Quotes Galore : Broken (Beautiful Monsters #3) By Jex Lane

Quotes Galore : Broken (Beautiful Monsters #3) By Jex Lane


You know that feeling when you’ve just finished reading a book so good that you dream about the characters every single night? Yeah, that’s me with Broken by Jex Lane.

These days, there are barely any books that could spark this feeling of “going on an amazing adventure” anymore. It could be because your girl is getting old and jaded and the books that I read are starting to get predictable. Or, I’ve just been picking really shitty books to read this past year and there’s still hope for me yet. I sure do hope it’s the latter, cause if it’s the former… well then to simplify, we can just say that I’m pretty much fucked. And not in the ways that I enjoy, too.  

Let us not fret about the future for now, that’s for future Wynne to worry about. For the mean time, let us gorge ourselves on these wonderful quotes that I’ve somehow managed to discover from Broken by Jex Lane. 





“And even then, you still did not come. You used the war against me to rid those who stood over you. You chose to ascend to your throne, High King.”


Malarath lowered his eyes and whispered, “And I regret that choice.”


“Because I made you regret it. I’ve killed your warriors, taken your lands, and stripped you of your wealth.”


“No,” the King shook his head. “No. I regret it because you were not at my side. We should have done it together, and instead I was alone.”





Malarath looked up as he met the gaze of his former lover.

“And I have longed for you.”


Apep came closer, crossing the distance of the room

until he was standing directly in front of the kneeling king. “Does truth ever fall from your lips?”





“You should never have turned him, Nebethah,” Malarath said.


The Queen’s lips curled up, displaying her long fangs. “You should have chosen me, not him. He was unworthy of you.”


“I never loved you.”


“And you loved him?”


Malarath brushed his hand across Apep’s face in a tender gesture. “He is the only one I have ever loved.” Malarath’s eyes narrowed and he set free his anger. “And you took him from me.”


“You should have—”


Tired of hearing her speak, he raised his hand to cut her off. “I will wipe your species from this planet, and when you are the last vampire left—I will come for you. Perhaps then you will understand the depth of my loss. Perhaps then you will understand what you took from me.”


“Kiss me,” Apep said. Malarath complied, leaning down over the rock, his full lips crashed against Apep’s. Heat blazed inside of him. This was their last kiss. The last time he would feel his lover against him.



quotes beautiful monsters



“If there is a way to be with you again, I will find it,” the incubus said and sliced his blade through Apep’s neck, severing head from shoulders.


Never has there been a moment where I’ve stopped loving you. I will love you for all time, and there is nothing that could change that.





“When you take a life, do you feel anything?”



“Is it important?”



“I have to know if you felt anything when you took him from me.”





“Fuck you,” Matthew said before he could stop himself.


Prescott stepped closer. “Don’t speak unless spoken to and each time you do speak, you will address the High King properly. You’ll call him ‘Master’ and I am to be addressed as ‘Imperator’. Am I clear?”


“Fuck you too, Imperator.”


His future seemed so entirely out of his hands. The only plan he had was ‘wait’ and that was a shitty plan.


When you begin to count your age in millennia, you will find that decades are little more than a single breath.



broken beautiful monsters



“You never really believed in God before.”


“Yeah, then you meet one and that changes.”


“You don’t speak much anymore,” Tarrick said as he stood.


“No,” was all Matthew could think to say.


Tarrick came around the desk and leaned his butt against it, crossing his legs at the ankles. “Or cuss.”


“You didn’t like my cussing anyways.”


“Now that it’s gone, I kind of miss it.” Tarrick’s deep blue eyes perused Matthew’s body, starting at his face and falling lower.


“Why would you do that?” Matthew asked, his voice strained.


“Why do you think? I desire you—” God. Matthew’s whole body shuddered as he watched blood pool and drip down Tarrick’s neck and onto his crisp, white dress shirt, the bright crimson staining the collar. “—and you desire me,” Tarrick said; low. Seductive.



broken beautiful monsters



Tarrick. The man who lied. The man who used love as a weapon. The man who served the High King with unquestioning loyalty. The new jailer, brought in to fix the broken vampire. He doubted Tarrick even wanted the job. This was just another act to gain Matthew’s compliance. And in the end, everything would be ripped away from him. Again.





