situation because of her family. Her older sister attempted suicide and her father passed away. The only way she can escape her situation now is by money. Which makes her decide to approach Tae In Joon, who is the second son of a shoe company owner. From there, the situation escalated fairly quickly as she continues to feed Tae In Joon with more and more lies about herself that made the man fall crazier in love with her. 

However, her initial plan of just to be with someone for their money slowly falls apart as feelings were eventually involved…




korean drama winter binge watch


7. Praise of Death 


Genre : Romance, Historical, Tragedy, War

Starring : Lee Jong-Suk, Shin Hye-Sun, Kim Myung-Soo

Aired : November 27, 2018 – December 4, 2019

Episodes : 6





Based on the true story of Kim Woo-Jin and Yun Sim-Deok.

Kim Woo-Jin is a stage drama writer while Korea is under Japanese occupation. He was already married when he met Yun Sim-Deok, who was a singer at the time. He eventually ended up falling in love with her despite their situations. As happy as they were, they knew they were living on borrowed time as they tried to get the best of what they could from their short lived but intense love story.

Yun Sim-Deok is the first Korean soprano. She records the song “Praise of Death” which becomes the first Korean pop song in 1926. 




korean drama winter binge watch


8. Encounter


Genre : Romance, Melodrama

Starring : Song Hye-Kyo, Park Bo-Gum, Jang Seung-Jo

Aired : November 28, 2018 – January 17, 2019

Episodes : 16





What happens when an encounter between a man and woman who seem to have nothing in common develops into a complicated love story?

Cha Soo Hyun is the daughter of a politician who lives a life where she is unable to choose her own path. After graduating from college, she entered into a loveless marriage with the son of a wealthy conglomerate, a marriage only beneficial to her politician father. She then gets divorced. Her life is changed further when she meets simple and kind Kim Jin Hyuk.

Kim Jin Hyuk is ordinary and innocent, a young man who enjoys life and finds happiness in the smaller things. He works various part-time jobs to earn a living, but is looking for a regular job. One day, he decides to take a trip abroad, where he meets Cha Soo Hyun.





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