Korean Movie Review : A Moment to Remember – Must You Watch It?

Korean Movie Review : A Moment to Remember – Must You Watch It?
This movie introduced a woman named Kim Su-Jin (Son Ye-Jin) and a man named Choi Chul-Soo (Jung Woo-Sung). Kim Su-Jin is a 27 year-old fashion designer who was having an affair with a married man when she accidentally met Chul-Soo. She went to a convenience store where she bumped into a tall, handsome man with whom she had a slight misunderstanding with.

One day, when Su-Jin was accompanying her father, who was the CEO of a construction firm. There, she coincidentally met the man who she earlier bumped into at the convenience store. He was apparently working there as a construction man, who was studying to be an architect. From there, they continued to court each other despite their difference in social status. Life was great for the couple, until one day Su-Jin realized that she kept forgetting simple things and when she went to the doctor for a check-up, she was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimers.




A Moment to Remember Review : 


After watching Miracle In Cell No.7 , I have been looking for more movies similar to that movie. Movie that could touch my soul, wrangle out my heart and made me cry like a baby. That was when I stumbled upon this movie. I heard a lot of great reviews about this movie and about how I needed to prepare a box of tissue if I were to watch this movie. So I set on watching this movie, with all of that in mind.

And it turns out, this movie was kind of a flop. I though I would cry my eyes out and I would have been a mess over this movie, however I came out dry eyed and I kind of felt I wasted two hours of my life. It wasn’t that this movie was awful bad, no, it was nothing of the sort. I was just expecting more of a twist to it, but it turns out that A Moment to Remember just turned out to be like all those mediocre movies out there. It was very easily predictable and there were times when I was watching this movie that I skipped some parts because it was too boring.


a moment to remember

Don’t take me wrong, the lead actors were both very good actors. They both expressed their feelings and emotions believably well without much exaggerations. It also really helped that they have a really wonderful chemistry with one another. In the movie, it really showed how much they were really happy together. All aspects of this movie was great, you can see the way love could change a man, and how a man would do anything and everything in his power to help and care for the woman he loved.



The Verdict : 


While this was romance, in my opinion, the romance was more of a product rather than the main topic. The main topic of this movie was about one of nature’s most heinous disease, Alzheimer’s. More specifically, what happened to a loving couple when, seemingly at the height of their romance, she was diagnosed by one of the most dreadful disease.

Albeit me saying that this movie wasn’t really for me. I still would recommend this movie for people who enjoy sappy romance and who are looking for a good cry. While this movie did nothing to me (probably cause my heart is made of stone), this could just be the right movie for you. Oh and, remember to have a box (or two) of tissue prepared.


a moment to remember




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