Korean Drama Review : My First First Love S1 – It Sucked Big Time

Korean Drama Review : My First First Love S1 – It Sucked Big Time


Due to various personal reasons, some of Yun Tae-o’s friends move into his house, where they experience love, friendship and everything in between.




A Sneak Peek Into the Drama : 


Today is Tae-O’s 20th birthday. Sitting in a fancy restaurant, dining with his father, decades younger than her husband stepmom, and his step-brother, Tae-O seemed to only be half-heartedly celebrating his birthday. Not long after his dispirited candle blowing of his birthday cake, he sat back on his chair and stared at his father with a face full of contemplation. With a sigh, Tae-O said, “It’s my birthday, but there are not cards or presents. I’m disappointed.” he confessed while eyeing his father.


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Hearing that, Tae-O’s father swirled his wine and looked knowingly at his son, unimpressed with Tae-O’s acting. “Since you’re 20 now, you should stand on your own two feet,” Tae-O’s father mentioned.

Upon hearing those sentence leave his father’s mouth, Tae-O immediately perked up. A house! His father was going to buy him a house!

“A small studio apartment. One’s independence should start from the bottom.”

At that exact moment, a waiter trying to cook Tae-O’s father steak ended up setting it on fire instead, having his father jumped up from the chair and losing his train of thought. Taking that opportunity, Tae-O swooped in and said, “I want to live in Grandpa’s house. The one I grew up in.”

No matter how his stepmother balked on this idea, Tae-O refused to budge. He was set on inheriting his Grandpa’s house, and not even his stepmother could get in his way. And after a few minutes of bickering between his parents, his father finally agreed. On two conditions : Tae-O would not be allowed to invite girls to the house, and his father will make random visits once a week.


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Of course, knowing his father, Tae-O knew he would not follow through with the latter. And he was proven correct.

Happy with his newfound freedom and solitude, Tae-O was enjoying life. The only thing missing …. was a girlfriend. Ah.. if only he could find a lady to live with. Tae-O was all set to enjoy his promiscuous life, all he needed was a beautiful lady to call his own. However, that freedom didn’t last long. As his close friends started to visit unannounced –– and even let themselves in –– at random.


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Either to study for a big test because they needed some quiet time, or to get away from nosy parents so that they could play games all day and night. To that, Tae-O constantly complained that his house wasn’t a motel for them to come and go as they pleases. However knowing his friends, they just replied with : “Go to other rooms, don’t you have a lot of other rooms?

That, unfortunately for Tae-O, was just the start of the shenanigans that his friends pull on him. Little did Tae-O know, his solitude and freedom of living alone that he enjoyed so much, was quickly coming to an end.



3 Words to Sum Up This Drama : 





Review : 


To be quite honest, the only reason why I even considered picking this up at all was because of the fact that just about everyone and their grandma was raving about this show non-stop, and also because it was Netflix. I have this assumption that everything Netflix touches will turn to gold –– which is true in some cases i.e. Stranger Things and Kingdom –– but we all know that that is not always the case. Just like how My First First Love is a big fat disappointment to me despite all the love it received from viewers. 





Who would I recommend My First First Love to? People who enjoy watching plain and predictable shows. Like the kind of shows where you can just watch without using a lot of brain power because there really isn’t much to think or figure out. 


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I mean, I get it. I enjoy those type of shows too sometimes when life is being too much and all I wanted was to sit and laugh at some silly tv show. The thing is, I need some kind of arc to things. I simply cannot sit my ass down and force myself to watch a 50 minute episode about people in their 20s going in circles trying to figure out if their crushes like them or not when it’s already so blatantly obvious that they do. 

For me personally, this whole show is just one big ball of stupidity. Not to mention that second-lead syndrome. It would have been alright had the writers of this drama decided that they wanted the lead actress and actor to end up with other characters rather that one another. In this drama however, all the signs show that they are not attracted to each other whatsoever other than being platonic friends, but then there will be moments thrown in to trick the viewers into thinking that these two just might have a chance to be together after all. Only to knock that theory down 20 minutes down the line. 


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And this kept happening. Over, and over, and over again.

I mean, what’s the point?





I truly did not get what’s the deal with Tae-O. I saw so many comments stating how they’d stop watching the drama altogether if he didn’t get the lead actress. Or the fact that people straight up fangirls after him non-stop. I mean, I get it. We all have own on taste of which lollipop we’d like to lick, but damn. I honestly don’t understand what it is with Tae-O that had people go crazy over him. 


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His looks were average at best, and he had little to zero chemistry with the lead actress. Which was one of the reason why it annoyed me so much that the show kept putting in this romantic will-he-wont-he push and pull between the two of them. Whenever they were together, it was truly just like watching two friends hanging out. Nothing more. 





Supposedly, this is the guy that our female lead fell head over heels for. Do-Hyun. I wouldn’t say that he’s the polar opposites of Tae-O, but where Tae-O was loud and outgoing, Do-Hyun would be more quiet and reserved. Which again, to each their own.


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But I just…truly don’t understand why they paired the female lead with Do-Hyun. Whenever they were together, it was like watching two pieces of bricks hanging out. He was just so…brick-like. Everything he did or said was just so by-the-book. This boy truly got no creativity in his veins whatsoever.


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There were no sparks at all between the two that I could see, but apparently, that’s what made our female lead’s heart beats faster and butterflies to bloom in her stomach.

So I guess we learned today that –– apparently –– our female lead is attracted to bricks. Go figure.





This show was about people in their 20s finding love, or figuring out their first love. However, after watching 5 episodes and decided to call it quits, the one thing that I learned was that, the characters in this drama was blindly naive to the way of life. So much so to the point where they come off as dumb. 

I realize I am coming off a little harsh right now, and to be honest I don’t give a shit because I am getting more worked-up and annoyed the more I talk about this show. Regardless, My First First Love looks at life with a rose tinted glasses. The amount of obliviousness that these characters shows to things other than their tiny little bubble is truly painful to watch. 



The Verdict : 


Distasteful. Stupid. And a waste of time. 


my first first love review


That is what My First First Love is to me after watching 5 episodes of it. I wasn’t even able to finish it because of how dumb the plot was and just how boring and uncreative the whole show was altogether.

If you are looking for a Korean drama that is more thought provoking, definitely stay away from this drama. Like I mentioned earlier, My First First Love is fit for when all you want to do is sit back, get drunk and have some type of show that you can half pay attention to while you stuff your face with pizza. Wasting 8 hours of your life trying to figure out who the female lead ended up dating is not worth it in my book. One google search can tell you all of that and more. 



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