Confession of a Reader : I Don’t Like Reading Romance Novels Anymore

Confession of a Reader : I Don’t Like Reading Romance Novels Anymore


You know, I think I have finally figured out the reason to why I haven’t been able to finish any of the books I have read for the past few months. 

If you know me –– or follow me on Goodreads (shameless plug I know) –– then you’ll also know that I love love. I love reading and talking about it. If I could, I’d roll myself in it and make a love chocolate cake out of it … you get what I mean.

If there is anything consistent throughout my adolescent life, it is that when it comes to romance, your girl always had a unwavering devotion towards it. And it shows in the books that I read. Despite me having interest in a lot of different book genres, one thing that has always been a must to me is that romance has to be the main driving force. 

I don’t care what, when, who, how; I will only read books if there’s a significant amount of lovey-dovey-ness. Or angst. I’ll take both, I’m not picky.


I don't like reading romance novels anymore


However, as of the past few months, I find myself unable to finish any books that I picked up. So many of it have been tossed into the DNF (did not finish) bin and never to be seen ever again. For awhile, I thought it was just another bout of that nasty book slump since book slump season always happens to me towards the end of the year where I was, arguably, the busiest. But as time goes by, after not being able to be interested in any of the books that I picked –– which all happened to be romance –– I started to wonder if the problem was me instead of a book slump.

Maybe your girl really is maturing and entering the adult world after all. Because after DNF-ing another romance novel earlier this morning, I think it’s safe to say that I might have been slowly growing out of reading romance genre after all. Why though, one might ask. To that I say :



1. Overused Plots


If there is one thing that I have realized after years of being a romance reader is that a lot of the plot line are  recycled. I mean, of course that’s understandable, but it really takes the fun out of reading when you can already kind of predict what is going to happen next and how the book is going to end. Even after awhile, I must say that it’s hard for me to remember the plot line of most of the romance books I read because they were all just so similar. 


I don't like reading romance novels anymore


Which is why a while back, in hopes to stir things up and make it a wee bit more interesting, I started picking up M/M genre –– it’s a gay romance novels, to put it bluntly. The novelty of it did quench my thirst for something more for an amount of time since I have never read M/M genre books before. But after a while, even that ended up getting boring and predictable, too.


2. Cliche Everything


There’s the cliched bad boy meets good girl, or the infamous sexy hot mafia men who eventually found true love, or even the BDSM Mr.Grey-like characters who seems to be all the rage these days after 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon.

Honestly, I don’t mind those tropes. Not at all. On the contrary, I am trash from bad boy characters and sexy hot mafia men as much as the next girl is. But for the love of everything that is holy, why can’t writers these days put some more effort into crafting their storylines and characters. There were so many, I mean a shit ton of books that could have been golden had the writers just put in a dash of complexity and depth into their characters. Or put a different spin on the storyline.

Instead, they chose to follow the textbook rule 101 about writing a romance novel and made them the ever-predictable characters that I’ve grown sick and tired of these days. 


3. Sexy Times Really Ain’t All That Sexy


Ah, sex. 


I don't like reading romance novels anymore


I don’t know about you, but I admit, sometimes I do pick up romance novels just for their steamy sex scenes alone. Now, now. Before the judgement goes flying, I need to say that I definitely did not pick to read romance novels because I’m a horny lil devil. Kidding, I totally am. Sometimes. 

Jokes aside though, I don’t know if it’s me with the book that I pick, or it’s just more obvious now after all that BDSM Mr.Grey fuss, but I have been seeing a lot of same sex scenes tropes throughout the books that I read. Can you already guess what it is? 

It’s the choking and spanking and just generally being very dominant in bed. I honestly don’t know if sex scenes in books have changed alongside the 50 Shades phenomenon, making male characters more aggressive in bed. Or that just had to do with the kind of books I’ve choose to read. Because if it’s the latter, I guess I’m one kinky bitch after all. 


I don't like reading romance novels anymore


A few books with those kind of sex scenes would be tolerable, sexy even. But when you take all of that rough sex and groaning and moaning and screaming, couple that to a little spanking and choking –– maybe even “daddy” calling on the side, and add those to tens and hundreds of books, and what do you get? 

Yes, you guessed it.

Complete and utter boredom. 



To Summarize 


This is by no means me trying to bash on people who love reading romance novels, because who am I kidding, despite all of what was said about, your girl still love and enjoy reading romance books. I definitely still will be reading romance books. It’s just that now, that won’t be what I mainly read any longer since I feel like I have grown out of it. 

I don’t really go crazy about romance novels as I used to be anymore since a lot of the books these days are highly predictable, with cardboard-like characters. However, that doesn’t mean that good romance books aren’t out there. I just have to wade harder through the mud and sand to find the gem.

Plus, when all is said and done, despite me wanting to explore more of other book genres out there and trying to challenge my comfort zone reading-wise, romance novels will always be like that one ex we all have. I can move on and think that I’ll do just fine without it and never look back, but I know that it will always hold a special spot in my heart. 




2 thoughts on “Confession of a Reader : I Don’t Like Reading Romance Novels Anymore”

  • Hey ! I just discovered your blog and it’s quite a treasure ! i just love how you write and what you read.
    I don’t really know how the blog works so i don’t know if this comment will be linked to the article i am reading but if it is not the case, then i am reading “confession of a reader : i don’t like reading romance novels anymore”.
    I recently read an amazing book, very well written and with polished and complex characters and story. So this comment is kind of a suggestion… i guess. It is not a material book, though, it has been written on Wattpad. It’s called “Nerd alert” by saintc. It is really great !! Just to warn you that you need to read a little before the story gets revealed in all its magnificence ! (ok maybe over reacted on that one lol)
    I hope you will see this… or maybe you won’t… i don’t know ! Btw, sorry for the mistakes I might have made, English is not my mother language haha
    Have a good day, Mélissandre.

    • Ahh! I got your comment! Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot to me! I will definitely look into “Nerd Alert” and add it to my reading list to see how it goes 🙂 Thank you for the suggestion, and I hope you have a great day as well! xx

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