Quotes Galore : Pet Sematary By Stephen King

Quotes Galore : Pet Sematary By Stephen King


So, your girl just finished reading Pet Sematary not too long ago –– yes, reviews are coming soon too –– and as per usual with our tradition in this blog, I always dedicate a blogpost to memorable quotes for the books that I enjoy. And that, is exactly what we are doing today.

I don’t want to say too much about it as to not give too much away for those of you who haven’t read the book or watched the movie. But it was definitely an interesting read to say the least. 

Now without further ado, let us get into quoting and –– for some –– taking a trip down memory lane. 





“What’s wrong with him?” Rachel cried, thrusting him almost blindly at Louis.

It was, he supposed, one of the advantages of having married a doctor—you could shove the kid at your husband whenever the kid seemed to be dying.


“The old have their tricks, Louis thought.

Small ones, but some of them are good ones.”


“Hope you meant it about the beer,” Louis said, coming in.


“Oh, about beer I never lie,” Crandall said. “A man who lies about beer makes enemies.




The old sleep poorly. Perhaps they stand watch.




He bent over her and winked. “It’s like many other things in life, Ellie. You keep on the path and all’s well. You get off it and the next thing you know you’re lost if you’re not lucky. And then someone has to send out a searchin party.”



quotes pet sematary



“He looked up and saw a billion stars, cold lights in the darkness. Never in his life had the stars made him feel so completely small, infinitesimal, without meaning.”


“In those days you didn’t need to take a course in college to study death, hot-spice, or whatever they call it. In those days it came into the house and said howdy and sometimes it took supper with you and sometimes you could feel it bite your ass.”




Cats were the gangsters of the animal world,
living outside the law and often dying there.


There were a great many of them who never grew old by the fire.




“Dead is dead—what else do you need?”


“Because, as a doctor, he knew that death was, except perhaps for childbirth, the most natural thing in the world. Taxes were not so sure; human conflicts were not; the conflicts of society were not; boom and bust were not. In the end there was only the clock, and the markers, which became eroded and nameless in the passage of time.”




Maybe, when you got right down to the place where the cheese binds, there was no such thing as marriage, no such thing as union, that each soul stood alone and ultimately defied rationality.




“Your destruction and the destruction of all you love is very near, Doctor.”



quotes pet sematary



“Only children tell the whole truth, you know. That’s what makes them children.”


“Does anyone really think they understand kids?”




“Queer how things change from one generation to the next, isn’t it?”




“A tit is a tit, was Wicky’s thesis, and a twat is a twat. You should either be horny all the time or none of the time.


All Louis could respond was that your wife’s tit was different.”


“Women are supposed to be the ones good at keeping secrets, and I guess they do keep a few, but any woman who knows anything at all would tell you she’s never really seen into any man’s heart.”



“The soil of a man’s heart is stonier, Louis,” the dying man whispered.


“A man grows what he can . . . and tends it.”




“Give me a chance, Louis thought, and I’ll understand myself right into the nearest mental asylum.”



quotes pet sematary



“Maybe she’ll learn something about what death really is, which is where the pain stops and the good memories begin. Not the end of life but the end of pain.”


“You should have seen her when she was sixteen, Louis, coming back from church with her jacket unbuttoned . . . your eyes would have popped. She could have made the devil swear off drinking. Thank Christ she never asked me to do it.”


“It came to seem to Louis that God, in His infinite wisdom, seemed much more generous when it came to doling out pain.”




“Sometimes God dillies and dallies,” Steve said,
“and sometimes He just points at you and tells you to hang up your jock.”




”Daddy, why do people have to be dead?”


“I don’t really know,” Louis said. “To make room for all the new people, I guess. Little people like you and your brother Gage.”


“It’s probably wrong to believe there can be any limit to the horror which the human mind can experience.”



quotes pet sematary



“Human experience tends, in a good many ways, to support the idea that when the nightmare grows black enough, horror spawns horror, one coincidental evil begets other, often more deliberate evils, until finally blackness seems to cover everything. And the most terrifying question of all may be just how much horror the human mind can stand and still maintain a wakeful, staring, unrelenting sanity.”


“Madness was all around him, softly fluttering as the wings of night-hunting owls with great golden eyes: he was heading into madness.”




I don’t believe that there’s anything new under the sun. Oh, sometimes the glitter they sprinkle over the top of a thing changes, but that’s all. What’s been tried once had been tried once before . . . and before . . . and before.




“There is no gain without risk, perhaps no risk without love.”



quotes pet sematary



“What you bought, you owned, and what you owned eventually came home to you.”




Hannibal says, ‘Bill, God help you.’


Bill says, ‘God never helped me. I helped myself.’




This is it. What comes when you’re too slow wishing away the thing that knocks on your door in the middle of the night is simple enough: total darkness.




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