Quotes Galore : Sire (Beautiful Monsters #2) By Jex Lane

Quotes Galore : Sire (Beautiful Monsters #2) By Jex Lane


I’m pretty sure you’re probably quite done with my constant fangirling for Sire (Beautiful Monsters #2) by now, but the girl is still obsessed. And I mean come on, this series literally pulled me out of 8 months of reading funk, I think it deserves all the love that I shower it, no?

Not to mention, I think by now we all know I’m a whore for angsty romances. And that’s even better when it’s between men with superpowers and abs –– never said I was a saint ladies and gents. 


sire beautiful monsters


With that said, I am more than happy to see than the author Ms. Lane pulled no punches with Sire. It has been a minute since I last fangirled and cared for a series as much as I did this one, and I’m not going to lie, it’s a nice feeling to have with the books you read every now and then. It’s like breaking into the surface with a diamond in your hands after being underwater wading through sand and rock for so long. 


Full review of the series can be found here : 





“A guardian’s powers, appearance, and role differ from god to god.”


“Are there a lot of gods?”


She sighed. “Are you having a religious crisis so young?”


“Maybe I’m just hung up on him because he was my first cock.”


She threw a punch and he caught it with his other hand. “I said I didn’t wish to fight you, do not take that to mean that I’m above killing you if you persist.”


He was endless. Powerful. Unstoppable. An avatar of rage and destruction. Every living thing would die. That was all he knew now. Forever.



sire beautiful monsters



“Come back. I promise you won’t be punished for escaping. Or what you’ve done since.” Tarrick sounded like a lover, warm and intimate. A tear escaped and rolled down Matthew’s face. “You belong with us. With me,” Tarrick said.





I’m not on your side, and I never will be, you manipulative fuck.





“Fate hates being messed with. There is always a price.”



sire beautiful monsters



“Did your report say if…if Tarrick…”


“He is still alive,” she said.


“I’m sorry.” He was ashamed that he even asked. Tarrick and Ascelina were old enemies.


“You do not have to be. You are not the first vampire to fall for an incubus. You will not be the last.”


“I like it better when I’m alone. There’s no one to judge me.”


“I’m putting a lot of trust in you right now and I don’t even know you. If you fuck me over I’ll do everything in my power to hurt you,” Matthew said.


“I give you my word—I will not fuck you unless you wish it.”


“My prince.” The whispered words hung between them. It was a subtle request, one laced with desire. Matthew touched his face.


“I want you, Devak.”



sire beautiful monsters



He drank greedily, his fangs deep in Devak’s beautiful skin. Devak was his. His to possess. His to own. His guardian.


He looked awful, his face twisted like a man fighting inner demons. “I am falling for you. And I envy the love you give to Tarrick, knowing that you are unable to give it to me, my prince.”





I will always come when summoned. I am yours.





“Thank you for saving me.”


“You don’t have to thank me. I’ll always save you.”


“You’ll always try.”


It was just a brush, a testing of waters, a first kiss that promised more. The kiss deepened and passion overtook them, turning aggressive with want and need.



sire beautiful monsters



Maybe, maybe, maybe. He was so sick of ‘maybe’.


Devak’s muscles began to unlock beneath his touch. “It is wrong of me to desire you.”


Matthew smiled and kissed the top of Devak’s head. “Says who?”





Devak bit the bottom of his lip and looked down.

“I would fall on my blade for you if you wished it.”





“I was so lonely until you came along. I’m afraid you’re going to leave me and I don’t want to be alone anymore. Please don’t leave me.”



sire beautiful monsters



“Some days, I like to imagine we would have stayed friends.”


She said nothing to him. Condensation from her breath hung between them. The silence hurt more than any words she could say.





I want to know a world without this war

and I dream of finding peace from the turmoil that is constantly ripping me apart.





“I’m sorry,” Tarrick said, his voice changed to a softer cadence.


Matthew glared at him. “No, you’re not. Every word you say is calculated. You wanted this reaction from me and you got it.”


“You give me far more credit than I’m due.”


“Why do you hide them?”


Tarrick brushed Matthew’s hand away. “They are blemishes.”


“They’re beautiful,” Matthew said, admiring them.



sire beautiful monsters



“What do you want, Matthew?”


“I want to be left alone,” Matthew panted as Tarrick began to glide his silky hand up and down Matthew’s dick.


“No, you don’t. Tell me what you want.” Matthew closed his eyes. The slow, steady stroke was driving him crazy. “I can’t have the things I want.”


Tarrick said nothing for a long moment then, “What do you want, Matthew?”


“Why do you keep asking? Why the fuck do you want to know so bad?”


“Because you are a riddle that has plagued me since the day I met you.” Tarrick struggled to his feet to face Matthew. “You are the impossible, sired by the unknown. And you act in unpredictable, baffling ways and I want to understand what it is you are seeking.”



sire beautiful monsters



“What I want…” Matthew swallowed hard and closed his eyes for a moment. “What I want is to feel what it’s like to be around you when you aren’t trying to control me. I love you and I want you to love me back.”


“No,” Tarrick said. “It’s just an obsession. Lust. You don’t love me.”


“If it’s true,” he whispered, “and this is just an obsession…lust…then how do I stop feeling this way? Please tell me, so that I can move on.” Hot tears pricked at his eyes. “I beg you.”





A moment passed between them.


A mourning, maybe, for what they were losing—or perhaps

what might have been.





“Why did you dump Devak?”


“We weren’t together.”


“Yes, you were. I miss him in the bed. He’s warm like the sun.”




She popped her head back in. “Yeah?”


“You know I love you, right?”


She smiled. “Of course. I’m an oracle.”


Of course.





He had no idea what the future held, but in this moment he had what he wanted.

He had a family again and he swore that he would fight to keep them safe.





“I love you,” Matthew said.


“And I you, my prince.”




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