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Kim Yoo-jung : A Ball of Fluff That Should be Loved and Protected at All Cost

Kim Yoo-jung : A Ball of Fluff That Should be Loved and Protected at All Cost


Like most people, I know of Kim Yoo Jung after I watched a Korean drama called Moonlight Drawn by CloudsFor those of you who has no idea what that show is about, your girl got your back. I will shortly and sweetly summarize it so everyone is caught up to speed. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is essentially about a man named Hong Sam Nom who was actually a woman in disguise. The character was played by Kim Yoo Jung, in which he who would counsel man on their love life and relationships.

One day, due to a series of events, Kim Yoo Jung eventually became an eunuch in the palace and was assigned to be one of the Crown Prince’s eunuch. This was when things start to get complicated. Because as stealthy and successful as Hong Sam Nom in pretending that she was a man to the public eye, she could not hide it past the intelligent Crown Prince who has a special eye for details. And as time goes on, the Crown Prince stared to wonder, was this eunuch of his really a man after all? Or was he hiding something behind his ridiculously cute acts?





You know, I am actually really grateful for Korean Dramas. Can you just imagine how many amazing Korean actors and actresses that I would have missed out if not for KDramas? Not to mention, I would have never know that a woman as breathtaking and amazing as Kim Yoo-jung existed had it not been for Korean dramas.

This woman, I’m telling you. She is literally one of the cutest and most genuine cinnamon roll that I have ever set my eyes on. I have never seen someone so freaking adorable yet beautiful at the same time. When I first saw her in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, I was shocked by how good looking she was.


kim yoo jung


Just by looking at her picture, can you try and guess how old she is? Just give it a blind guess. How old do you think she is?

This cinnamon roll is only 19 years old. Literally only a year younger than me, but she has already gone and achieved so many incredible things in life. Seeing this honestly make me question my life decisions everyday. There she goes being such an unbelievably talented human being, yet here I am just sitting on my ass every day, eat chips and playing sims. *laughs*


kim yoo jung



Did you know?


Since Yoo-jung started in the entertainment industry pretty young –– from when she was 4 years old –– she has been known as one of Korea’s most popular child actress. And for being considered Korea’s Little Sister from when she started as a child actress, Kim Yoo-jung has since been dubbed as “Sageuk Fairy” as well ever since she starred in several other well known historical period dramas. “Sageuk” which in Korean means historical dramas or films.


In 2017, due to her continuous hard work, she ranked 8th on Forbes : Korea Power Celebrity list. Making her the youngest to be included in the Top 10 just at the age of 17.


kim yoo jung




Other than working on her acting career and music career, unknowingly to most, Kim Yoo-jung is also an ambassador for several causes that she believes in. Such as : Food and Drug Administration (KDFA) Child Ambassador (2010), Gyeonggi Anti-Child Abuse Ambassador (2012), Seoul Tourism Ambassador (2014), and her most recent, 6th Korea Sharing Festival Ambassador (2015).



kim yoo jung


A Simple Biography of Yoo-Jung : 


Kim Yoo-jung was born in Seoul, South Korea on September 22, 1999 as the youngest out of 3 siblings. She started acting when she was 4 years old, and quickly became one of the most in-demand child actresses in Korea. Yoo-jung was so popular that by the time she was a fifth grader, Yoo-jung had already appeared in 13 tv dramas and 15 movies.

She continues to rise to fame in 2012 when she starred in a fantasy-period drama Moon Embracing the Sun, with Lee Min-Ho and Yeo Jin-goo as his co-star. The tv drama surpassed 40% ratings in Korea and even gained a status of it being a “national drama”. From then on, she continues to star in a few more well-received dramas such as May Queen (2012) and a supporting role in the 2013 film Commitment and family drama Golden Rainbow (2013).

And in August 2016, Yoo-jung started her first adult leading role alongside Park Bo-gum, in the historical comedy drama that we have all come to know and love : Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. The tv drama gotten so popular that it was a domestic and international hit. Even going as far as starting the “Moonlight Syndrome”.

As of 2018, Kim Yoo-jung is set to star in a romantic-comedy tv show called Clean with Passion for Now –– which your girl has been freaking excited about.




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