Quotes Galore : Korean Movie Parasite (기생충) Dir. Bong Joon Ho

Quotes Galore : Korean Movie Parasite (기생충) Dir. Bong Joon Ho


Let me start this post by congratulating Korean Movie Parasite director Bong Joon-Ho––a name which I am sure a lot of us are familiar with––and the actors and actresses of Parasite for bagging a total of 4 Academy Awards in one night, tying him with Walt Disney being the only person to win 4 awards for one film. 

Not only that, Bong Joon-Ho’s film Parasite also goes down in history as the first non-English language film to win best picture in the 92-history of the Academy Awards. I know I am in no place to be tearfully cheering for his success since I’m not from South Korea and whatnot, but I truly am happy that his movie got the recognition that he deserves. This also makes me hopeful that there will be more diversity with the nominees going forward, giving foreign movies a chance to get more appreciation internationally.  


Korean movie parasite quotes


And to celebrate Parasite winning 4 Academy Awards, your girl thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and re-live the movie Parasite that we love so much through their quotes. 


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“Rich people are naive. No resentments. No creases on them.”


“It all gets ironed out. Money is an iron. Those creases all get smoothed out.”


She may look like a sheep, but inside, she’s a fox.



Korean movie parasite quotes



“Where’s that smell coming from?”


“What smell?”


“Mr. Kim’s smell.”


Not sure what you mean.”


Really? You must have smelled it. That smell that wafts through the car, how to describe it?”


“An old man’s smell?”


“No, no, it’s not that. What is it? Like an old radish. No. You know when you boil a rag? It smells like that.”


Honey, that woman Chung-sook… Oh god. What a nice person. She kicked me down the stairs.





“You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan at all. No plan. You know why? If you make a plan, life never works out that way. With no plan, nothing can go wrong and if something spins out of control, it doesn’t matter. Whether you kill someone or betray your country. None of it fucking matters.”





Wow, does Seoul University have a major in document forgery? Ki-jeong would be top of her class. 



Korean movie parasite quotes



An exam is like slashing through a jungle. Lose that momentum and you’re finished. The answer to #24? I don’t care. Slashing through the exam, dominating it! That’s all I care about. What you need is vigor. 


“Da-song is an artist by nature. Look at this painting.”


“It’s so metaphorical. It’s really strong.”


“Strong, right? You’ve got an eye for this.”


“It’s a chimpanzee, right?”


“A self-portrait.”



Korean movie parasite quotes



“Mr. Park, you feed me and house me. Respect!”


“You do this everyday?”


Sure, I even send whole sentences to thank him. Someone of your age should know it.”


“Know what?”


Morse code.”





“My wife has no talent for housework.

She’s bad at cleaning, and her cooking’s awful.”





“Still, you love her, right?”





“Of course, I love her. We’ll call it love.”





“They are rich but still nice.”


“They are nice because they are rich. If I had all this I would be nice too.”



Korean movie parasite quotes



“When she enters university, I’ll officially ask her out. Seriously.”


“Then this house will be your in-laws’ house?”


“F*ck, then I’m washing dishes at my daughter-in-law’s?”


“And washing your daughter-in-law’s underwear and socks.”





How should I describe the mother? She’s a bit simple.


Young and simple. 




Dad, today I made a plan–a fundamental plan. I’m going to earn money, a lot of it. University, a career, marriage, those are all fine, but first I’ll earn money. When I have money, I’ll buy the house. On the day we move in, Mom and I will be in the yard. Because the sunshine is so nice there. All you’ll need to do is walk up the stairs. Take care until then. So long.





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