3 Years and Looking Back : Why I Cherish Blogging So Much

3 Years and Looking Back :  Why I Cherish Blogging So Much


I have officially been blogging for 2 years, technically have been doing it for 3 as the first year I did it as a test run. I honestly did not think that I would enjoy blogging as much as I did, nor would I be able to sustain this as long as I did.

3 years later, when I thought that I would have given up on blogging, I feel the total opposite. Not only that I feel my love for blogging grown throughout the years, it has also turned into this sustainable fire that I could control and keep burning.







If your girl know anything for certain in this world of uncertainties, it is this : I have the attention span of a squirrel. 

I might be a squirrel, but your girl is a fancy squirrel. 


why I cherish blogging


Just kidding.

I know myself. I know that I liked to read, I know that I enjoyed writing. But I didn’t know if I have the ability to keep this passion going for the long run. Which is why I did a one year test run on Blogger. I wanted to make sure that I am really going to be all in, before I decided to spend money, time and energy on blogging.

What I first thought was going to be just a spur of the moment fascination, became an obsession. And before I know it, I have decided to move the blog into a platform where I can truly be serious about my writing and have it become something that I can call my own. 



Behind the Scenes 


Having a blog, managing it, constantly making and writing posts are not easy. Before I have a blog, I have no idea the amount of time, energy, brain power and research that it went into producing an article/blog post. For me personally, I spend roughly about 3 to 4 hours on one post. Crafting and editing it in a way that I feel satisfied to present to you, dear readers.

And because I am such perfectionists, and I do get a little overbearing and obsessive about the posts that I put out, sometimes it gets stressful. Really stressful.


why I cherish blogging


I know this is nothing to complain about, when there are way more dedicated bloggers out there who might spend days on one post. I get that, but then again, you already know when you click on a post titled “Up Close and Personal“, we are going to get a bit personal –– and yes, that includes me complaining (a tad bit).

With me balancing school, work, and other hobbies, all the while still trying to come up with good contents for the blog is not always easy. Sure, there has been times where I am brimming with ideas and just cannot wait to write them all down. But as it goes with ups, there will be downs. 

There are days –– like today –– where I just don’t feel like doing anything and just want to curl up on the bed and watch some silly movies. 


why I cherish blogging


These days and moods come and goes, and just like everything else in life, I learn to deal with it to the best of my abilities.




What It Taught Me


If I were to say one thing that blogging has taught me throughout the years, it’s discipline. After blogging for quite some time, it’s almost like clockwork how I plan my days to involve writing. I have a set schedule for this blog, and I try to deliver every single time. Sure, I might take breaks every now and then –– cause it’s just a one man show after all and it can get draining –– but for the most part, I try to stay with the schedule and deliver when it is due. 

Another skill that has improved exponentially –– big words, I know –– is my writing skill. It used to take me way, way longer to whip up a post. Even then, it would be riddled with typos and grammatical errors that I’ll need to rewrite or rephrase. Not to mention those lengthy paragraphs that I have needed to erase because they say so much, but are actual bull crap in content.


why I cherish blogging


But as of late, I have found myself getting much better at writing. I have been able to write more at a much lesser time, and there has been way less errors. Plus, the fact that the words that I need just somehow floats into my brain without my needing to google search it, is pretty amazing too. 




Mental Issues 


One of the reasons why I decided to start a blog was because of my mental wellness. As you know –– or if you don’t know, now you do –– I am currently studying abroad. In my first year of studying abroad, I remembered having panic attacks almost every single week. Over the smallest things too. I could be looking at a puppy sniffling flowers, and before I know it, I was sobbing my eyes out and fighting to get enough oxygen into my lungs.

There were also days where I would just lie on my bed and cry until I have headaches. You know it ain’t good when you’re having headaches from crying.


why I cherish blogging


I was just going through so much, and lacking on any support system at all that it finally pushed me to make a blog, remembering that I used to find joy in diaries when I was a little kid. And that all eventually spiraled into today that is this blog.




Thankful and Grateful 


This blog is quite honestly my lifeline. I don’t think I would be where I am, my mental wellness the way it is today, if was not for blogging.

As much as I love reading, and how much reading helped ground me and calmed me down; this blog is something I didn’t know I needed in my life. Just being able to write, even when it’s reviews –– and sometimes other things as well –– helped me in ways that I don’t understand and can’t explain, yet will eternally be grateful for. 



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