One corner of Tarrick’s mouth pulled up into a sly half-smile.

“You’ve always enjoyed my body.”



This time Matthew found the words.

“It’s never been just about your body. Not for me.”





“I’ve lost three mates, and I’m a thousand years old, I don’t allow my heart to open at any rate that would be considered reasonable to anyone else…but every time I’m around you, you affect and surprise me in unexpected ways. I enjoy your company. I say all this with the knowledge that you won’t believe a word because I deceived you.”


Malarath smiled. “Let us go.”


“‘Let’s. Contractions won’t kill you, Didi, I promise,” Rosaline said, gathering up the bottom of her dress and walking towards the door.


“Very little could kill me. I still do not like them,” he said following her.



broken jex lane quotes





“Yes, darling?”


“What does being in love feel like?”


“Uh, well. It’s like…you’re alive inside. Like everything is brighter…and more frightening. Love is caring for someone so much it hurts because it makes you vulnerable. Lasting love is hard work and compromise, but it’s worth it.”





In your life, you’ve faced many storms and survived them. You will survive this.





Deceit comes to you far easier than anyone gives you credit for.


He closed one of his eyes and cocked his head to the side. “You’re really cute.”


Tarrick chuckled. “Am I?”


“Not like Hiroto cute, he’s adorable—”


“I really am,” Hiroto said, his ears flicking about.


“—or like Lady Rosaline cute, she’s beautiful—”


“Why thank you, Matthew,” she said.


“—but like…hot. Masculine.”



broken jex lane quotes



Prescott had said she was tough, and Matthew believed him, but it was one thing to be strong, it was another to watch your father rip his enemies’ insides out and revel in the pleasure of it.





“It’s a shame you hide your scars. I like them.”



“I think I could lose most of my limbs and you’d still like me.”





Matthew grew a little nervous. “Are we on a date?”


Tarrick chuckled. “I do not date.”


“Alright. What is this, then?”


“I want to show you the city. I know you enjoy exploring new places.”



broken jex lane quotes



We don’t have the luxury of a romantic love story. You don’t belong to me and I refuse to fall for something that I cannot have.


Tarrick’s breathing fell into a shallow, rhythmic pattern. Matthew watched over him, his mind turning. He wanted more of this. He wanted every night of this. And he longed to hear Tarrick say I love you, just once.


He never understood his attraction to Tarrick. By all rights, he should despise him: Tarrick had deceived him, made him a slave, brought him into this fucking war, and didn’t even love him back…and yet…even with all that, he still wanted the incubus general. He wondered if it made him a weak man for feeling this way.



broken jex lane quotes



“Say what?”


Matthew let his arm go and ran his hand across Tarrick’s jaw. “That you love me.”


“I don’t—”


“Stop.” Matthew released Tarrick and took a step away as if putting distance between them might protect him. He knew it wouldn’t. “I’ve had four months alone to think about it. From the moment you trapped me, I wanted you. I couldn’t help it. Over the past few years I thought maybe my feelings for you would fade but they haven’t. There’s a fire between us that refuses to extinguish. I want you, and I don’t care if it’s a fucking distraction. And you feel the same. I know you do.”



broken jex lane



“I’m sorry, Matthew.”  The apology held the weight of years, and Matthew hadn’t realized how much he needed to hear the words until they were spoken. Matthew grabbed Tarrick’s hand, gripping it hard as their eyes met. “Never again. No more cages. No more whippings. Or torture, or games, or lies.” Tarrick dipped his head in a motion that looked somewhere between a bow and nod. “Never again.”





“Have you ever slept with him?”



Rosaline moved her hands to her hips. “I don’t kiss and tell.”



“I thought all incubi kissed and told.”



She shrugged slightly. “Only those who need to get ahead. I’m already at the top, who do I need to impress?”




He needed to be a warrior. No longer would he allow anyone to collar him, make him kneel, or submit. He would fight. And those who stood before him were going to fall.





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