Thoughts After Using the Infamous Kindle Paperwhite For A Month

Thoughts After Using the Infamous Kindle Paperwhite For A Month


It might be surprising to some, but throughout my whole reading “career” I have never used an e-reader. Throughout 8 years of me devouring and enjoying books, I have always either bought a paperback, or used my phone or my computer. And I was totally okay with that.

I used to prefer paperbacks, but since now that I’m moving around a lot, I have slowly but surely moved over to ebooks, which I stored in my computer or phone. That was how I have been reading my books for years. It was not until a few years ago, when I started hearing the word “Kindle”. There was quite a buzz around Kindle. With so many readers hyping about it to the point where they would sacrifice their newborn baby for Kindle (just kidding). Everywhere I look, there’s nothing but positive reviews when it comes to Kindle. 


kindle paperwhite


Today, after using the infamous Kindle paper white for a month, I shall enlighten my dear readers with my new found insight on Kindle.


Back Story 


At the time when Kindle first became the popular e-reader in town, you girl didn’t give a damn. In my pretty little head, I was still living happily in my bubble of reading books from my computer or phone. Friends came and gone, trying to convince me to get a Kindle. Some even loved it so much that they offered to buy me one as a gift. But by now, we all already know that your girl is a stubborn ass. Obviously I said no, because why wouldn’t I? It’s not like I was trying to save my ego, definitely not. (This is sarcasm, for those of you who don’t know).


kindle paperwhite


So I continued down my path of computer/phone book reading, until one day, I met my current boyfriend. Now, now, don’t roll your eyes just yet, this is not going to turn into a sappy romance story despite how much I cherish him, no. 

We have only been seeing each other for a few months at the time, when one morning, he suddenly came at me with the vigor of a salesman on crack. Mind you, he’s an engineer. One doesn’t just turn into a salesman overnight, right? But boy, that morning he suddenly came to me as a possessed Kindle salesman and started spewing all about the pros and benefits of having a Kindle. It was so much so, to the point where I blatantly asked him : “Do you work for Amazon? Is this an affiliate sales?”

Obviously he denied my accusation, because what salesman in his right mind would admit to that? Just kidding. But at the time, he was so adamant that I need a Kindle in my life that it made me consider it. A little bit, just a tad bit.

And knowing me and my asian self, when it comes to spending money, obviously I took my sweet ass time weighting the pros and the cons of getting a Kindle. On one hand, I worried that it would go to waste since I already have a working computer/ipad/phone that I usually use to read. But in the end, after reading dozens and dozens of reviews, doing a poop ton –– a girl is trying to swear less –– of research on it, I decided to fancy up my reading and get myself a Kindle.

And let me tell you, that e-reader the size of my palm changed my entire reading world.


How ?  


1. It Lives Up to Its Reputation 


When I was contemplating getting Kindle, I worry that I would barely use it at all since I already normally read on my computer and I already have my own reading/note taking system set up. Getting an e-reader means that I’d have to chuck everything that I know, and uproot all the system that I have set up to learn how this new e-reader works. And to be honest, at the time, I really wasn’t about it


kindle paperwhite


I was worried for one, annoyed for another. I don’t know why I felt the way I did, it could be because of the idea that I am succumbing to the mainstream reading device and I despise being like everyone else. As we all want to be that one extra special snowflake –– or at least my ego wants to be. Or it could be because I was already thinking about the worst possible scenario where I didn’t like my new fancy e-reader and it’d be a waste of money. It could be all or none of the reasons above. 

However, when I hold that Kindle in my hands, it felt like I was holding my newborn baby. Obviously, it would be a disgrace of me to compare a living, breathing baby to a Kindle, but I really did feel that way. I was overwhelmed by the amount of excitement I felt rushing through me at that one particular moment.


2. It’s Hella Tiny


After reading on my iPad for the longest time, I was so surprised by how compact and light it was. At first I was appalled by it’s smallness, since I have this irrational worry that I would hate it’s tiny size after being used to reading on big screens my whole life. But boy oh boy, this is one of the very few times where I don’t mind being proven wrong. 


3. Waterproof 


This is actually one of the driving force to why I decided to purchase a Kindle. I have always enjoyed reading, be it on screen or on paper. But the one thing that’s always bugged me is the inability for me to bring them with me to the bathroom. 


kindle paperwhite


I will unabashedly admit that sometimes, when I read a book so good and so interesting that I want to finish it in one sitting, I take that book everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. When I do my laundry, when I walk from and to places, when I go do number two, when I shower. Wherever I go, it goes. And with books and iPads or phones, I have always had to be extra careful with it. Always minding where I place it as to not get it wet.

But with this new Kindle Paperwhite, reading wherever I want, be it in or out of water will never again be a concern.


4. Easy On the Eyes


I mean, does this really need anymore explanation? 

Kindle is infamous for being easy to read. It’s one of their selling point that it is easy for your eyes and won’t take as much out of your eyes compared to your computer or phone screen. 

And I wasn’t a believer at first, but after reading my first book on Kindle and realizing how much easier it is on my eyes, I already know that there is no going back for me. I even go as far as deleting all my books from my computer and moving it to Kindle. 

It only took me a few chapters of reading on Kindle to realize that as long as I have my Kindle, I won’t be reading on any other devices. 


5. Backlight, Baby


Okay, but out of everything, this is truly the most important. 

When I was doing my research on getting a Kindle, the word “backlight” kept popping out. I never really truly understood what it meant until I experienced it for myself. I’m the kind of person who likes to read in the dark. For some reason, it just feels more comfortable and intimate reading with darkness blanketing me.


kindle paperwhite


And for that reason alone, I could not be happier that Kindle Paperwhite has a built-in backlight that allows me to read in the dark without ruining my eyes. 




After finishing writing this post, I actually feel like an amazon saleswoman myself, rambling nonstoppingly about how good Kindle is. But truly, it is that good. Kindle really does live up to their expectations. If you are an avid reader like me, or even if you just want to dabble in reading, definitely get a Kindle. It’s one of those things that will truly change the reading game for you. 

It did for me, and now I’m fangirling about it just like everyone else. 



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