10 Popular Must Watch Korean Movies in Second Half of 2019

10 Popular Must Watch Korean Movies in Second Half of 2019


You know what I’ve been doing these last few months? 

I’ve been lying, hiding in the wait for Hotel del Luna to finish airing. So that I can binge-watch it all in one go.

Let me tell you boys and girls, this waiting game is total agony. I’ve been trying to avoid any spoilers from Hotel del Luna like a plague, but I think the Kdrama lords is onto me now. Cause they have even started infiltrating my youtube recommended list with behind the scenes of Hotel del Luna. Truly, you might think I’m joking, but your girl has been slowly losing her mind over here. 


watch Korean movies 2019


However, despite the harshness of not being able to ravenously binge on that Korean drama until my under eyes become one with the pandas, I am thankful for all these Korean movies that helped curb my need to hop onto the IU hype train.

For those of you who are holding out as well, don’t worry, I feel you. Come, hop on to this self-wallowing train. On the bright-side, at least we have some popcorn worthy movies to watch until then(?)






watch Korean movies 2019


1. Parasite


Genre : Comedy, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Starring : Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo

Release Date : May 21, 2019




Meet the Park Family: the picture of aspirational wealth. And the Kim Family, rich in street smarts but not much else. Be it chance or fate, these two houses are brought together and the Kims sense a golden opportunity. Masterminded by college-aged Ki-woo, the Kim children expediently install themselves as tutor and art therapist to the Parks. Soon, a symbiotic relationship forms between the two families. The Kims provide “indispensable” luxury services while the Parks give the Kims a way out of their shabby circumstances. But this new ecosystem is fragile, and soon enough greed and class prejudice threaten to upend the Kims’ newfound comfort.



watch Korean movies 2019


2. Juror 8 


Genre : Comedy, Law, Drama

Starring : Moon So Ri, Park Hyung Shik, Jo Soo Hyang

Release Date : May 15, 2019




It’s the story of South Korea’s first trial by jury in 2008.

It follows the case of a son brutally murdering his mother, with all factors seeming to point to a guilty ruling. However, the trial does not go as smoothly as expected. The eighth juror, young entrepreneur Kwon Nam Woo questions the defendant’s self-declaration of guilt. As a result, Kim Joon Gyum the presiding judge, calls for a new debate to establish a guilty or not guilty verdict.



watch Korean movies 2019


3. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil


Genre : Action, Crime, Drama

Starring : Dong-seok Ma, Sung-kyu Kim, Mu-Yeol Kim

Release Date : May 15, 2019




After barely surviving a violent attack by an elusive serial killer, crime boss Jang Dong-su finds himself forming an unlikely partnership with local detective Jung Tae-seok to catch the sadistic killer simply known as “K”.




4. The Divine Fury 


Genre : Action, Horror, Fantasy, Thriller 

Starring : Seo-joon Park, Sung-Ki Ahn, Do-Hwan Woo

Release Date : 31 July, 2019




After losing his father at a young age in a terrible accident, Yong-hu abandons his Christian faith and chooses to only believe in himself. Now as an adult, Yong-hu is a champion fighter and has everything he has ever wanted, that is until mysterious wounds appear in the palms of his hands. He solicits help from a local priest Father Ahn, hoping the priest can help relieve him of the painful markings only to find himself in the middle of a dangerous fight against otherworldly evil forces seeking to wreak havoc on the human world.



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5. Svaha : The Sixth Finger 


Genre : Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Drama

Starring : Jung-jae Lee, Ji-tae Yu, Min Tanaka

Release Date : February 20, 2019




A minister who researches religious cults turns to his Buddhist monk friend for help investigating a new group with mysterious origins.



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6. A Resistance 


Genre : Drama

Starring : Ko Asung, Sae-byeok Kim, Ye-eun Kim

Release Date : February 27, 2019




During Japanese colonial rule, YU Gwan-sun is imprisoned for starting the March 1 Movement, a peaceful protest for Korea’s independence. Undaunted, YU unites her fellow inmates to resist Japan. The Japanese security chief senses the resistance, entices an inmate to find out YU Gwan-sun is behind it, then tortures her. Later, Gwan-sun pretends to obey the Japanese while secretly planning another independence protest. This movement spreads beyond prison to the streets, and YU is subjected to merciless torture again. Though she dies two days before she is set to be released, her spirit is more liberated and free than ever.



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7. Extreme Job


Genre : Comedy, Action, Mystery 

Starring : Myeong Gong, Lee Hanee, Jun-seok Heo

Release Date : January 23, 2019




A drug squad consists of 5 detectives: Detective Squad Chief Go, Detective Jang, Detective Ma, Detective Young Ho, and Detective Jae Hoon. The team attempts to take down a criminal organization and they must go undercover to do so. The detectives begin work as employees at a chicken restaurant, but the chicken restaurant becomes famous for its delicious chicken. Due to the restaurant’s unexpected popularity, the detectives find themselves in a situation they never expected.



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8. Inseparable Bros


Genre : Comedy, Drama

Starring : Kwang-il Choi, Esom, Hae-yeon Kil

Release Date : May 1, 2019




Se-ha who is a physically handicapped and Dong-gu who is a mentally handicapped are not their own brothers. But while living 20 years together, the two became indispensable to each other. One day, the mother of Dong-gu suddenly visits him and acts as his guardian.



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9. My First Client


Genre : Law, Drama

Starring : Dong-hwi Lee, Seon Yu, Myung-Bin Choi

Release Date : May 22, 2019




A rookie lawyer blinded by success, meets a 10 year old girl as his first client, who insists she killed her younger brother.



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10. Innocent Witness 


Genre : Mystery, Law, Drama

Starring : Woo-sung Jung, Hyang-gi Kim, Kyoo-hyung Lee

Release Date : February 13, 2019




An old man suffering from depression is found dead, and his housekeeper, Mi Ran, is charged with the murder. Mi Ran’s defense attorney, Soon Ho, is surprised to learn the only witness to the crime is Ji Woo, a teenage girl with Asperger’s. Will Ji Woo be able to take the stand and provide a valid statement?






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