Short Stories : One Void of A Beginning Or An End

Short Stories : One Void of A Beginning Or An End


After weeks and weeks of contemplating whether or not I should post my short stories on the blog – which were written in the spur of the moment whenever inspiration strikes – I have decided to take the leap and do it. 

So here it is. 

Another short story that is void of a beginning or an end. 

I hope you enjoy. 


short stories



“Our eyes met and


I forgot how to breathe.”


Rain fell crazily and chaotically. The gusting wind carrying the drops in wild vortices one moment and in diagonal sheets the next. There was an intense anxiety to the rain, as if between the tumbling cloud and the earth it was fearful of never reaching its destination.

He could hear the beat of the rain against the window. Looking out he could see, through the curtain of water, the dimmed lights of the sprawling city. He looked down at the band that was wrapped around his wrist, ceaselessly counting down. It showed that there were only 2 hours 43 minutes and 18 seconds remaining until he was to meet his soulmate.

There are no exact words to describe how he was feeling.

All his life, he had been looking forward to this day : the day he would finally meet his one true love.

That was how his parents met ; that was how everybody met in this world. From the very minute that they were born, they were given a band around their wrist that would continue to count down until they eventually met their soulmate. Some people had it faster. Though some, like him, had been impatient and tried defeat the system by trying to make it work with other people. Only to end up failing.

He put on his shoes and grabbed an umbrella, deciding it would be better if he were to wait in a cafe. That was how it happened for his parents, at least. After ordering a mocha latte, he chose a seat that was facing the door and close to the window. And having nothing else to do, he waited.

20 minutes and 34 seconds.

He looked up from his cup of coffee. There were still no signs of her. Smiling, he hummed his favorite song. That was the day where his life would change forever, he was sure of it.

8 seconds. His eyes lit up with excitement and yearning as he scanned through the faces in the cafe. Again, he looked down at his band.

Five, four, three, two,…

A chime rang, indicating that a new customer had just entered the cafe. His head snapped up, only to see a man walking in while talking on his phone. He was about to look away when he heard the chime rang the second time. This time, another man came in and affectionately reached for the first man’s hand.

Frowning, he ducked his head to look at the band around his hand, only to find that it had stopped at two.




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