Actor Manny Jacinto –– Just How Jason Mendoza is He in Real Life?

Actor Manny Jacinto –– Just How Jason Mendoza is He in Real Life?


So… have you heard of the tv show The Good Place? And if you have, do you remember a certain not-a-super-genius character named Jason Mendoza from Jacksonville who’s played by Manny Jacinto?

Because today, that man is all that we’re going to be talking about. Well, that and his sharp ass jawbone. 


Manny jacinto



How I Discovered This Fine Specimen of A Man


If you’ve been wondering what you favorite human (read: me) has been up to lately, wonder no more, because your girl has been marathonically––yes, I know that’s not a word––bingeing The Good Place back to back in under 5 days. And no, I have no ragrets.

Being a comedy show, The Good Place brings us laughter, joy, some existential crisis, and of course, tears. However, all of that would not have been possible had it not for the incredibly amazing actors and actresses that worked their ashes off to flesh out all the amazing and lovable characters that I know will forever stay in my heart. 


Manny jacinto


The Soul Gang, as they call themselves, consisted of the brainiacs and masterminds such as Eleanor, Chidi, and Michael; the vain and self-absorbed Tahani; the ever-helpful Janet and of course, the-supposed-monk-who-then-turned-into-a-lit-guy Jason Mendoza. Sure, Manny Jacinto’s character as the goofball Jason Mendoza might not have helped much when it comes to brain-storming time, but I really believe that having him in the group really add some jest and life into the Soul Gang.

After binge-watching the show in under 5 days, I have come to the conclusion that none of them are replaceable. Even the Jason that––no offense––doesn’t really bring anything of value when the group are stuck in a pickle, he helps in a different way with his ever lasting optimism and sometimes really wise words. 



Manny Jacinto As Jason Mendoza


Based on how well he acts as Jason Mendoza in the Good Place, a lot of us––including me–– wonder just how Manny Jacinto is in real life. And that was how I fell into a rabbit hole of Manny Jacinto’s interview on Youtube regarding his acting and just how much thought he put into playing the lovable dummy that we all adore. Take a look at this interview: 



In this interview, Manny mentioned how playing ultra dumb requires thought. To quote him: “I think the biggest thing I’ve learned, especially with Mike Schur, or observing my peers is finding the truth in what he has to say,” he says, chuckling. “So … regardless of how crazy the words are that come out of Jason Mendoza’s mouth, as long as he believes it, it’ll be truthful.”

Now, despite his highly believable acting as a pre-successful DJ from Jacksonville, Manny actually holds a degree in applied science in civil engineering. When asked about his degree, Manny said: “Yeah, I do; it’s a little 180 that I kind of took, a degree in civil engineering. It’s in my back pocket if I ever need it, but hopefully I won’t ever have to take it out or use it. We’ll see.”



The Chidi Side of Manny 


Apparently, despite playing as a goofball in The Good Place, Manny was actually the most serious out of the Soul Gang on set. When asked why, he said that one of the reason was due to how worried he was that he was going to lose his job. Another reason was that he was the youngest out of the casts, which meant that he has the most to learn in terms of everyone’s life experience and work ethic. 



Ted is a complete goof. Kristen can be very serious, but also she’s very energetic. But I think I’m the one that’s like, “Ah man, I need to buckle down and focus and make sure I don’t get fired.” I’m not sure if I’m proud of that or what. 



When asked in one of his interview with GQ, Manny actually admitted that he had never thought of ever being an actor. 


If I ran into myself maybe seven years ago and told myself that I was gonna be an actor, that I’d be in L.A. working at Universal Studios with these amazing people, I’d be like, “Get out of here. There’s no possible way.” I think things just changed, things evolved, and one part of my Chidi personality is that I get very obsessed with things. Especially things I get interested in. Once acting hit me, once that bug hit me, I just…took the jump and dove right in.



Personal Life


Now now you thirsty dorks, I know this is the part you’ve all been waiting for––of course, me included. What? A girl can’t be curious?

Kidding, kidding.

However, I’m not kidding when I’m telling you this: the good looking and muscular hip monk that we all know and love from the Good Place is, indeed, engaged. 



When asked about what sparked the proposal, Manny said: “I was toying when to pop the question for a long time. I looked at the Janet/Jason relationship, and there’s a sentence that Jason says to Chidi about relationships and it hit me pretty hard. I thought it was a sign that I needed to do it, and a week later I popped the question.”


Manny jacinto wife


His wife-to-be, Dianne Doan, is also an actress that starred in multiple tv shows namely, Vikings (Yidu) and Warrior (Mai Ling). 



Quick Biography 


Manny Jacinto, whose full name is Manuel Luis Jacinto, was born in August 19, 1987. As a Filipino-born Canadian actor, Manny has had a few smaller roles on television such as in the tv show Once Upon A Time (Quon), Supernatural (Diego), The 100 (Boy Bullied by Murphy) among other things. However, his breakout role came in 2016, playing Jason Mendoza in the widely loved tv series called The Good Place.


Manny jacinto


And despite Manny’s constant worries of not being able to book another job after his current one is finished, in 2018 he was casted in the feature film Top Gun: Maverick that was set to be released in June 2020. 




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