Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Because This is My First Life

Korean Drama Quotes Galore : Because This is My First Life


It’s been a week since I last finished watching “Because This is My First Life” and I still couldn’t get over how good it was.

I know, I know. Your girl is late into the fangirling game –– like 2 years late –– but hey, let me have my moment to shine and obsess about this drama with my imaginary pom-poms. Cause god damn this drama was good. It just came as a surprise since I wasn’t really expecting much going into it, and came out a changed woman. Okay, nothing that drastic, but you get what I mean. 

Not only entertaining to watch, “Because This is My First Life” also talked about societal pressures as you get older with things such as marriage and having kids, and generally just a whole lot on growing up and being an adult-but-not-really.

It’s an altogether very relatable piece of drama. Which I cannot stop giving praises for; because it’s just that good.





“The problem is, I just know nothing about the world.”


“The company can’t break the algorithms of my life.”



“I wan’t to be a snail in my next life. They will never get kicked out of the house.”



This isn’t an opportunity.


It’s a fair transaction of this capitalistic country. 



“Come to think of it, I’ve never been a striker in my life. I’ve always defended myself and stepped back at the right timing. I have neither the courage to take the ball nor the experience to avoid it.


I’m an amateur defender. ”



”Cats don’t have neocortex unlike humans, so they don’t get bored or depressed even if they have the same food or do the same things in the same house in their daily lives. Cats have neither a future nor a past. Only one kind of species on Earth lock themselves up in time. They’re human beings.


Only human beings use age to make other spend money and draw emotions. That’s what humans got in exchange for evolution. ”



I think I’ve already become a failure in this life, but I’ll try my best. 



“Going through this life is the first time for all of us anyway.”


“I have forgotten for a while. This life, this moment, you only get one chance.”



“Relationships cost you something whether it’s money, time or emotions.”



If it’s something you have to do, better to finish it today.

No one will do it for you anyways. 



“Not everyone can do what they want from the start. Only the successful ones can do what they want. People like us just have to do what we’re told to do.”


“There’s a side to you that you never wish to show others no matter how close you are to them. Sometimes, your family can become the least close people to you.”


“You have to have a strong mentality to date anyone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to. Dating is a competition these days.”


because this is my first life quotes


“Marriage limits your freedom. In modern society, marriage is just a system to preserve your genes. It’s nothing more than that. ”


“I can hardly support myself. How can I date and love in this state? ”



What parents want is to fulfill their desires through their kids. 



“When I decided to follow my dream, I thought my life would be like walking through a dark tunnel. But I didn’t know it would be this dark. I didn’t know it would be this lonely.



How much longer do I have to go?”



Girls never say what they want directly. They want to hear it from guys. To hear what they want to hear, they keep talking to their man but they keep beating around the bush. It can be strong sometimes. It can be cute sometimes.

But in the end, it will make you go crazy. 



“Is your Fallopian tube your everything? Is your womb your identity?”


“Loneliness only comes when you have time.”


“Things are different these days. The market is either saturated or depleted these days. The world is not going to get better in that way, so there should be a new standard for the new generation.”


because this is my first life quotes


“If you don’t have any money, all you can do is just sleep. You can’t dream of anything.”



It looks like everyone’s trying really hard,

but no one knows whether they’re getting closer to achieve what they want or not. 



“The world is not going to get better. That also means my life isn’t going to get better. I shouldn’t be looking forward to a better future. I should be living to avoid the worst thing that could happen tomorrow.”



I was still a snail chasing her dreams. I may be a little slow,

but I continued to believe that if I work hard, my dream will come true. 



“Just because you’re married to her doesn’t mean you have to make her happy. Who can make anyone else happy? It’s hard to be happy these days. The best thing you can do is not be in the way of others.”


because this is my first life quotes


“Love and marriage are separate things.”


“Why do I have to choose one when there are two? I will sleep with both.”



YOLO is a nihilistic spending pattern. 

You know you can’t earn much and you can’t save at all,

so you want to spend it all to forget your miserable situation. 



“I have nothing, why do you want to marry me?”



“I want it because it’s you. Do I need more reasons?”


because this is my first life quotes


“I just want to live an ordinary life like everyone else, a life as a married woman with a husband and children. I want to talk about in-laws and raising kids with my friends. I want to wear black coats that fit in everywhere. I want to be like everyone else who doesn’t stand out. I want to do what everyone else does and share similar stories we can all laugh about. That’s my dream.


To me, marriage is something that proves that I’m alright and that I have a value as a woman. Marriage is like that black coat.”


because this is my first life quotes


“As long as you love someone, you have to try hard. Trying hard for someone makes life something worth trying at.”


My dream is love. I want to have the love of my life.

I want to meet someone that’s like a fate. 



“It’s a social illness created by Korean parents. They exploit their kids’ partner by calling them family.”


“There must be a way to reach someone’s heart. If there’s a way, there must be where it starts.There must be somewhere we should meet at the end. Will there be a different way that starts from where our hearts meet?


But the thing I’m afraid of the most is not that we have different ways nor that we’ll never meet on the way, what I’m afraid of the most is that there’s no way to reach your heart.”


“You need to be honest to each other. Humans are selfish beings to begin with and marriage is one of the systems in which their selfish desire shows up most clearly.”


because this is my first life quotes


“Cat’s can choose to remember only things that are important to them. They can just forget things that are not pleasant to them easily. That’s the reason why I like cats.”



In truth, one’s visit is a tremendous thing. 

For he comes with his past, present, and future. 

For it is because he comes with his whole life.

The heart is fragile. Therefore, it might have been broken. 

That heart is coming, too. 



“It’s easier to be crazy that explain something that people can’t understand. It’s more convenient that way. It’s better to be crazy than pathetic.”


because this is my first life quotes


“Sometimes marriage can be a goo shield in society, a shield so strong that it can’t be penetrated.”


“Maybe I like you very much. Your sharp words hurt me here and there and it’s sp painful, but if you could feel much at ease by hurting me, I’d be glad.”



Everyone has a Room 19 in their life.

No matter how close they are with other, they don’t want those people to find out about that room. No matter how comfortable they feel around others, they can’t invite those people to that room. 



“My painful experiences are just memories now.”



How can time heal everything? Time just passes, that is all. 



“Everyone lives similarly. There’s not much difference. Although our lives are about the same, sometimes there are moments that sparkle. Whenever that happens, don’t let it get way. Save them in your star pocket. That way, when things get tough or when you get tired, you can take out a star at at time and get through it.”


because this is my first life quotes


“I realize I can’t move my heart just because I try.”



What do I do? I miss her.

Today, I lost what would have been my one and only love. 



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