Quotes Galore : Unhinge The Universe by Aleksandr Voinov

Quotes Galore : Unhinge The Universe by Aleksandr Voinov


For those of you who follows me on Goodreads, then you must know how big of a M/M Romance fan I am. And when it comes to angsty M/M reads, no one, and I truly mean no one can do it better than Voinov. 

He is one of my favorite author for that fact alone. Not to mention, the sex scenes in this books though. They are to die for. 

Trust me when I say this, you haven’t truly lived until you read one of Voinov’s books. If you are into M/M that is. His book – Special Forces : Soldiers  – was actually the one that introduced me into the world of M/M, and I have never looked back since. 

With that said, today, I have compiled my favorite quotes from Voinov’s book that I recently just read : Unhinge The Universe. Without saying, this book is good. Especially if you are looking for a enemy-to-lovers kind of book, then definitely give this one a try. *wink*






The man with the bleeding temple stepped in between a pair of the soldiers, murder in his eyes. “Who the fuck are you?”


Hagen’s eyes narrowed. “I’m death,” he said, coldly. “Yours.”


“Everything was easier when both sides wore their uniforms, like costumes in a play, though it was shaping up to be a Danse Macabre. Seeing the German in his own uniform had had a soothing effect on his mind, like the lines were clear. But now he wasn’t so sure those lines were there at all. And that was madness. Pure madness.”


John glanced at the unexpected and forbidden contact, then locked eyes with Hagen. “Take your hand off me.”

Hagen didn’t let go. He searched John’s eyes for a moment, then quietly—quiet enough the guards outside wouldn’t hear—asked, “Is that really what you want me to do?”

No. No, I don’t.

“Yes,” John said through clenched teeth. “You’re my prisoner. This”—he tried to wrench his arm free—“is inappropriate.”


aleksandr voinov


John slid one hand from his shoulder to the side of his neck, a firm touch, powerful, not teasing. Hagen’s hair stood on end. But that was nothing compared to John’s lips vanishing from his view as the man leaned even closer.


The breath against his ear sent an electric current all the way to his toes. “Something tells me you’re lying again.”



“What do I get for a blanket?” 


“A goodnight kiss,” Hagen hissed.


The American’s eyes darkened, but Hagen couldn’t decide if the response was one of anger, amusement, or . . . perhaps something more dangerous.




“Is it true what I’ve heard?” The mocking note in John’s voice set Hagen’s teeth on edge. “That the SS is reserved for the men who were . . . perhaps not as blessed as the men going into the Wehrmacht?”


“Wie bitte?” Hagen’s eyes flew open. In English, “What?”


The smile took on an even more demonic look. Satan himself, sitting here in this cold cell with his legs apart and his arms folded on the back of the wooden chair. “Well. Is it true?”


“Of course not,” Hagen spat.


“It’s just the two of us in here, Hagen.” John was whispering, likely for his own benefit rather than Hagen’s privacy. “Just two men. Your chain of command can’t hear you.”


“I could arrange it so yours can.”


John smiled at him, but it didn’t look very affectionate. “You might want to relieve the tension.” And as if his suggestive tone hadn’t been enough, the American lowered his hand for a lewd gesture in front of his own groin. “Do you understand?”


Hagen bit back a frustrated groan. “And you’re going to watch?”


“I think you’d like it if I did.”



The cold was a shock, meeting his erect cock with the sharpness of a pistol whip to the face, but it was nothing compared to the sudden wet heat of Hagen’s mouth. John’s hand shot out and hit the wall again, the sound sending a jolt of panic through him, and he glanced at the door for any sign of movement.


Fuck them. Let them come through. Oh God.



“Hagen groaned. His voice thrummed against John’s cock, and his hand tightened. John technically should have been afraid Hagen would attack him, that this was all a ruse, but . . . if it was, then he was a fool, and he’d die knowing what Hagen could do with his mouth.”


unhinge the universe quotes


“He was making progress—on the road to hell, at least.”


“Hagen chewed his lip. He’d bought himself time, and what had he done with it? Nothing. Slept. Well, slept after playing the Parisian whore for his interrogator.”


John’s hand neared Hagen’s face. Hagen drew away as much as he could. Closing his eyes, he held his breath and braced, steeling himself against whatever might come.
The gentle brush of leathery fingertips sent a jolt through him as if a gun had gone off.
“Hagen.” John whispered his name like it was something he would cradle tenderly in his hands.



“This is war, Hagen.” Gentle fingers ran through Hagen’s hair. “It’s brutal. It’s ugly. And sooner or later, someone has to lose.”


“And that someone has to be me.”



“I need answers.” John’s protest was . . . weak. Halfhearted. “I need . . .” He turned his head back toward Hagen. “I need—” And his mouth was over Hagen’s. The sting in Hagen’s wounded lip barely registered over the familiar coffee-and-tobacco kiss and the electric jolt that shot right down below his belt.


You want answers. Hagen encouraged John’s lips apart with his tongue, ignored the pain in his own lip. Here’s your answer.


unhinge the universe quotes



“John lowered himself into the tub, and Hagen looked away, though he wasn’t entirely sure why. The subtle sloshing of water accommodating John’s body made him shiver. He envied him the warm, clean submersion, but in an insane way, he envied the water too, molding around the man Hagen had only touched with clothes and cold in the way.”



“If the world shifts on its axis, promise me you won’t throw your life into the balance to try to reverse what cannot be reversed.”



“The less you know about me, the easier it’ll be to forget me.”


Hagen swallowed. “Maybe that’s why I’m asking.”



unhinge the universe quotes



“Whenever John touched him—at least now that he was less angry, less afraid—he found it hard to breathe, hard to think of anything but what they’d done.”


“Kissing a man like this was the most perfect thing he’d done in his whole life. Like he couldn’t possibly make a mistake, like it was meant to be like this.”


“He came, vision darkening until he just closed his eyes, thrusting a few more times, now with more desperation than anything and about ready to let go of everything: all strength, all control, everything that John could possibly want from him. It was all his.”



Let me see my lover. Last wish. I don’t care what you do to me after that. You can shoot me after that.




“Give me one fixed point and a long enough lever, Archimedes had written, and I’ll unhinge the universe.”





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