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Book Puberty : I Haven’t Been Able to Finish A Book

Book Puberty : I Haven’t Been Able to Finish A Book


We…might have a little bit of a problem at hand. It has been a little bit more than a month, and I still haven’t been able to finish a book. Not one. Nada. Zero. Zilch. 

And for someone who’s blog is mainly centered around books and book reviews, this is a problem. However, worry not. As I am presently continuing to read more book and widening my horizon on the books that I read in hopes to find a new genre that clicks. 

With that said however, in the mean time, I think I’m going through a book puberty.


book puberty



When It Started 


This whole debacle started a few months back, when all of sudden I found myself slowly but surely starting to lose interest in the books I’m reading. Which at the time, I was mainly reading romance novels. Sure, I was reading a mix between LGBT romance and –– for the lack of better word –– straight people romance. All through 2018, your girl was really feeling romance. I was so into it that I basically powered through a book a day. 

I was head over heels for romance novel. 

Until suddenly one day, I stopped. 

It totally came out of the blue. I was in the middle of reading yet another (cue eye roll) romance novel, when I just suddenly lost my reading mojo. It started off as a feeling that romance novels or even eroticas, are predictable. Knowing me and my squirrel like attention span, I hate reading a book that I can already predict. So I dropped the book, thinking that it was just the book that was bad, and decided to pick another one. 

The thing is, the vicious cycle doesn’t stop there. On the contrary; this whole crazy rollercoaster of a ride is just about to begin. 



Maybe This, But What About That? 


Now we enter the time where I was basically in a panicked state. Why? Because a girl likes to read. I would inhale words if I could, that is how much I loved reading. And when all of a sudden, that passion for reading suddenly evaporated out of nowhere, it left me shell shocked and to be honest, a little scared. 

So I was frantic. I decided that it was time to start branching out. Because I mean, as much as I love romance, only reading romance novels for a long period of time could be boring for anybody. I started reading mystery novels. Thrillers. Murder mysteries. Non fiction. Horror. 



Any genre that I think might be able to spark my reading interest back up again, I picked it up. 

However, it was only able to sustain the fire for so long. I enjoyed it at first…until I didn’t and again, everything started to become predictable. 



The Fall


After that, I decided to stop reading for a short amount of time. Maybe I was too stressed. Maybe I was pushing myself too hard and I should give myself some time off. Right? 



book puberty


Because one week became two, two weeks became four. And eventually, a month and a half has come and gone, seasons have started to change and still, I was not able to resolve this issue that seemed to have suddenly popped out of nowhere.

I got comfortable not reading. I got comfortable just sitting on my bed and watching mindless youtube videos. Because re-trying to figure myself out is tiring. I spent a good few years trying to figure myself out, and just when I thought I have it all together, I lost one thing that I value most. My passion for reading.



What Now? 


I get that a lot of factors might contribute to my lack of wanting to read. There has been a lot of changes that has happened throughout the first half of 2019 that might have been taking a toll on me without me realizing and this is just one of the ways of me projecting it out. Or it could just be that as I grow and as the years go by, my reading taste change too. Just like how I used to really, really, really enjoy YA novels, I never really read any young adult books anymore these days.

At the end of the day, this is part of growing up. Things change, you change, your mentality change and you might not enjoy the things you used to enjoy 3 months ago. Of course, I will continue to keep trying to figure out what I enjoy reading from this point forward. But with that said, I am not going to force myself to keep reading books that I no longer enjoy for the sake of writing a review.


book puberty


This blog was first born out of my passion for reading. It was my sole enjoyment of reading, of how much I love it, that I decided to make a blog for it. Going forward, even though it’s not going to be smooth sailing, I would like to keep that fire burning.

With that said, please be patient with me. I too, am trying to figure this out. There might be somewhat less book reviews for some time. At least until I managed to re-discover what I enjoy reading. However, you girl is trying. She is frustrated, but she’s trying. 



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