Jennie Kim of Blackpink : A Bad Bitch, A Cute Cinnamon Roll, or Both?

Jennie Kim of Blackpink : A Bad Bitch, A Cute Cinnamon Roll, or Both?


Lately, Kpop has been taking over the world by waves. Unless you are living with Patrick (read: under a rock), you pretty much have an idea of what Kpop is all about. And when you think of Kpop, what are the first two things that popped into your head?

Let me take a rough guess.

Could it be… BTS? And also… hmm… BLACKPINK?


jennie kim blackpink


These days, whenever someone mentioned Kpop, it is hard to deny that the first two groups that most people immediately think about are BTS and BLACKPINK. It’s not surprising either, giving their successes and how they have successfully infiltrated not only the Korean market, but also international as well. 

Today, we will be doing a closer scope on the princess of YG Entertainment herself : Jennie of BLACKPINK. 





The first time I heard of Blackpink was not because of their songs, nor was it because of their good looks. No. The very first time that I discovered Blackpink was by a total accident, thanks to a video compilation on this girl group. 

From the get go, as soon as my eyes landed on Rosé, I knew I was done for. Even when I am not a diehard fan of Blackpink’s, it’s almost impossible for me to not be attracted to that fluffy of cuteness and excitement that is Rosé. Everything about her just radiates happiness, and like a moth, I found myself unable to resist the gravity of her light pulling me in.


rose black pink


From there on, I found out that Rosé is part of a girlband called BLACKPINK. It was then that I started to familiarize myself with the other team members. We have Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie. My first impression of these girls, were that they seem to get along fairly well together.


jennie kim blackpink


Lisa came off as the goofy middle child who enjoys bullying (in a loving way) the other members a fair amount. While Jisoo is the total opposite of Lisa, as she came off quite shy and quiet. Jennie however, made me question my judgement. On the surface, she seemed very cold and closed off. It was as if she didn’t care much about the group to begin with, and was only there for the money and fame. 

At first, I really wondered why would they add someone like her into the group when everyone seems to go along so well with each other. But, deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt, I decided to do my own research. And I realized that, the more I watch her and the more that I get to know her, it seems like she is actually a softie at heart.





It is no question that despite being one of the most popular member of BLACKPINK, Jennie is also the one who receives the most hate. 

Stemming from her cold and arrogant “i-don’t-need-anyone” attitude in public, it spiraled into the public nitpicking her vocals, her wardrobe, stage presence, and many more.


jennie kim blackpink


It is obvious to anyone who pays close attention to this girl group that Jennie seems to be the favorite of YG –– CEO of YG Entertainment. With that favoritism, come things like : Jennie getting her first solo out of the four members, Jennie always wearing much more expensive clothing than the rest of the girls, some fans even pointed out the fact about how Jennie always seems to be the only one wearing a different clothing color on stage while Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa wears the same color. Which made Jennie the center of attention on their concerts, and some even go as far as to say that YG is subtly pointing Jennie as the leader of the group.

Having all these theories –– some of which are supported by proof –– made the haters go ham on Jennie. Even some of the BLACKPINK fans who supports different members started attacking one another, saying that it isn’t fair to the other members that Jennie is the only one who receives all of these luxuries despite the blood, sweat and tears that the other group members have been putting into BLACKPINK.





Jennie was briefly reported to be dating Kai of EXO. To my surprise, rather than coming after her throats and telling her to break up with Kai, both fandom actually seem to be for this idea. 


Kpop black pink


It was assumed that Jennie and Kai have been dating for a few months, before their relationship was ousted by the dispatch. And despite the tremendous support Jennie and Kai received from the news, they decided to end things not long after. Their reasons being that both Kai and Jennie decide that they wanted to focus on their careers more on the time being. 






Despite so many rumors that have hit Jennie over the years, this is one of the few that seems to make a dent on her reputation. 

From late 2017 to 2018, there were videos circulating on Jennie being a lazy dancer. Fans first noticed this when Jennie seems to be either tired or out of it when dancing in one of their concerts. It didn’t cause a lot of problems, until later when fans started compiling videos on Jennie’s lazy dancing when compared to Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo who seemed to be giving their all. 


jennie kim blackpink


At first, a lot of BLACKPINK’s fans were chalking it to Jennie being tired, or having something on her mind that made her unable to give her 100% on stage. But as time goes on and Jennie’s dancing hasn’t improved –– she’s then also reported to be missing out on some choreographies –– fans started to speculate that Jennie has gotten lazy. 


jennie kim blackpink


Her SOLO debut didn’t help matters, as she seemed to be very energetic when performing her SOLO dance on stage compared to when she was performing with the other BLACKPINK members. This fueled even more hate towards the singer, some even saying that she got away from her bad attitude on stage because YG likes her so much. This also made fans think that Jennie was bored and tired of being in BLACKPINK and wanted to spread her wings as a solo artist. 



Kpop black pink





Jennie Kim was born on January 16, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of 9, she was sent abroad to study at ACG Parnell College in New Zealand.

 In 2010, she moved back to South Korea and participated in an audition held by YG Entertainment, later successfully joining the label as a trainee. She rose to fame after appearing in singer G-Dragon7s music video “That XX” and was also featured on his single “Black“. 

YG Entertainment at the time, had been teasing the debut of ‘Black Pink’ for a long time and Jennie finally made her debut as part of the band alongside Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé on August 8, 2016. Like all the members of the band, she has a huge fan-base and is often considered to be the leader of  BLACKPINK. Jennie Kim’s label YG Entertainment considers her to be their trump card and she is often referred to as ‘the YG Princess’. She is one of the highest rated K-pop singers and can speak Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean.


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