Up Close and Personal : How Do I Read A Book?

Up Close and Personal : How Do I Read A Book?


If you follow me on Goodreads, then you already know that I’m a bitch when it comes to books.


There is nothing to sugar coat here. 

While it is true that most of the time I am nice – and don’t eat book characters for dinner – there has been times when all I had were DNFs, which is when my nasty side comes out to play.


Contrary to popular beliefs, I don’t review all the books I read on my blog. I review the ones that I really enjoy reading. Or the ones that I really did not enjoy reading. A book has to make me feel so strongly about it –good or bad – that I feel it worthy of me sitting in front of my computer, churning my brain and spending 4 hours writing and polishing that review.

So where do all the other reviews go, you might ask.

To Goodreads it went.

All those foul words of anger and frustration, all those word vomit that has been churning in my brain while I was reading a not-quite-so-good-book, I dumped it all on Goodreads. And oddly, it has been quite a therapeutic experience for me too. So altogether, even after a going through an awful read, it was bearable since I could vomit it all out of GR’s review. 


Up Close and Personal : How Do I Read A Book?


With that said though, lately, I have been inheriting more and more of the grumpy granny soul. Because books these days just can’t seem to satisfy me and I complain about every single thing.

I know, it annoys me too. 

Maybe I am going through some type of book-puberty, where I whine and nag about everything? I don’t know. After reading so many books though, I have realized that I do have a certain preferences/cue when it comes to reading books. I wonder if this is just me? Or does everyone has them too?


1. If You Ain’t Finished, I Ain’t Reading


I don’t know why, but this is one of my pet peeves. I do not start an unfinished series. No matter how much people rave about it or how much they push the series my way. If a series ain’t finished, I ain’t reading it. I am not just going to sign myself up to obsessed over certain OTPs or characters only to have to wait a year for the next installation to come out.

Or worse yet, for the author to suddenly stop the series midway because of some personal reasons.

Nu uh. 

Give me a finished series, then I’ll give you the mulla (read : money).


2. Say No No To Blurbs 


I don’t read blurbs. 

Blurbs make things predictable. And when it comes to book, I like my surprises. 

Which is why I make things even more interesting for myself by going into all the books that I read, blind. 

Although, while I don’t read book blurbs, I do read reviews. Especially those one and two stars review since they usually list out all the things that they find disturbing in the book. And if after I read the reviews I think the same, then I’ll just say, “Sayonara book.”


3. Highlights & Underlines 


Yes. Momma loves to highlight a book. 

Those quotes? Those angsty moments? Those steamy sex scenes? 

I want it. I love it. Can’t get enough of it.


Up Close and Personal : How Do I Read A Book?


But underlines? Those are the bad parts of the books. Weird sentences, repetitive words, odd description, or just eye-roll-evoking characters. 

The underlines are my ammos when I need to point out the cons of the book when I sit down, crack a knuckle or two, and write a review (read : rant) on it. 


4. DNF-ing Like No Tomorrow 


If I don’t like the book that I am reading, I DNF. 

It doesn’t matter that I am 3/4 over the book, or if I am just a page into the book. Life is too short for me to force myself to sit through a book I do not enjoy. 


5. Loud and Noisy 


On Goodreads, there is this update section where you can put up an update on how far you are in the book. And when I am reading a book I enjoy, be ready to see my updates everyday. 

I am sorry, but I just cannot help it. 

It was also my subtle way of saying, “hi friends, I am reading this book and it’s motherf*cking good. Give it a try!”


6. Me and My Ebook, We Are Forever


I prefer ebook over paperbacks. I mean, paperbacks are good for when you want to decorate your book shelves. However, when you want to bring the book everywhere with you? Those things are heavy

Not to mention, I like to highlight and make notes on the book when I was reading. I have no qualms on doing it on a digital book since you know, it’s digital. If I did not like the note that I just made? I can just delete it and it’ll be fresh as new.

On paperbacks though? Don’t even get me started. Paperbacks are my newborns. I do not hurt them. I do not even bring any pen or pencil or any writing equipment near it because it physically pains me to write on my paperbacks. For me, paperbacks are like the pandas, they need to be protected at all costs.  


7. If I Am Constantly Checking, I’m Not Loving


There is this one weird thing that I have learned about my habit while reading a book is : if I constantly go on Goodreads and clicking on the one star and two stars review while I am reading the book, I am going to DNF it. 

I don’t know why I do this, maybe to see if people feel the same way I do? Despite whatever it might be, this theory has been proven to be fool proof and still stands till today. When it comes to me, that is. 


8. One OTP All The Way, Please? 


Another weird thing about my reading preference : I prefer it when a series is just exclusively about a couple rather that having one book for one couple. 

I say this because, most of the time, the first book of a series tend to be the best – I don’t know why it is. And when the book is good and the chemistry between the main characters in the first book are just bangin’, I want to read more of them. I don’t want to just have one book about them. I want a whole damn series so I can gush and squee and fangirl.

Then again, I do get that writing a series that is focused only on one couple and keeping the spark alive is a difficult thing to do. So as a reader, I am always grateful for amazing authors who write incredibly mind blowing plots and give life to equally ship-able characters. 


9. I See Menage, I Run


Another personal preference – goddamn girl, you got lots of personal preferences.

I don’t read menage.

This is one of my hard rules when it comes to reading a book. I can take on any book no matter how twisted and dark it is, as long as they keep it between two genitals. When I spy another one joining in on the party, I run. Far, far away. 


Up Close and Personal : How Do I Read A Book?




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